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Practice quiz[edit | edit source]


The spring constant is 561 N/m, and the initial compression is 0.12 m. What is the mass if the cart reaches a height of 1.38m before coming to rest?

a) 0 .175 kg
b) 0.231 kg
c) 0.245 kg
d) .299 kg
e) .369 kg


The cart has a mass of 3.03 kg. It is moving at a speed of 2.1 m/s when it is at a height of 2.45 m. If the spring constant was 572 N/m, what was the initial compression?

a) 0.3 meters.
b) 0.35 meters.
c) 0.4 meters.
d) 0.46 meters.
e) 0.53 meters.

3 You are riding a bicycle on a flat road. Assume no friction or air drag, and that you are coasting. Your speed is 4.9 m/s when you encounter a hill of height 1.14 m. What is your speed is closest to your speed at the top of the hill?

a) 0.91 m/s.
b) 1.11 m/s.
c) 1.31 m/s.
d) 1.5 m/s.
e) 1.7 m/s.

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