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This shows a 100 pF up to 1000 volts ceramic capacitor. Credit: Fermilab, Reidar Hahn.

Laboratory is a lecture and an article describing a laboratory.

You are free to take this quiz based on the lecture/article laboratory at any time.

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1 Yes or No, A laboratory is a construct you can create so as to produce reproducible measurements.


2 True or False, A room, building or institution equipped for scientific research, experimentation or analysis is called a laboratory.


3 Yes or No, Laboratory conditions are often expressed in terms of standard temperature and pressure.


4 Evidence that demonstrates that a model or idea for a laboratory is feasible is called a

5 Yes or No, Current is the rate of flow of charge.


6 Complete the text:

The International

Metric Conditions for natural

) and similar fluids are

(59.00 °F, 15.00 °C) and 101.325


7 True or False, Q is the charge stored by the capacitor.


8 Complete the text:

Any capacitor, unless it is

altered, has a


9 Yes or No, Any act of quantifying relative to a standard is called a measurement.


10 True or False, If charge is stored, it can also be released by reconnecting the circuit.



  1. Questions appropriately asked in a quiz help to narrow down a laboratory's limitations.
  2. A laboratory is necessary on Mars1.

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