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Mixed-media assessment for student learning and community engagement. Ruth Ford. Copy on Youtube.

Ruth Ford's presentation for AAAOpenConf2013

Notes[edit | edit source]

Community History - stories of communities and place.

Taught across campuses - taught in EBL mode with ongoing digital presence and presentation at an annual conference for Victorian History Week in week 12.

Focus on own communities and choice of topic engaged learners - Numurkah hospital, Gold mining, Aboriginal communities, POW camps, Prison.

Within two hours of first class several topics already chosen!

Studying what is part of their lives is important to them and motivating.

Conceptual thread about communities - despite diversity of topics.

Powerful stories that had not been told before. Learning and critiquing community history and how it is told. New histories being told in their communities.

Display and presentations - range of formats to demonstrate different approaches and provide models.

Deadlines - pressure but all met demands to convey their historical research in a non-essay form. Excitement and opportunity to work in different formats, in groups, pairs or solo. Many chose solo as they were passionate about topic and found it hard to juggle group dynamic.

Workload high - assessment variations - podcast outside comfort zone.

Peer feedback = 5% , wiki - history documentation had own life beyond semester; wordpress format

EBL with outcomes embedded in communities.

Student activities that benefit public knowledge

Q: No LTU logo on student work?

R: Website acknowledges that students are from La Trobe. Discussions will be had regarding branding, however often easier to do separately.

Q: Permissions - issues around use of images

R: Visual images pre 1955 no copyright needed. Tight timelines to get permissions so students tended to take their own images. Students at exhibition images - need release forms. Build in to learning outcomes - use of images and consent, ethics.

Q: Visual anthropology - did you deal with that?

Sian Bayne, Edinburgh University - all assessment available online.

R: One week of semester spent on how to analyse images, copyright - most used images unproblematically.

Q: Need to do more in the realm of visual literacy across the uni.

R: May try to do more on visual analysis and what other platforms can be added - next year.