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If you work in formal education you're probably used to planning assignments and sequencing information and activities in the hope it will help people to efficiently and effectively learn things, and demonstrate their learning to assessors. You're also probably used to using systems and tools that are fairly unique to the organisation or sector you work in.

This is a course designed for professional teachers looking to develop independent skills. It will guide you in setting up an openly accessible course, using free and widely used tools on the Internet. You'll consider how to develop and document a course outline, ways to manage information and resources relating for the course, set up a course website, and consider a range of communication channels to support learning in your course.


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  1. Develop learning objectives (acceptable to an over arching education regulator such as the Australian Qualification Framework) and flexible assessment methods
  2. Publish a course outline, course website and set up communication channels
  3. Develop, publish and facilitate accessible learning activities
  4. Manage and publish information and data related to the course
  5. Facilitate, moderate and administer an accessible course


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  1. Develop and publish a course outline
  2. Set up a course website and communications
  3. Use Wikipedia to manage course information


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As you progress through the above projects, at your own pace and in the order you wish, you can ask a program coordinator or accredited peers to mentor and assess your efforts and outcomes. Once you have demonstrated learning outcomes or capability in the above learning objectives, they will award you a badge of recognition that you can display in your email signature and other profile pages. This badge is also useful in applications for teacher's awards, job applications and funding proposals.

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