Climate change/Scientific views

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Note: This page is in development. It does not seek to replicate the Wikipedia articles listed below, but rather attempts to add value to them, and to facilitate learning about this topic. Ideas on how to do this are very welcome.

"Climate change" or "global warming" has been a heated (pardon the pun) topic in both the scientific community and world at large - and increasingly so over the last 15 or so years. This page is to look at the scientific arguments put forward on either side of the debate - whether or not climate change is attributable to human factors.

The Wikipedia article "Scientific opinion on climate change" is a very useful resource in surveying and synthesising the views of scientific perspectives on climate change - and can find no scientific organisation that disagrees with the view that human factors are causing the current warming of the earth's climate - indicating a consensus on the matter. However, as another article "Global warming controversy" details, the views from individual scientists, and from individual people, are more diverse.