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Wikiversity:Practicums are courses within a specialized field of study, the subject, that combine theory and principles with hands on experience. This is the first draft of a boilerplate for a basic practicum for use here. The primary components:

Subject[edit source]

This section names the subject in its heading and provides a synoptic description and the scope, (context and focus) of the practicum. Our pilot practicum subject is Multilingualism. Our scope is the context of translation with a focus on language neutrality.

Required reading[edit source]

An organized set of texts, best compiled from existing sources:

Wikipedia[edit source]

A list of related articles about the subject (most of the time these are maintained by a WikiProject)

Wikibooks[edit source]

These are topped with the appropriate Bookshelf at Wikibooks and list key readings in an order that supports the practicum

Wikiversity[edit source]

New or existing Learning materials at Wikiversity. Some may be written as part of the practicum. Example: Multilingualism

Workbook[edit source]

See the Multilingual worksheet as an example.

Labs are exersises that may require something physical to be done. In our multilingualism example, the learner has to get sound working and listen to audio versions of the language he/she is learning.

The next Lab may be to hook up a microphone and create audio versions for a language host group to present to a visiting language group.

Collaborations[edit source]

A collaboration is a learning project that applies learning materials developed within a host practicum to real problems within a guest practicum, school, division, department, or other group. In our example, we multilingual experts play a custodial role for the Wikiversity the Movie/multi-lingual part of Wikiversity the Movie.

Other collaborations might include help for Labs with our practicum in the role of guest of say Practicum:Sounds of the Wikiverse. They, the audio experts help us do the Labs, assisting us non-technical multilinguals in the production of Audio files for versions of Wikiversity the Movie in potentially every language on the planet.

We can remain focused not on the details of Audio production, but on our subject - Multilingualism while they can remain focused on their subject - Audio production. So what if our practicums merge and spawn a new practicum altogether?

We all learn and the work gets done! (See Learning to learn a wiki way) 04:55, 19 October 2006 (UTC)

Resources[edit source]

These are generally external links to software resources, further reading and other resources needed to conduct parts of the practicum.