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Welcome to the Center for Climate Change

This group is a multidisciplinary effort combining elements of Science, Engineering and Social Sciences

Climate change refers to the current process of a warming of the earth's atmosphere (often referred to as "global warming"). There is still debate about the extent of humans' involvement in this process, especially outside the scientific community. This page can provide a space to branch out to information pages about various aspects of climate change, and what steps can be taken to help mitigate its reported or potential damaging effects on both human life and the earth as an ecosystem.

Please add ideas for how this field could be explored in Wikiversity - or simply jump in, and help start resources and discussion spaces about climate change.

Climate change debates[edit]

There is a somewhat false dichotomy in separating the field as above (scientific "versus" personal) - but the rationale is to generate slightly different types of resources: documenting what scientific evidence has been put forward on either side, and providing a space for collating what people think, feel and do about this issue.

Resources to ameliorate climate change[edit]