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Color Selection for Message Design


Unit 1 High- and Low-Keyed Colors

Unit 2 Warm and Cool Colors

Unit 3 Color Combinations

Unit 4 Psychology of Colors

Final Exam!

Effects of Color Combinations[edit | edit source]

Generally, analogous, complementary, and split complementary colors form the following impressions:

  • Analogous color: Warm, calm, and harmonious.
  • Complementary color: Striking.
  • Split complementary color: Sharp, but looks smoother than complementary color.

Examples of the Effects of Analogous Color[edit | edit source]

Warm[edit | edit source]

Interior Jeronimos Dark Balder

Analogous colors convey a warm feeling. While you have no clue of the temperatures of the places, you might have a feeling that the places are warm rather than cool.

Calm[edit | edit source]

4224 - Thun - Flowers Dark Prong

If you want to create a calm atmosphere, it is a good idea to use analogous colors. You may sense the quietness of the places from the pictures.

Harmonious[edit | edit source]

Peaceful evening... - - 507358 Great smiles

Another effect of analogous color is to give a harmonious feeling. If you want to show the harmonious atmosphere in places or between people, consider using analogous colors.

Examples of the Effects of Complementary Color[edit | edit source]

Striking[edit | edit source]

Abdulla neon sign in istanbul Church interior

People's eyes sense complementary colors in a unique way. If the complementary colors face each other, people sense the facing area looks vibrating. Complementary colors can create a dynamic or powerful atmosphere in this way.

Examples of the Effects of Split Complementary Color[edit | edit source]

Sharp[edit | edit source]


Split complementary colors make strong contrasts and thus create a sharp atmosphere. You might sense artistic and unique feelings conveyed by the pictures.

Smoother than Complementary Color[edit | edit source]

Dark sunset A quiet street

While split complementary colors create a sharp contrast, they tend to look more natural than complementary colors. While you might feel sharpness from the pictures, you might not feel a strong uncomfortableness either.

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