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Stages used in these tables refer to the following steps:

Pre-publication steps

1. Manuscript has been received and an authorship declaration form has been submitted
2. The editorial board has decided on article suitability
3. A peer review coordinator has been designated

Steps 4, 5 and 6 should be separate for each peer review, separated by semicolon, e.g. 5; 5; 4

4. Comments from the peer review have been presented to the author(s)
5. Author(s) have responded to the peer review and made amendments accordingly
6. The peer reviewer has been given opportunity to assess the amendments
7. The editorial board has decided whether to publish the work in the journal

Post-publication steps

8. A doi code has been generated and the article added to the relevant journal issue
9. A PDF version has been generated
10. Relevant material has been transferred to Wikipedia (or sister project) by the authors or editors
11. Other unfinished tasks (given in comment field)

WikiJournal of Medicine

Edit table

Work Submission date Stage Peer review coordinator(s) Comments
Lassa fever 2018-09-25 10 Roger Watson v2 overhaul complete and re-checked
Systematic review 2019-06-14 4; 4; 4 Roger Watson Authors confirm they intend to address reviews
Accessing health information online in Sweden: Swedish Wikipedia 2019-07-12 4; 4 Michaël R. Laurent, Mossab Banat
Leptospirosis 2019-07-22 4 Mossab Banat
Parenting stress 2019-11-04 5 Mark Worthen
Emotional and Psychological Impact of Interpreting-for Clients with Traumatic Histories- on interpreters 2020-06-20 3 Eric Youngstrom, Roger Watson
Working with Bipolar Disorder During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Both Crisis and Opportunity 2020-04-20 6; 5 Thomas Shafee,

Jitendra Kumar Sinha

Leprosy 30-04-2020 4 Roger Watson, Gwinyai Masukume
Melioidosis 01-05-2020 3 Mossab Banat, Candace Makeda Moore
Pitfalls in Global Response to COVID-19 and its Impact on Global Health 2020-07-05 3 Alaa Najjar
Viewer interaction with YouTube videos about hysterectomy recovery 2020-07-27 6 Gwinyai Masukume, Alaa Najjar
Phage therapy 2020-08-06 3 Thomas Shafee
Hepatitis among commercial sex workers, Central Uganda 2020-08-07 1
A history of coronaviruses 2020-08-27 3 Amelia Buttress, Alaa Najjar, Gwinyai Masukume

WikiJournal of Science

Edit table

Work Submission date Stage Peer review coordinator(s) Comments
Grainyhead-like Gene Family 2018-09-18 8 Melanie Stefan pdf in prep
Can each number be specified by a finite text? 2018-12-16 5 (4; 4) Jonathan Holland; Henry Hoff
Non-canonical base pairing 2019-01-09 4; 4 Joanna Argasinska
C10orf71 2019-01-24 1 Thomas Shafee, Marshallsumter Transferred to WikiJSci by WikiJMed board; editorial comments for author to address
Virtual Colony Count 2019-07-08 8 Thomas Shafee pdf in prep
RNA-Seq 2019-07-15 4 Guest editor: Rohan Lowe,

Thomas Shafee

Myxomatosis 2019-08-06 4; 4; 4 Florian Weller, Thomas Shafee Withdrawn by submitting author with intention to resubmit
E-extension in Nepal: brief overview in Nepalese agriculture 2019-12-15 6; 6 Hemachander Subramanian two reviews received
Beak and feather disease virus 2020-01-27 7 Florian Weller to be published; preparing
“It’s all about people skills”: Perspectives on the social license of the forest products industry from rural North America 2020-02-05 2 submitted as pdf
Arabinogalactan-proteins 2020-02-24 4 Dan Graur
Tree swallow 2020-03-24 4 Andrew Leung, Thomas Shafee
Multi-format Publishing on GitHub 2020-05-02 0 uploaded preprints appears unready
The Proteins of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS CoV-2 or n-COV19), the Cause of COVID-19 2020-05-08 3 Thomas Shafee
Induced stem cells 2020-05-31 2
Evolved human male preferences for female body shape 2020-06-02 4; 4 Dan Graur submitted as docx
Affine symmetric group 2020-06-07 3 Jonathan Holland
Structural Model of Bacteriophage T4 2020-08-12 3 Gorla Praveen Anon until publication
Sustainability Through Sci-Fi: Visions of Future Cities via Popular Media and the Hedonistic Sustainability Movement 2020-08-25 1 I wish to remain anonymous until article acceptance.

WikiJournal of Humanities

Edit table

Work Submission date Stage Peer review coordinator(s) Comments
Abu al-Faraj al-Isfahani 2018-09-03 8 Eystein Thanisch reference formatting being finalised
Fascism and Italy 2019-06-04 3 Brian McKenzie
Florence Fuller 2019-07-08 3 Sarah Vital
Digital media use and mental health 2019-06-08 3 Jackie Koerner; João Peschanski;

Rachel Wexelbaum

updated after FA promotion
When the Wikimedia movement challenges how to do science 2020-03-18 1
How India is overcoming the present growing Westernisation 2020-04-14 1 submitted as docx via email
Osman I, father of kings 2020-05-31 1
DARK REFLECTIONS: Rossetti’s Ecce Ancilla Domini! and Manet’s Olympia 2020-06-20 3 Frances Di Lauro
Loveday, 1458 2020-07-23 1
The Holocaust in Slovakia 2020-07-25 1

All articles currently in review