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Miraheze is a free wiki hosting service. The site is free of charge.[1], deriving its income from donations[2], and publishes most user-provided text under copyleft licences[citation needed]. Miraheze hosts over one thousand wikis[3] using the open-source wiki software, MediaWiki.


Miraheze was founded in 2015, with the first servers being setup on 22 July 2015.[4] The Miraheze volunteers celebrated the one year anniversary of their site on 22 July 2016.

Services and features[edit]

"Private wiki" option hides all but the first page from everybody but Miraheze administrators. Entry requires a log-in effort by a user with a Miraheze meta account. Wiki creation page is at https://meta.miraheze.org/wiki/Special:RequestWiki

Miraheze runs MediaWiki 1.29. On the central-wiki (Meta), there is a special page where any registered user can request a wiki[5], which adds it to a public queue. Miraheze wikis are then created by human 'wiki creators'[6]


Miraheze hosts a template repository where wiki templates are made available for general use.

Sample Miraheze Project: Developing a collection of Calculus problems[edit]

In the Spring of 2017 Calculus students at Wright State University Lake Campus will be assigned private wikis where they will copy these problems, solve them onto image files and modify the wiki-text to create similar problems, taking inspiration from the textbook, but taking care not to commit plagiarism (equations cannot be copyrighted). Four exams will be constructed:

  1. Test 1
  2. Test 2
  3. Test 3
  4. Test 4

Student solutions and newly posed problems will be added to these questions as the semester progresses.

All the Tropes[edit]

In late 2013 a wiki called All The Tropes, in response to concerns of relicensing TV Tropes, forked all of TV Tropes' content and moved it to a wiki hosted on Orain.org. After Orain.org was compromised, a backup of AllTheTropes.org content was imported to Miraheze. Authors of the fork attributed to TV Tropes managers several actions of taking commercial rights over what is published on its website, censorship, and failing to comply with the original license.[7]

Wright State Lake Campus Miraheze/Wikiversity effort[edit]

Technical aspects[edit]

Miraheze uses Puppet to manage general settings and a git repo for mw-config and other repos for other services available. These are all listed under https://github.com/miraheze. Miraheze currently has 15 servers: mw1, mw2, cp1, cp2, cp4, misc1, misc2, db2, db3, puppet1, ns1, nfs1, parsoid1, test1. More details about these can be accesed here


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Miraheze commitments!

-free of charge -no ads

-100% open source (code)

-running the most recent version of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia -offering a competitive collection of optional extensions -possibility for custom domains -HTTPS for all wikis -friendly volunteer community support, open to your requests -possibility to have VisualEditor and Flow Brea