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WikiJournal User Group
Open access • Publication charge free • Public peer review • Wikipedia-integrated

WikiJournal User Group is a publishing group of open-access, free-to-publish, Wikipedia-integrated academic journals. <seo title=" Wikiversity Journal User Group, WikiJournal Free to publish, Open access, Open-access, Non-profit, online journal, Public peer review "/>

Who is an editor?

The WikiJournal User Group is set up such that anyone can contribute. Minor edits, such as formatting, copyediting and minor wording edits may be done by anyone. Edits that change the meaning of the article require peer review, and should instead be added at the article's Discussion page before triggering a new round of academic peer review.

In a practical sense, the editors of each journal are organised into two groups:

  1. The editorial board is responsible for journal strategy, has final responsibility for ensuring that robust academic peer review is performed in a timely manner, and handles any confidential article submissions. Information about editorial board responsibilities can be found in the Editorial board page. Upon acceptance into the editorial board, editors are expected to immediately begin assisting with the submission peer review process after onboarding. If you are interested in joining the editorial board, you can apply at the editorial board page of each journal.
  2. The associate editors help in contacting prospective peer reviewers, formatting accepted manuscripts, and integrating suitable material into Wikipedia. They can also vote in board elections. Information about associate editor responsibilities can be found in the Associate editors page. If you are interested in joining as an associate editor, you can apply at the associate editor page of each journal.

All previous editor applications can be viewed.

Editorial boards

Netha Hussain 
Keith Brain 
Mark Worthen 
Jason Dixon 
Alaa Najjar 
Shani Evenstein Sigalov 
Daniel Oerther 

Susan Barnum 
Dennis Abrams 
Alice White 
Vineeta Singh 
Arius Raposas 
Shani Evenstein Sigalov 
Piotr Konieczny 

Associate editors

Jitendra K Sinha 
Ajay Balachandran 
Mossab Banat 
Sheryl Taucer 
Olatunde Isaac 

Jenny Lenkowski 
Hemachander Subramanian 
Gorla Praveen 
Tony Ross-Hellauer 

Geoff Barker 
Anastasia Lussier 

Technical editors

Peter Nkashi Agan 
Crystal Au 
Natalie Charamut 
Emma Chiu 
Michelle Fong 
Jenna Harmon 
Cody Naccarato 
Logan Smith 
Stephnie Watson 
Andrew Neil 
Katrina Alcorn 

Administrative board

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