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Wikipedia's founder Jimbo Wales was added added at the bottom to create a "Guest account" (see item #8) The last item, (wright000) links to a Miraheze wiki-farm that can be seen only by the individual student and the instructor. Since Jimbo is not really a student, his wiki is open to the public.

Physics equations (pdf}   Study guide   Sample exams   Syllabus   Wikiquiz solutions   Miraheze

This sample roster is from an actual course that predates our use of Miraheze to provide a private space where students can write assignments in wikitest without being able to "peek" at each other's work in progress. In large introductory courses this ability to have students working in parallel on similar projects is essential.

This course was taught before we understood how to best use Miraheze, and the students were instructed to create their own "public" wikis. Starting in Spring 2017, all student wikis will be private and visible only to the student and instructor.


  1. Template:EduV/enroll
  2. Template:EduV/enroll public
  3. Template:EduV/enroll
  4. Template:EduV/enroll
  5. Template:EduV/enroll
  6. Template:EduV/enroll
  7. Template:EduV/enroll
  8. Template:EduV/enroll Guests can click wright000 and see what it's like to have your own private wiki.
  • T=talk; {v: w: b: c:}=contributions on {Wikiversity, Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Commons}; log is the instructors journal, and .S is your personal page for your summary report for this class.
  • The last item is a Miraheze private wiki. We can't have students peeking into each other's efforts as they work on assignments, can we? Except for Jimbo Wales' wright000 account, these wikis can be seen only by the individual student and by the instructor.