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Truthfulness and rationality in religions are truths that can be substantiated by science or those that cannot be proven to be wrong. Kurt Kawohl

The School of Theology is devoted to study of religion, spirituality, and deities. Participants here at this school may use rational analysis and argument to discuss, interpret, and teach on any of a myriad of religious topics.

Within this school can be distinguished from the Division of Religious studies. The Division of Religious Studies is for multi-disciplinary and secular study of religion. In contrast, studies within the School of Theology can be undertaken to help participants understand more truly one's own religious tradition or can be undertaken with the goal of preservation of religious traditions, reform of a particular tradition, or to apply the resources of a particular religious tradition to some present day problem, situation or need.

So, whether you are interested in Bahá'í, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Urantia or any other doctrinal foundation, Wikiversity is your soundboard and learning environment to find others who think and believe as you do. If you wish to further your knowledge and practice to encompass a richer base for doing so, please, by all means, feel free. Wikiversity is a wiki.

At Wikiversity, a school is a large organizational structure which can contain various departments and divisions. The departments and divisions should be listed in the departments and divisions section. The school can contain projects for developing learning resources.


Divisions and Departments of the School of Theology exist on pages in "topic" namespace. Start the name of departments with the "Topic:" prefix. Departments and divisions link to learning materials and learning projects. For more information on schools, divisions and departments, see Naming Conventions.

The divisions are listed in alphabetical order; not order of preference.

Faculty of dominant religions[edit]

Note: These are religions that have historically dominated, and do currently dominate cultures and nations. They have stamped large footprints in the annals of history, and are at least a thousand years old. The variant traditions within these religions may be much newer and much less dominant.

Faculty of historical religions[edit]

Note: These are religions that are old.

Faculty of New Religions[edit]

Note: These are religions that have existed less than a thousand years.

Faculty of other religions[edit]

Note: These are religions that are old, but do not dominate any particular culture or nation.

Faculty of tribal religions[edit]

Note: These are religions that are old, but dominate only relatively small local cultures and groups.

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