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Color Selection for Message Design


Unit 1 High- and Low-Keyed Colors

Unit 2 Warm and Cool Colors

Unit 3 Color Combinations

Unit 4 Psychology of Colors

Final Exam!

Definition of Warm and Cool Colors[edit | edit source]

Before talking about the definitions of warm and cool colors, it is probably a good idea to talk about the concepts of color models and color wheels.

BYR color wheel

Color Model[edit | edit source]

The picture you see on the right side is the BYR (blue, yellow, and red) color wheel. It is based on the BYR color model which assumes that blue, yellow, and red are the three primary colors. All other colors are created by the combination of the three colors. There are also other color models such as RGB (red, green, blue) but this course will use the BYR color model.

Color Wheel[edit | edit source]

In the BYR color wheel, any colors between blue and yellow are made by the combination of blue and yellow. The same principle is applied to the colors displayed between yellow and red, and blue and red. The color wheel shows the amount of the three primary colors each color contains. For example, the two colors next to the yellow are colors which contain the most yellow. On the other hand, the violet at the bottom of the wheel contains no yellow.

Warm and Cool Colors[edit | edit source]

Now, the definitions of warm and cool colors are quite simple:

  • Warm colors: Colors from yellow to reddish violet
  • Cool colors: Colors from violet to yellowish green

Any lighter versions of such colors also belong to either warm or cool colors. For example, pink is a lighter version of red and thus a warm color. White, black, and gray do not belong to either of warm or cool colors.

Examples of Warm Colors[edit | edit source]

James's Flamingo mating ritual Bokmärke konfirmation mot poesibok - Hallwylska museet - 87345 Hajiali Dark room

Examples of Cool Colors[edit | edit source]

Allium violet (6246907791) Arrábida (4487002715)

Colorful bottle Agricultural grass

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