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Web Design Develop cascading style sheets
This page is part of the Web Design project.

This unit defines the competency required to develop cascading style sheets (CSS) that are attached to a mark-up language document in order to externally define and control styles to enhance and achieve commonality between web documents.

This unit of competency can be viewed directly on the Australian National Training Information Service website:

The competency is outline here together with ideas for demonstrating your competence as well as related modules where you can learn more skills relevant to this unit.

Performance Criteria[edit | edit source]

Realistically, this unit is best undertaken together with ICAB4135A Create a simple mark-up language document to specification. Together these two units form a good grounding for ICAB4137A Produce basic client side script for dynamic web pages.

The following performance criteria are from the National unit of competency (add link when available).

  1. Define styles
    1. Identify and document the purpose of the mark-up language document
    2. Identify and document appropriate styles that are to be controlled by the CSS
    3. Define and document styles in accordance with established design or business guidelines
  2. Produce CSS
    1. Produce CSS using the determined styles
  3. Attach CSS to new mark-up language documents
    1. Start new mark-up language document
    2. Attach CSS to document
    3. Produce document, applying styles from CSS
    4. Repeat this process, attaching the same CSS to different document
  4. Attach CSS to existing mark-up language documents
    1. Open existing mark-up language document
    2. Attach CSS to document
    3. Apply styles from CSS to document, removing redundant tags
    4. Repeat this process, attaching the same CSS to different document
  5. Edit CSS
    1. Edit CSS and confirm changes in attached document
  6. Validate CSS
    1. Validate that the website functions correctly and that the styles satisfy the purpose of the document
    2. Validate that the website functions correctly using different browsers

Ideas for demonstrating competence[edit | edit source]

  • A Small Website Project - A small website project (with some advanced options) will provide an opportunity to demonstrate most, if not all of the outcomes for this unit of competence.
  • Other ideas? Edit and add your own ideas for demonstrating competence in this unit!

Related Modules[edit | edit source]