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These need to be checked, especially after version A.

Solutions to many wikiquiz questions (pdf)

Practice quiz[edit | edit source]

1 On object of mass 2.8 kg that is moving at a velocity of 23m/s collides with a stationary object of mass 20.47 kg. What is the final velocity if they stick? (Assume no external friction.)

a) 2.31m/s.
b) 2.77m/s.
c) 3.32m/s.
d) 3.99m/s.
e) 4.78m/s.

2 A car of mass 637 kg is driving on an icy road at a speed of 22 m/s, when it collides with a stationary truck. After the collision they stick and move at a speed of 7.7 m/s. What was the mass of the truck?

a) 822
b) 986
c) 1183
d) 1420
e) 1704


A 167 gm bullet strikes a ballistic pendulum of mass 2.1 kg (before the bullet struck). After impact, the pendulum rises by 65 cm. What was the speed of the bullet?
Ballistic pendulum

a) 37 m/s.
b) 40 m/s.
c) 42 m/s.
d) 45 m/s.
e) 48 m/s.

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