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Color Selection for Message Design


Unit 1 High- and Low-Keyed Colors

Unit 2 Warm and Cool Colors

Unit 3 Color Combinations

Unit 4 Psychology of Colors

Final Exam!

Final Exam![edit | edit source]

Congratulations! You have done all the units. Now, using the knowledge learned in Units 1-4, select the pictures that would be most appropriate according to design objectives.

Final Exam[edit | edit source]

Answer which picture would be most appropriate for each scenario.

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1 You are writing an article which advertises the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of a village.

Sun rising on the village
Wartberg from South
Angra do Heroísmo Açores
View of Montecchio (PI)

2 You are writing an article about the happy and exciting days of old people.

Aerobics class
Ailingen Rotach-Halle Seniorennachmittag
AK 55 13 czerwca 2010
China (2501456678)
Barley Saturday, waiting for the parade - - 416760
Chitsamba village (4366943737)
Duchovní cvičení
Scotland, Isle of Arran, Lamlash, the seafront

3 You are writing an article which describes an unhappy working environment of workers.

Rebar worker
Grape workers
Telstra workers
Constructors workers
Health Worker
Construction workers

4 You are writing an article which advertise the romantic atmosphere of a shopping place.

Lascar T-Zone - Pink zone (4584491127)
Las Vegas, The Strip (3478855535)
MacDonagh Main Entrance
Manhattan Stockholm
Marina by Night (3143731425)
Photo by Kuba Bożanowski (6847710059)
Retail Park, Kilmarnock, Scotland

5 You are writing an article introducing the joy and excitement of a festival.

Artistët në Mitrovicë
Buffy Sainte-Marie on Riddu Riddu
14th Festival Opening
Diamonds Are Forever at Peninsula Felszighet

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