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A comment about these quizzes

Beware of the person who has a way to make education better and also reduce cost.

But there might be a way to reduce the cost that makes education different: better in some ways and worse in other ways. The idea is to develop large open source test banks that allow students to demonstrate proficiency by taking a proctored test. One negative aspect of this is that certain skills will not be developed as well, and that it favors people with a good memory. On the other hand, autodidacts will benefit by having an simpler pathway to a much deserved diploma.

A typical lower division college course probably needs a testbank with a minimum of 1000 questions. The more the testbank grows, the more it will resemble traditional college tests. One factor in the cost of higher education is the need to keep the tests "secret", often inspiring professors to either spend time writing new questions, or spend the students' (and taxpayers') money purchasing materials with testbanks. Different colleges have different standards and different concentrations. But a sufficiently large open source testbank should eventually serve most purposes.

If professors spent less time writing tests and delivering lectures focused on those tests, thy will have more time for innovative and progressive teaching. So...maybe this is a way to make education both cheaper and better.

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