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Web Technologies Master List[edit]

Main Concept[edit]

The purpose of the Web Technologies Master List website is to outline the core skills required for a Web Technologies educational curriculum and available resources to facilitate the learning process. Within each of the 'Concepts' listed below, you will find types of tools, specific tool names, companies providing the tools, company information, job duties, qualifications, skills, courses required, and other important information relevant to each concept.

Image Editing[edit]

Browser Resources/Tools[edit]


Social Networking[edit]

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Development Environment[edit]

Database and the Web[edit]

Basic Languages[edit]


Dramatic Web Languages[edit]


SEO/Web Standards[edit]

Web Security[edit]

Design Concepts[edit]

Version Control[edit]

Agile Programming[edit]

Project Management[edit]

Project Methodologies[edit]


Knowledge Resources[edit]

Cloud Technologies[edit]

Operating Systems[edit]