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WikiJournal User Group
Wikipedia-integrated • Public peer review • Libre open access

WikiJournal User Group is a publishing group of open-access, free-to-publish, Wikipedia-integrated academic journals. <seo title=" Wikiversity Journal User Group, WikiJournal Free to publish, Open access, Open-access, Non-profit, online journal, Public peer review "/>

Who is an editor?

The WikiJournal User Group is set up such that anyone can contribute. Minor edits, such as formatting, copyediting and minor wording edits may be done by anyone. Edits that change the meaning of the article require peer review, and should instead be added at the article's Discussion page before triggering a new round of academic peer review.

In a practical sense, the editors of each journal are organised into two groups:

  1. The editorial board is responsible for journal strategy, has final responsibility for ensuring that robust academic peer review is performed in a timely manner, and handles any confidential article submissions. Information about editorial board responsibilities can be found here. If you are interested in joining the editorial board, you can apply at the editorial board page of each journal.
  2. The associate editors help in contacting prospective peer reviewers, formatting accepted manuscripts, and integrating suitable material into Wikipedia. They can also vote in board elections. Information about associate editor responsibilities can be found here. If you are interested in joining as an associate editor, you can apply at the associate editor page of each journal.

All previous editor applications can be viewed here.

WikiJournal of Medicine Editorial Board

Mikael Häggström at pathology in 2019 (crop).jpg

Mikael Häggström (Editor-in-chief)
Board member from: 1 January 2015
Additionally: Twitter and Facebook admin

Dr Mikael Häggström is from Uddevalla, Sweden, and graduated from Uppsala University, Faculty of Medicine in 2013. He is currently a resident physician at the pathology department at the NU Hospital Group.

DC 120916 HEAD SHOTS 11.jpg

Gwinyai Masukume (Assistant editor-in-chief)
Board member from: 1 January 2015
Additionally: Twitter admin

Dr Gwinyai Masukume is a medical doctor and public health researcher. He holds a PhD in Medicine and Health. His main interest is Women’s health. As an active researcher, he has completed peer review for 20 journals and has co-authored over 35 publications.

Thomas Shafee portrait 2016.jpg

Thomas Shafee
Board member from: 24 July 2016
Additionally: Facebook admin

Dr Thomas Shafee is a biochemist researching antimicrobial proteins at the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science, Melbourne, Australia. He is particularly interested in how evolutionary information can be used to improve proteins for human uses.

Stevenfruitsmaak selfie.jpg

Michaël R. Laurent
Board member from: 16 August 2016
Additionally: Facebook admin

Dr Michaël R. Laurent obtained his medical degree from KU Leuven, Belgium in 2009 and specialized in internal medicine and geriatrics. His PhD in molecular endocrinology regarded the topic of androgens and male osteoporosis. He works as a geriatrician at the Imelda general hospital and as a consultant in metabolic and rare bone diseases at the University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium. He has (co-)authored over 75 publications.

Netha Hussain-925.jpg

Netha Hussain
Board member from: 3 December 2017

Dr Netha Hussain obtained a medical degree from Calicut Medical College, India. She has a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. She has previously volunteered as a Wikipedian-in-Residence at Calicut Medical College. She lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Professor Roger Watson (cropped).png

Roger Watson
Board member from: 30 January 2018

Professor Roger Watson is from the United Kingdom and is based at the University of Hull. Roger serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Advanced Nursing. He has co-authored over 400 journal articles.

KB 2009 (cropped).jpg

Keith Brain
Board member from: 11 April 2018

Dr Keith Brain graduated in 1999 from the University of Sydney, Australia. He is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, and the lecturer in Pharmacology at Christ Church, Oxford.

Eric Youngstrom, PhD (beige jacket).jpg

Eric A. Youngstrom
Board member from: 13 June 2018

American clinical child and adolescent psychologist, professor of psychology and neuroscience, and psychiatry, at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is also a co-founder of Helping Give Away Psychological Science.


Mark D. Worthen
Board member from: 8 November 2018

Dr Mark David Worthen is a clinical-forensic psychologist in Park City, Utah. He has worked as a front-line clinician for 32 years. He has three wonderful children who have flown the coop and continue to amaze their Daddy with their wit, pluck, and compassion for others.

Author by Dr.khatmando.jpg

Jason Dixon
Board member from: 23 November 2018
Clinical psychology, clinical education, advanced psychometrics, clinical supervision Allied Mental Health, Epidemiology (East Asian/Sinophere populations)

WikiArabia '19 517 (cropped).jpg

Alaa Najjar (علاء)
Board member from: 21 December 2018

Medical doctor studied at Alexandria University. Active on Wikipedia since December 2014. Steward with extensive wiki editing. Has more than 430K edits.

Prashanth Nuggehalli Srinivas Wiki J Medicine EB member.jpg

Prashanth N Srinivas
Board member from: 7 June 2019
Public health, health inequalities

Dr. Prashanth Nuggehalli Srinivas is a medical doctor and public health researcher. He heads the health equity cluster at the Institute of Public Health, Bangalore (India). He is experienced in research on health inequities (especially indigenous health), teaching research methods, health policy engagement, research communication, research leadership.

Angelo Basteris
Board member from: 30 November 2019
Research (stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, science), teaching (welfare technology, electronics, basic)


Amelia Buttress
Board member from: 15 May 2020
Public Health, Cultural & Media Studies, Social Drivers of Health

Dr. Amelia Buttress received a PhD in social and behavioral sciences from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of Health, Behavior, & Society in 2014 and an MA from the European Graduate School in 2006. Amelia has worked in human rights, digital arts and media literacy and education, and public mental health. Dr. Buttress has been incorporating Wikipedia into teaching at both the Media, Politics, & Evidence in Public Health and Under Pressure: Health, Wealth, & Poverty levels since 2016.


Candace Makeda Moore
Board member from: 11 October 2020
Information informatics (Radiology), Data science

Dr. Candace Makeda Moore, MD is both a data scientist and medical doctor. Although she works with medical technology as a computer programmer, her training as both a scientist and clinician inform her work. She has been active for a decade in humanitarian medicine and human rights by coordinating and providing medical care for refugees.

Shani Evenstein Sigalov.jpg

Shani Evenstein (Adviser)
Board member from: 31 July 2019
Medical education

Working as an EdTech Innovation Strategist at the the NY/American Medical Program, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University [TAU], focusing on Curriculum Development, E-learning Strategies and Medical Education.

Guy Vandegrift(crop).png

Guy Vandegrift (Adviser)
Board member from: 12 January 2016
Physics, engineering, mathematics

Professor Guy Vandegrift teaches physics and astronomy at the Lake Campus of Wright State University, and is currently working to develop Quizbank.

WikiJournal of Science Editorial Board

Thomas Shafee portrait 2016.jpg

Thomas Shafee (Editor in Chief)
Additionally: Twitter and Facebook admin
Biochemistry, genetics, bioinformatics, evolution

Dr Thomas Shafee is an evolutionary biochemist researching antimicrobial proteins at the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science, Melbourne, Australia. He is particularly interested in how protein superfamilies evolve and how that information can be used to engineer proteins for human uses.

Felipe Schenone.jpg

Felipe Schenone
Philosophy, logic

Felipe Schenone is a philosopher and logician by training, web developer and wiki-expert by trade. Contributor to Wikipedia and other wikis since 2008, he believes that science and academia should ditch paid journals and embrace open knowledge.

Henry A. Hoff
Physics, mathematics, geology, materials sciences, mineralogy, high-temperature superconductors, radiation, spectroscopy, next-generation semiconducting diamond electronic devices, solid state diffusion, surface science

My original research efforts have been performed through participation per numerous grants from the USA Department of Energy at Argonne National Laboratory and Department of Defense at the Naval Research Laboratory.

W. Brian Whalley
Geomorphology (general), glacial geology, sediments, weathering processes, education+pedagogy

Markus Pössel
Additionally: Facebook admin
Astrophysics, astronomy, general relativity

Markus Pössel is Managing Scientist at Haus der Astronomie, Heidelberg's Center for Astronomy Education and Outreach. He has helped to bring general relativity and introduction to general relativity, among other articles, to Featured Article status.

Ian Alexander portrait 2015 (cropped).jpg

Ian Alexander
Requirements engineering, biology, history and philosophy of biology

Ian Alexander is a retired systems engineer who has helped to bring over 100 Wikipedia articles on biology, and its history and philosophy, to 'Good Article' status.


Florian Weller
Zoology, conservation ecology, ecological modelling, palaeontology, geology

Dr Florian Weller is an ecologist working with population models of endangered species, currently at the University of Cape Town.

Daniele Pugliesi(crop).jpg

Daniele Pugliesi
Chemical engineering, process engineering

Daniele Pugliesi is a multipotentialite Lecturer and Technical Consultant providing training and assistance in many fields related to industrial activities, management and sustainability.

Sylvain Ribault 2018.jpg

Sylvain Ribault
Mathematical physics, theoretical physics, mathematics

Sylvain Ribault is a researcher at the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Saclay. He sometimes blogs on the subjects of scientific publishing and conformal field theory.

Melanie stefan.png

Melanie Stefan
Additionally: Twitter and Facebook admin
Computational biology, biochemistry, neurobiology, statistics

Melanie Stefan is an Edinburgh-Zhejiang lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, whose research group focuses on using computational tools to understand learning and memory.


Jack Nunn
Additionally: Twitter and Facebook admin
Public involvement in research and health services, public health genomics

Jack Nunn is a researcher in the Department of Public Health at La Trobe University. His research is in creating and evaluating equitable and ethical ways for people to participate in all aspects of research and science. Jack is currently a PhD candidate exploring genomics research and ways of involving people. Jack is the founder and Director of the not-for-profit education organisation 'Science for All'.

Sridhar Gutam
Plant physiology of agricultural and horticultural crops

Guy Vandegrift(crop).png

Guy Vandegrift
Physics, engineering, mathematics

Guy Vandegrift teaches physics and astronomy at the Lake Campus of Wright State University, and is currently working to develop Quizbank.

Thijs van Vlijmen
Cell biology, protein science

Dr. Thijs van Vlijmen completed his Ph.D. at Utrecht University in the Department of Cell Biology in the University Medical Center Utrecht in 2008. After that he started working at Springer Science+Business Media as a publishing editor. He is currently Associate Editorial Director for Australia and New Zealand at Taylor & Francis.


Kelee Pacion
Additionally: Twitter and Facebook admin
Instructional design, science communication, research, education, and some science policy

Kelee Pacion is the Biology and Environmental Sciences Librarian at Princeton University. Her interests are science communication, information literacy, and education.

Edmund F. Palermo
Polymers, biomaterials, biomimicry

Ed Palermo is an Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY). His interests are in polymer science and biomaterials.


Tina Qin
e-Science, scholarly communication, chemical informatics

Tina Qin is the science and engineering librarian and lecturer at Department of Chemistry at Vanderbilt University. She is particular interested in e-Science, scholarly communication and chemical informatics.

Loren Cobb
Applied math, simulations, statistics, sociology, economics, political science, computer science

Paula UCLA(crop).jpg

Paula Diaconescu
Inorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, catalysis, polymers

Paula Diaconescu is a Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her research group focuses on switchable catalysis, a new area of chemistry inspired by nature’s sensory processes. Switchable catalysts use external triggers in order to toggle between multiple species with different reactivity.

Andrew Leung portrait(crop).png

Andrew Leung
Climatology, atmospheric science, aviation

Andrew Leung is a climatologist working at Environment and Climate Change Canada. He is a contributor to Wikipedia and many of its sister projects.

José Lages
Theoretical physics

José Lages is an Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Burgundy Franche-Comté, Besançon, France. His recent researches focus on Chaos in Quantum Physics, Chaos in Astrophysics, and Complex Networks. He co-invented the Wikipedia Ranking of World Universities obtained from the statistical analysis of Wikipedia articles network for different language editions.

Thais Morata(crop).jpg

Thais C. Morata
Public Health, Occupational Health, Hearing Science, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Thais Morata is a Research Audiologist at the US NIOSH and coordinator of the NORA Manufacturing Sector Council. She created the Safe-in-Sound Excellence in Hearing Loss Prevention Awards™, is a founding associate editor for the International Journal of Audiology, and a founding editor of the Cochrane Work Review Group. She co-instructs several graduate classes and promotes the Wiki Edu platform.

Jonathan Holland
Mathematical analysis, differential geometry, general relativity, twistor theory

Vinod Scaria
Genomics, Genome Informatics, RNA Biology

Ed Baker.jpg

Ed Baker
Taxonomy, zoological nomenclature, biodiversity informatics, bioacoustics

Ed Baker is an orthopterist and bioacoustician at the University of York, and Scientific Associate of the Natural History Museum, London.

Scott 20Jan2015-MoV.jpg

Scott A Thomson
Zoology, Paleontology, Taxonomy, Nomenclature, ICZN, Turtles, Conservation

Herpetologist, taxonomist and paleontologist with a major interest in nomenclature and the development of good science through best practices, good publishing methods and teaching as well as a multidisciplinary approach.


Mad Price Ball
Open/participatory/citizen science, genetics, biotechnology, health & human subjects research

Trained in biotech, now highly interdisciplinary focus on empowering individuals & community to take an active role in leading and contributing to research about themselves.

Jeff Lundeen in Black and White.jpg

Jeff Lundeen
Physics, Metrology, Optics, Quantum Information, Photonics, Quantum Metrology, Fundamental Issues in Quantum Physics

Jeff Lundeen is the Canada Research Chair in Quantum Photonics. He heads an experimental laboratory at the University of Ottawa that uses photons to study the unique characteristics of quantum physics, to carry information for quantum computing, and to build quantum-enhanced sensing and measurement devices.

Rosemary J Redfield
Microbiology, genetics, evolution

30 years as faculty at University of British Columbia (research, teaching) - Publications.

Yulia Sevryugina-web (3).jpg

Yulia Sevryugina
Board member from: 16 August 2020
data science, cheminformatics, information science, crystallography, inorganic chemistry, chemistry education

Research career in chemistry: coordination chemistry, small molecule crystallography, medicinal, and boron chemistry. As faculty at TCU, I was leading a research group in the the development of dopamine targeting drugs. Currently, at the University of Michigan, my research interests are in data science and scientometrics as related to chemistry and biomedical research.

Moritz Schubotz 2014.jpg

Moritz Schubotz
Board member from: 16 August 2020
computer science, digital libraries

Moritz Schubotz and his group research on Mathematical Information Retrieval at the Department of Mathematics at FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure. His main interests are: research, teaching, building research infrastructure, establish a FAIR scholary practice.

WikiJournal of Humanities Editorial Board


Frances Di Lauro (Editor in Chief)
Additionally: Twitter and Facebook admin
Arts, humanities, social sciences, archaeology, religion, rhetoric

Dr Frances Di Lauro teaches writing and rhetoric. She teaches a for-credit unit about Wikipedia, and is currently Chair of the Department of Writing Studies at the University of Sydney.


Penny Richards
Women's history, historical geography, education, disability studies

Susan Barnum
Library science, women's history


Jackie Koerner
Advocacy, disability studies, education, qualitative research, social sciences

Dr. Jackie Koerner is an independent qualitative research analyst focusing on education, bias, and relationships.

Gilles Sahut
Information literacy, library and information science, media studies, education

Dennis C. Abrams
Law, linguistics

Anne McClanan
Art history, medieval and byzantine studies

Anne McClanan is a Professor of Art History at Portland State University, and in addition to her research in medieval art also works in the development of OERs and other areas of the Digital Humanities.

Eystein Thanisch
Celtic studies, medieval history and literature, manuscript studies, textual criticism, corpus linguistics


Rachel Helps
American literature, Mormon history, Mormon artists, editing

Rachel Helps is the coordinator of Wikipedia initiatives at the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University.

Alice White(crop).png

Alice White
History, history of science, technology, engineering & medicine, labour & management history, modern British history

Dr Alice White is a historian, Wikimedian and digital editor working at Wellcome Collection.

Challenges of Scientific Dissemination (NeuroMat) 61.jpg

João Alexandre Peschanski
Political sociology, media studies

Rachel Wexelbaum
LGBTQ+ studies, social media and behavior, information seeking behavior, identity development

Photo of Sarah Vital(crop).jpg

Sarah M. Vital
Information literacy, scholarly communication, online communication, social networking, social media

Sarah Vital is an academic librarian and lecturer in Business Communication at Saint Mary's College of California. Her work with students and faculty focuses on the social nature of information and questioning trustworthiness, authority, and what voices and experiences are included and excluded in the traditional and new publishing media.


Amy Fountain
Linguistics, Anthropology, language endangerment, documentation and revitalization, digital language resource development, community-based research

Amy Fountain is a faculty member in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Arizona. Her training is in Anthropology and Linguistics, and her research focuses on under-resourced language communities in North America, and on the development of digital resources in the context of language repatriation and community-based work.

Jeffrey M. Keefer
Social and networked learning, doctoral education and researcher development, threshold concepts in higher education, liminality in learning experiences, educational research, and actor-network

Vineeta Singh
Ethnic Studies, Black Studies, Critical University Studies, History of U.S. Social Movements, U.S. Black Feminisms, Feminist Historiography


Jack Nunn
English literature, linguistics (with a focus on language and identity), poetry, music (composition, performance and production)

Jack Nunn the founder and Director of education organisation 'Science for All', working to involve people in sharing and creating in both the arts and sciences. Jack Nunn is a musician, composer and a poet. Jack is a PhD candidate in the Department of Public Health at La Trobe University

Cecelia Musselman
Writing studies, writing in the sciences, research methods, writing pedagogy, Wikipedia pedagogy

Arius Raposas
History, Political Science, Public Administration


Teemu Leinonen
education, new media, design, media studies, learning environments

Teemu is an Associate Professor of New Media Design and Learning at the Media Lab of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki, Finland. Teemu's research interest is New Media, especially related to applications, solutions and services of e-learning, collaborative learning, collaborative group work and creative work.


Brian McKenzie
Active learning, pedagogy, First-Year experience, history

Brian is a lecturer in Critical Skills at Maynooth University. His background is in European history but he is also interested in pedagogical research. He uses Wikipedia in the classroom to develop disciplinary skills and information literacy.

End of year drink of PACKED vzw and Wikimedia Belgium 18-12-2018 21-14-01.jpg

Lionel Scheepmans
Anthropology (digital)

Lionel is actually making a PhD thesis about Wikimedia movement within the laboratory of prospective anthropology at Uclouvain University. He is also one of the administrators on French Wikiversity and founder of the Laboratory for the study of Wikmedia movement. More information at this online CV.

Shani Evenstein Sigalov (Adviser)
Education & Technology, Medical Education, Curriculum Development, Implementing Wiki projects into the academic curriculum.

Shani is an EdTech Innovation Strategist at the American Medical Program at Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University and a PhD candidate at the School of Education at TAU, focusing on Technology and Education (specifically researching Wikidata as a learning platform). Since the early 2000s, she is involved with Project Ben-Yehuda, which is the Hebrew equivalent of Project Gutenberg, and serves as Editor-in-Chief of the project, as well as Chair the charity that supports the project. More details about Shani's experience can be found here.

Thomas Shafee portrait 2016.jpg

Thomas Shafee (Adviser)
Biochemistry, wiki organisation

Dr Thomas Shafee is an evolutionary biochemist at the La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. He is involved bridging the Wikipedia-academia gap via dual-publishing projects with WikiJournals and PLOS.

Daniel K. Schneider
Educational technology

Founder and main contributor of EduTechWiki

Associate editors


Dr. Jitendra Sinha.jpg

Jitendra Sinha
Neurobiology, Obesity, Ageing

Dr. Jitendra Sinha is a researcher and educator at Amity Institute of Neuropsychology and Neurosciences (AINN), Amity University.

Ajay Balachandran
Forensic Pathology, Forensic Anthropology

Dr. Ajay Balachandran is a Professor at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi. He is currently doing research in Forensic Anthropology and Forensic Pathology.

Subas Chandra Rout.1.jpg

Subas Chandra Rout
Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Subas Chandra Rout is a former assistant professor at K.I.M.S. Medical College in Bhubaneswar, India. He is Joint Director at the Department Of Health in Odisha.

Mossab Banat-3.jpg

Mossab Banat
Medical and wikimedia social media publishing

Sheryl Taucer
Immunology, microbiology, hematology, inflammation

Medical Wikipedian, with 10 years of contributions.

Lagos wikimedia salon Strategy session 00 06 03 706000.jpeg

Olatunde Isaac
Food safety and Applied Nutrition,nutraceuticals, herbal medicine and related products

Research, Food & Drug regulations, functional foods, and outreach


Christos Noutsos
Genomics, Plants, Bioinformatics

Jenny R. Lenkowski
Developmental biology, neurobiology

Hemachander Subramanian
Theoretical and computational investigations of biological systems

Gorla Praveen
Electronics, Information & Communication Technology, Telecommunication, Wireless Networks, Software Defined Radios, Wireless Localization.

Jessica Polka
Scholarly publishing, bacterial cell biology, synthetic biology

Konrad U. Förstner
Bioinformatics, Systems biology, RNA-Biology, Infection biology

Joanna Argasinska
Molecular biology

Dan Graur
Evolution, molecular evolution, genome evolution, phylogeny, evolutionary bioinformatics

Elizabeth Van Volkenburgh
Plant physiology, agriculture, plant responses to the environment

Tony Ross-Hellauer
Open Science; Open Access; FAIR data; science policy; research integrity; innovative research infrastructures; alternative peer review models; information ethics; philosophy of technology

Michael L. Umbricht
Science communication, public outreach, professional development for educators, and museum collections.

Emanuele Natale
Board member from: 16 August 2020
Theory of algorithms, collective animal behavior, machine learning

CNRS researcher since January 2019, previously Simons Fellow at UC Berkeley and Postdoctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics


Kai Alexis Smith
African American and Caribbean studies, visual communication, art, art history, architecture, cultural studies

Geoff Barker
History of photography, colonial history, 19th century science, GLAM sector, heritage collections

Michael L. Umbricht
Science communication, public outreach, professional development for educators, museum collections

Anastasia Lussier

Technical editors

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