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ISSN: 2002-4436
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Since: March 2014
Publisher: Wikimedia Foundation
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A list of current editorial board members can be viewed here.


The purpose of the editorial board is to form consensus about whether to include upcoming articles in the journal, based on multiple factors such as article peer reviews and utility for Wikipedia. In the same manner as Wikipedia is not a democracy, the means of decision making is discussion leading to consensus; Straw polls can be used to test for consensus, but polls or surveys can impede, rather than foster, discussion.

Editorial board members will be notified by email to (only accepting emails from board members) when an article submission is up for decision, together with a note whether it needs to be held strictly confidential or not. An editorial board member does not need to comment on every article submission.

Discussion can be held by email correspondence, or, for works that do not necessarily need to be held confidential, at their corresponding Wikiversity talk pages online. Anyone may add their opinions and comments for such online discussions. In practice, members of the editorial board have substantial communication by email, but whenever subjects do not involve confidential works then anyone may ask to get such email updates, such as by leaving a note on this talkpage.

The main outcomes from inclusion discussions are:

  • Acceptance of the article
  • Rejection until there is an acceptable peer review of the article
  • Rejection until article is modified
  • Rejection outright

The editorial board also discusses and makes decisions regarding the overall operation of the journal. However, major issues that do not involve confidential matters should be discussed at the journal's public forums, at Talk:WikiJournal of Medicine, and/or the public Google Group of the journal through Editorial board members are encouraged to invite potential additional participants to the journal.

Editorial board members may also opt to include themselves in the mailing list about matters related to the overall WikiJournal organization at Matters that are important to WikiJournal of Medicine should be emailed to its own mailing list as well.

All positions in the journal are voluntary, that is, for no financial gain.

Editor-in-chief and assistant[edit]

The editor-in-chief (currently Mikael Häggström, since 8 March 2015‎) has final responsibility for all operations and policies.

The assistant to the editor-in-chief (currently Gwinyai Masukume, since 10 October 2015‎) will act in place of the editor-in-chief on the event of his resignation or incapacity.

Both the editor-in-chief and the assistant to the editor-in-chief are expected to participate in public relations of the journal, including interviews and articles when opportunities arise.

At least the editor-in-chief and the assistant to the editor-in-chief are entrusted with the journal's password to administer the journal's domain at GoDaddy. This domain needs to be renewed every other year, at a cost of approximately $30 each time. Logging into the domain's account at GoDaddy also avails for changing the email addresses included in the common email address (known by the editorial board) for updates about the journal. This site is also where redirection to another target than the current one may be done in the future.


If you are interested in becoming an editorial board member, you need to abide by the following:

  • You should abide by the confidentiality policies of the journal:

Confidentiality policies[edit]

Most authors have allowed their article submissions to WikiJournal to be open-access in the wiki from the very beginning. Still, the main requirement as a member of the editorial board is to not leak those works that authors wish to be confidential up until publication. Many journals do not accept submissions that have been in the open at any time, and thereby authors may be harmed by premature disclosure of any or all of an article submission's details. Editorial board members therefore keep such works confidential by restricting discussions about such articles in email communications or at a closed group at Google Sites, rather than talk page entries in Wikipedia or Wikiversity. Members of the editorial board must not retain such works for their personal use.


If you agree with the policies, please make an entry at this Discuss page including:

  • a short presentation about yourself,
  • any Wikipedia or Wikiversity involvement of yours, as well as any other biomedical education and/or experience,
  • an acceptance of the confidentiality policies, such as by "I will act in accordance with the confidentiality policies of WikiJournal of Medicine".

Upon acceptance, you should provide an email address for updates on matters for the editorial board (unless already having corresponded by email), by emailing editor-in-chief Mikael Häggström at