Instructional design/Color Selection for Message Design/Unit4 Quiz

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Color Selection for Message Design


Unit 1 High- and Low-Keyed Colors

Unit 2 Warm and Cool Colors

Unit 3 Color Combinations

Unit 4 Psychology of Colors

Final Exam!

Quiz about Moods and Meanings of Colors[edit | edit source]

You have learned many effects of many colors. Let's check if you weren't overwhelmed, and if you were able to successfully input the color effects in your mind.

Quiz[edit | edit source]

Match the combination of colors and their meaning/mood.


Red Orange Yellow Green Blue
Energetic, festive, warm
Growing, fresh, healthy
Powerful, happy, dangerous
Calm, dependable, depressing
Sacred, novel, cheerful


Violet White Black Brown
Dirty, bare, poor
Sorrow, death, elite
Sorrow, nostalgic, spiritual
Purity, trustworthy, bland

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