High Pressure Ethanol Injection

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High Pressure Ethanol Injection
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High Pressure Ethanol Injection leads the way in alternative fuels

We are currently in the research and development phase of a technology we call High Pressure Ethanol Injection. Utilizing elementary thermodynamics and energy flow principles, we have devised a method by which we can aquire better fuel economy and more power.

Employing an ethanol fuel source, we first pressurize the fuel line. Fuel is directed through a fuel filtering device much like what we currently have on standard low pressure gasoline (petrol) fueled vehicles. The fuel is then warmed slightly by the residual combustion energy found in the exhaust by thermal transfer methods. The fuel is then processed further down the line by a high pressure electromagnetic fuel injector. At 1200 PSI the warmed fuel is injected into the intake charge of the engine. It then super cools the intake charge as it loses its molecular density. The fuel is instantly vaporized, and is no longer in liquid form, in comparison with standard fuel injection delivery where the fuel is simply 'atomized' (small droplets of fuel). Fuel cannot actually combust unless in a vaporous form. This is key in the process of High Pressure Ethanol Injection. A supercooled intake charge, when utilized in conjunction with conventional turbo-charging methods, allows a theoretically 50% greater fuel ecomomy gain and a slight power advantage.

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