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Principles of Assessment (Education). A 10 minute presentation by Kathryn Hill. copy on

Kathryn Hill's pre-recorded presentation for AAAOpenConf2013.

Notes[edit | edit source]

We can't separate assessment from its purpose. Consider the purpose of assessment when asking "Why do we assess?" Efficiency and effectiveness of assessment

There are 3 criteria; Evidence, Interpretation, Use

Evidence - what, how, who, by whom - there are MANY different types of assessment. We tend to focus on a few types in higher education.


There is always an assessment criteria; just sometimes, it is not explicit. Reliability

  • if a student is scared, it is not a reliable assessment!!

The more items of assessment, the more reliable it is.

Leigh: Searching for methods of assessment that are efficient and effective.

Audio recording of Kathryn Hill explaining her research into understanding classroom-based assessment of young adolescent school students.