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Practical Christian Theology: a Wikiversity practicum
Practical Christian Theology

A collection of learning resources for practical Christianity

School of Theology
Christian studies Department
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Christian studies[edit | edit source]

Practical Christian Theology[edit | edit source]

This department is here to develop Christian theology learning resources through practical means. Many good and above average learning resources and Bible study tools have been created at Wikiversity. Our focus is two-fold: Content and community.

Content development[edit | edit source]

Like Wikipedia:WikiProject Christianity our job is to find, list, link, prioritize, categorize, and organize existing Wikiversity content.

Categories within scope: Christianity, Biblical studies, ...

Main articles (main namespace): Christianity, Bible, Jesus, ...

Learning community development[edit | edit source]

As practical Christians, we know the importance of working together as a functioning team "forsaking not the assembly". We're not suggesting anything like the "Church of Wikiversity" but we would like to organize content developing groups (School:Theology, Portal:Christianity, etc.) into a communicationally integrated whole, thus practicing the core Christian principle of Koinonia. We should also work to establish a context of scholarly ethics, excellence and civility within Wikiversity:Culture as a community of practice.

Content development groups (School namespace): School:Theology, ...,

Content development groups (Topic namespace):

Participation[edit | edit source]

The core Christian principle of Koinonia involves participation.

My Little children, let us not love in word, neither with the tongue; but in deed and truth. 1John 3:18

Active participation[edit | edit source]

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Merit system[edit | edit source]


Certain editors have made vital contributions but are too humble to take credit. The histories of articles tell the truth and it's OK to institute a Practical Barnstars or Kudos merit system.


Bible Tools[edit | edit source]


Learning resources[edit | edit source]

Bible, English, King James, According to the documentary hypothesis

External links[edit | edit source]

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