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This page is to provide a space for people to share their own perspectives on climate change. For example, what do you think of the scientific arguments for and/or against climate change? What do you personally feel about climate change? What do you do - if anything - about climate change, and why?

Your views[edit | edit source]

You can express your views in any way you want - text, video, image, poem, song, etc. - though if is a slightly abstract piece (such as an image) it might be a good idea to add an explanatory note to say why you made this response. If you are uploading audio or video, please make sure it is in a free format (see Help:Media), and preferably upload it to Wikimedia Commons. Please add your views in a sub-heading here (enclosed in three "=" signs, eg. ===My view on climate change===). If there are very many responses to this, we can break them up into subpages.

Resources outside Wikiversity[edit | edit source]

  • Climate kitchen - a number of short personal videos made as part of a climate change discussion forum in Hebden Bridge, a town in the north of England. Many people refer to a video in which scientists debunk the theory of human involvement in climate change, but all seem committed to doing something about an issue that they see as a problem.