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Color Selection for Message Design


Unit 1 High- and Low-Keyed Colors

Unit 2 Warm and Cool Colors

Unit 3 Color Combinations

Unit 4 Psychology of Colors

Final Exam!

Effects of High- and Low-Keyed Colors[edit | edit source]

In general, high-/low-keyed colors convey following impressions:

  • High-keyed colors: Quiet, peaceful, friendly
  • Low-keyed colors: Cold, sad, serious

Examples of the Effects of High-Keyed Colors[edit | edit source]

Quiet[edit | edit source]

Quiet Pond (2972781480) A quiet street

The use of high-keyed colors carries the quietness of the area. The quietness made by high-keyed colors tends to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Peaceful[edit | edit source]

Into the Past (5094336156) Peaceful evening... - - 507358

High-keyed colors are also useful to convey the atmosphere of peacefulness. When you want to show the peacefulness of places, it is a good idea to select photos mainly use high-keyed colors.

Friendly[edit | edit source]

La Magia de una sonrisa Nepali-Couple

High-keyed colors tend to carry a friendly atmosphere. If you want to take a friendly picture, try not only to make a friendly smile but also to take the photo in a light place with background of high-keyed colors.

Examples of the Effects of Low-Keyed Colors[edit | edit source]

Cold[edit | edit source]

Novi Sad Fog in harbour (2089601984)

The grayness and darkness of the photos coney the coldness and possible unhappiness of the people who live in the area.

Sad[edit | edit source]

Sad Grandma Dudley Port railway station MMB 01 323241

The extensive use of black and gray make the atmosphere of the photos sad. The pictures could be useful to deliver the message of the hardships or loneliness experienced by old people.

Serious[edit | edit source]

Fallen trees on Oregon 255 (6899297686) Serious woman

The picture on the left conveys the severity of the damage to the forest. The right picture shows the seriousness of the attitude or situation of the female.

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