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This is an archive page of the AAAOpenConf 2013 event at La Trobe University. Presentations have been copied from here into the main page.

Present and discuss ideas for learning activities, assignments and assessment methods.

Lunch and morning and afternoon tea provided. Sessions will be recorded and broadcast online.

Notes from planning meetings and other preparations are logged on the discussion page.

When and where[edit | edit source]

Presentations[edit | edit source]

  1. Set up and instructions
  2. Opening, Associate Dean Academic to the Faculty of Health Sciences
  3. Wikiversity for Indigenous and Intercultural Health - Karen Adams (VACCHO) & Nick Stone (LTU)
  4. Principles of assessment - Kathryn Hill. La Trobe University
  1. Self assessment and evidence portfolios - Terry Young. La Trobe University
  2. Activities, assignments and assessment/Teaching learners to notice - Royce Saddler.
  1. Student publishing - Russell Butson. University of Otago
  2. Recognising Contextual Learning - Willie Campbell, Otago Polytechnic
  3. Psychology student-generated-book - James Neill. University of Canberra
  4. Peer assessment - Dennis Wollersheim. La Trobe University
  1. Accountability in team assignments - Dianne Williamson and Maureen Long. La Trobe University
  1. Quizzes that promote engagement - Janelle Page, Di Hughes, Nivan Weerakkody, Terri Meehan-Andrews, Yossi Rathner. La Trobe University
  2. In-class team assessment - Sherrie Wentworth and Di Hughes. La Trobe University
  3. Inquiry-based learning in the Open - John Hannon. La Trobe University
  4. Mixed-media assessment for student learning and community engagement - Ruth Ford. La Trobe University
  1. Simulation in health education - Monica Peddle. La Trobe University
  2. Activities, assignments and assessment/Digital assessment - Cathy Gunn. University of Auckland.
  3. Activities, assignments and assessment/Student centred rich media assessment - Alexander Hayes. University of Canberra

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