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Web Design Paired Bio Pages
This page is part of the Web Design project.

The whole web design class has been approached by a local newspaper and asked if we could put together a bunch of (brief) biographical pages about us - the local web design students at the local college.

The purpose of each biographical page is to enable readers to see a little into the life of a student, their goals and aspirations, likes, world-views, hobbies or views on current events. They've asked also if an aspect of each page-design could reflect something of the persons character (such as the choice of colours, font or theme graphics).

The newspaper has asked for the pages to be in either a word-processor format or HTML.

Outline of Activity[edit | edit source]

In this group activity you'll get the chance to:

  • interview another participant in the class - finding about their interests and passions - as well as,
  • demonstrate any background skills in design, communication or technology that you've picked up in school or work (none assumed!)
  • learn from each other!

Duration (suggestion only):

  • Planning client interview - 10 mins
  • Conduct interview (and possibly take photo of your client or for background image of your page) - 30 mins
  • Report back results of interviews to the group - 10 mins
  • Create Bio page - 60 mins (or longer, depending on your page!)
  • Discuss final bio pages (both from designer and clients perspective) together with whole group.

Planning your client interview[edit | edit source]

As well as the normal details such as names, interests, motivations etc., you may want to run with a theme or metaphor for your client's bio page and interview. Be as creative as you feel comfortable, but remember that the person you're interviewing is your client - you are creating the page to reflect their personality, not your own!

There's some interesting personal interview-type questions on Everything you ever wanted to know about each other.

Relationship to Qualifications[edit | edit source]

If you already have substantial HTML/CSS skills and knowledge, you may be able to use this activity to demonstrate your skills for assessment purposes. Talk to your facilitator for more information.