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Welcome to the School of Technology

This is an advanced research-based project to develop technologies beyond what we see in everyday life. For Free!

A school is a large organizational structure which can contain various departments, divisions, institutes, laboratories, and dedicated facilities.

Usually a school contains projects for developing learning resources.

Energy Projects[edit]

--->:Difference Core
--->:High Pressure Ethanol Injection
--->:Interstellar vehicles
--->:Particle fountains
--->:Repellor vehicles
--->:Personal body shields

Keynote lectures[edit]

Wind power[edit]

This is a labeled diagram of a modern horizontal-axis, three-bladed wind turbine. Credit: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

On the right is a labeled diagram of a wind turbine for power generation.

Steam power[edit]

This is a one-tenth scale, cutaway model of a steam turbine at Think Tank, the science museum in Birmingham, England. Credit: Chris Woodford.

Here on the right is a cutaway model of a steam turbine.


The following are currently considered schools at Wikiversity that might be better served as departments, divisions, institutes, laboratories, or facilities within the school of technology.

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