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Web Design Produce basic client side script for dynamic web pages
This page is part of the Web Design project.

This unit defines the competency required to produce a number of client side scripts for dynamic web pages, utilising a range of relevant features from different appropriate languages.

This competency can be viewed directly on the Australian National Training Information Service website:

The competency is outline here together with ideas for demonstrating your competence as well as related modules where you can learn more skills relevant to this unit.

Learning Outcomes[edit | edit source]

The specific performance criteria for this unit can be viewed online on the NTIS site (update to new ICA05 competency when available).

In outline, this unit requires that you:

  1. Analyse the exact requirements for your specific project, including the dynamic functionality (e.g. form validation, fades, animations, interactivity etc.) and the client-side scripting language that you can use to achieve this functionality.
  2. Design and create your HTML (ensuring that you meet accessibility requirements and other relevant standards) with your initial client-side script embedded or linked in a separate file.
  3. Test, debug and retest your scripts until you achieve the functionality that you're aiming for.
  4. Finish off the documentation (you should already be commenting appropriately in your code!) and submit your design for approval to the appropriate person.

Ideas for demonstrating competence[edit | edit source]

A combination of the activities mentioned in the module An Introduction to Programming with Javascript may help to demonstrate competence in this unit.

Related Web Design modules[edit | edit source]