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The image shows the computer design of a small solar powered vehicle. Credit: 2013: Team PM3.

A small solar vehicle is an electromechanical vehicle powered by solar cells.

The "design and construction of a solar/battery-powered vehicle [offers] design and design problem issues, use of knowledge, physical application, comprehension of engineering principles, and teamwork that adhere to the learning objectives of the class."[1]

"Design and construction projects give the students a better understanding of real world expectations when selecting engineering or engineering technology as a career choice. As the freshmen are exposed to the various engineering disciplines involved in their choice of projects, value is added to the course and the students develop a desire to learn, are motivated to take additional courses within the department, and appreciate the taste of real world applications provided. Thorough training in the fundamentals of engineering education is enhanced through the hands-on applications when theory is partnered with design."[1]

"With a focus on using technologies to make the project assignment successful and competitive, the motivation and challenge of a project enhances the objective of teaching engineering with practical and relevant situations. Routinely, students face the challenge of adapting to issues relevant to working in engineering, learn by doing rather than through lecture/examination situations, and enrich their education through involvement in projects introducing a broad range of engineering technologies. The positive influence of project involvement improves the education of future engineers."[1]


  1. A small solar vehicle is possible and can undergo performance trials.


This is an apparently working version of a small solar vehicle as a toy or an actual vehicle. Shown at top is an earlier computer simulation. Credit: TijlCrauwels.
This is an apparently partially edible prize for the vehicle design and production shown at right. Credit: TijlCrauwels.

From the computer design of a small solar vehicle, at the top of this resources, that met the competition guidelines came an apparently working version of a small solar vehicle as a toy or an actual vehicle shown at right.

At left appears to be a trophy for the successful vehicle.

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