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Three happy gods (enlightened masters)

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The I Ching is a cornerstone of Chinese philosophy. It describes the basis elements of the way to enlightenment (happiness, inner healing, holiness, in God living). When using the oracle, every statement, every question should be interpreted with wisdom. We should consider our situation closely, and then ask ourselves what the selected bit of wisdom drawn means in our situation. Basically, the I Ching oracle is a game which helps us toward positive principles of life and strategies of wisdom.

The I Ching oracle book consists of 448 single oracle statements. Here they appear numbered so that they can be found via a random generator. Simply enter numbers 1 through 448 and click on generate. You can also intuitively think of a number between 1 and 448 and read the corresponding statement in the oracle. You can write the oracle numbers on several small pieces of paper (or on flash cards), mix the cards, and then select a paper from the stack. You can also download a random generator ( by downloading Losfee V6.0 (1,0 MB), opening, and unpacking with WinRar).

The Dragon (Force)[edit]

1. The Creative Dragon = Design and create your own life. What are your goals? How can you reach them? The wise dragon says „yes“ to life. Be a victor! Go on with perseverence. Supreme success.

2. The Hidden Dragon = The wise dragon lives alone, and does not deal in the world. He concentrates on his own spiritual development.

3. The Blessed Dragon = Before the dragon acts, he obtains the blessing from the heavens (of the enlightened spiritual masters). Meditate on the mantra: “ Om all enlightened masters. Please help me on my way.” Deal consistently from your inner truth and wisdom, and receive the blessings of your higher self.

4. The Dilligent Dragon = The dragon stays true to his path of wisdom. He is constantly aware of each step he takes along this way. He concentrates on his positive goals and follows a good plan towards the realization of these goals. Those who work effectively harvests good karma for his or her efforts.

5. The Clever Dragon = The situation is difficult. Go about your way with wisdom and intuition. Stick to the path which is correct for you. What does your intellect tell you? What do your feelings tell you? When these elements coincide, then you will emerge victorious.

6. The Victorious Dragon = Connect with your higher self (God, your spiritual role model, your inner wisdom) every day and you will succeed. Good tools to connect with your higher self are the oracle, prayer, mantra, meditation and reading a spiritual text.

7. The Humble Dragon = The dragon deals humbly and modestly in the world and goes consistently his spiritual way. Pride is a kind of inner knot which hinders us toward enlightenment (unity consciousness.) Which thoughts help you to overcome your pride that you are a successful dragon? Think of the suffering in your life and in the world. “The suffering in my life is.... the suffering in the world is... (sickness, war, poverty, hunger, hopelessness).” Send light to all beings: „I send light to… may all beings be happy, may all the world be happy.” In this way you will retain inner humility and grow eternally in love, strength and happiness.

The Water (Field)[edit]

Yellow yang-dragon (fire) and blue yin-dragon (water)

8. The Water = The wise concentrate on their goals and find their way toward them flexibly, while overcoming all obstacles, flowing around them as water. The wise do what is possible and are victorious through perseverence. What are your goals? What is your way to victory? Forward. Great Success.

9. Difficulties = Ice on the ground indicates frost. The wise tread a difficult path. You win through perseverence and wisdom.

10. Change = Big transformation. Find your way flexibly. Things will turn for the better without enormous effort. Success.

11. The Hidden Master = Stay in the background. Speak little, and deal wisely. Don’t display your special abilities. Deal modestly and be a mother of all beings: “I send light to... May all people be happy. May the world be happy.” Success.

12. Excessive Restrain = You don’t dare toward much. You are restraining yourself too much which means you get no criticisms, but also no praise. You could be more courageous. A mother is willing to fight like a lioness for the happiness of her children. Go on with courage.

13. The Crown of the Master = You will be awarded the crown (the mantle) of the master. You are a champion of life. You're doing your job well. Keep it up. Great praise!

14. Yin and Yang = Go with both powers Yin (serenity) and Yang (strength). You are victorious when you apply your feminine energies (water) and your masculine energies (dragon) at the right time. The fine art of life can be expressed as living the ultimate balance of rest and activity. Who works relaxed (happy in himself) for a happy world grows ever deeper into the love and light.

The Begin (Sprouting)[edit]

15. The Beginning = There are initial difficulties, but you can overcome them with intelligence and perseverence. Don’t let difficulties intimidate you along your way. The goal will be worth the effort. What helps you along your way? "My helpers are ..." Proceed with perseverence. Success.

16. Uncertainty = It’s uncertain as to whether you will reach your goals. Plan your course of action wisely. What is the way to victory? What helpers do you have? Proceed with consistency along your way of truth and wisdom.

17. Stagnation = Success is waiting for you. Practice patience and perseverence. A rich harvest awaits you. Success.

18. Consideration = Consider your goals. Find back to the right way. What are your goals? What is the way to success? When your goals are clear, the right way to them will become clear.

19. The Camel = A camel can live a long time without water. The iron Yogi wanders through the desert. You will succeed through perseverence. Success is certain, but it will manifest after a long period of time.

20. The Turtle = A turtle has small feet, but he can walk a long distance. He is shielded and protected by his shell. Take small steps. What protects you along your way? God? Your own wisdom? A goal-oriented mentality? Clear planning? Success.

21. Lucky Pig = You’re sad because your way forward only sees slow progress. For this reason, the lucky pig appears to you today. The lucky pig symbolizes the way of joy. Integrate enough elements of joy in your spiritual way so that you can go your path joyfully. Take the middle road, have some self-discipline and a lot of joy. Success. What can you do to bring yourself joy?

The Way of Love (Enveloping)[edit]

22. The Mistress = The mistress (Quan Yin) works consistently toward the goal of a happy world. She is the mother of all beings. She focuses her life not on herself, but on the happiness of her fellow beings. At the same time, she is able to care for herself quite well. She lives healthfully and makes every day her spiritual practice. She grows constantly in her inner happiness and people come automatically to her to receive her love. Proceed with perseverence along the way of love (Karma Yoga, do good, aiding others). You will be a successful Bodhisattva.

23. Dullness = In a suffering world there is always something for a mother (or a father) of all beings to do. A Karma Yogi feels no boredom. Overcome your dullness. The children of the world cry out for help. Hunger, sickness, war, poverty, and hopelessness dominate our earth. What can you do for a happy world? “My good deed today is...” Go forward with strength and you will succeed.

24. Negative Characteristics = What are your negative characteristics? Fear, rage, despair, laziness or addiction (love, relationship, sex, food, consumption)? “My negative characteristics are...My positive thought is...” Those who work for a happy world overcome the negativity in themselves. Proceed forward with strength. Success.

25. Attachment = You are too attached to other people. Center yourself in yourself. Be an island for yourself. Find your happiness within yourself. Detach yourself suffciently from others and establish your own space. Live within God, in spirituality, and in detached being. Save yourself through spiritual practice (Yoga, meditation, reading, exercise, thought work). Bring yourself into the light with your spiritual practice (a spiritual daily plan). Success.

26. Danger = What are your goals? What is your spiritual way? Be wary of laxity. Neglecting your goals means losing inner happiness and satisfaction in your life. Proceed forward on the way of truth, wisdom, and justice. Success.

27. Pleasure Principle = Live spontaneously from yourself and joy will appear. What do you need now? What do you feel like doing? Live as you wish, and free yourself of energy blocks. Sense every moment what is right for you from your innermost feelings, then do it. Proceed on your way with spontaneous action. Proceed creatively and spontaneously on your spiritual path. Success.

28. Positive Goals = Positive deeds lead to positive feelings. Concentrate on your positive goals and negative thoughts will disappear automatically. “My positive goals are.. (to save the world, to save myself, enlightenment, to be a Buddha, in God living). My positive deed is ...” Go forward with strength. Success.

Trust in God (Attending)[edit]

29. Trust in God = Trust in your life and receive guidance from the enlightened masters (God, light, inner wisdom). Those who connect with God every day (Tao, heaven, inner wisdom) will be lead to light. Those who do this will grow in their personally correct way to enlightenment (holiness, inner healing). Supreme success through daily oracle, prayer or spiritual reading.

30. Detachment = Reserve your inner energy. Separate from the world and your fellow man. How much detachment do you need to grow with your spiritual energy? A lot of rest and sufficient spiritual practice are the quickest ways to the light. Give yourself what you need.

31. Inaction = Wu Wei is the Chinese term for enlightened existence (Sat-Chit-Ananda). Release all of your external goals (wishes) onto a deeper level. Deal from the perspective of inner peace and calm. You must deal on an external level so little that all of your life energy goes innwards and your tension will dissolve on their own. People might consider you lazy, but you will become a Goddess or God of light. Life sufficiently in calm and peace, hold to your spiritual practice and awaken your inner happiness.

32. Action = One can also go to far with inaction. God is with the hard-working. Solve your problems. Bring yourself into light with your spiritual practice. Proceed with strength. Success.

33. The Sacrifice = Without an external sacrifice there can be no inner happiness. What do you need to give up on an external level so that you can grow with happiness on the inner level? What is your sacrifice for a successful spiritual way? Let go of your ego, go with strength along the path of truth, do your spiritual practice and get into the land of light. Success.

34. Joy = Proceed along the middle path. Don’t demand too much or too little of yourself along your spiritual path. Live joyfully. Make your path, your course of action beautiful. What is your joyful deed today?

35. Conflict = Before one can dissolve inner blockages, one must go through obstacles. Feelings of reluctance appear. Stay on your way. Live as a spiritual winner. A great reward awaits you. Proceed with strength and perseverence along the way of wisdom and light.

Obstacles (Arguing)[edit]

36. Obstacles = There are obstacles along your way. The difficulties cannot be avoided. The wise dragon remains along his way. Stay true to your course. Proceed carefully. Pay attention to your inner voice of wisdom. What is the obstacle? What is your way of wisdom?

37. Serenity and Composure = Don’t go the way of violence. Don’t become attached to external problems. Rest within yourself and God (the light). Take the path of inner truth and everything will develop for the best. Success!

38. Retreat = Remove yourself wisely from difficulties. Retreat on an inner level, or on the outer level. Hide from your enemy, avoid him. Make yourself invisible. Then the problems will solve themselves.

39. Perseverence = Decisive action first leads to difficulties and later to victory. Proceed with clarity and positive action and frame of mind. Perseverence. Success.

40. Up and Down = Sometimes you feel good, and sometimes you feel bad. The way of victory goes through many small, temporary difficulties. Stand up each time you fall. Go forward and proceed along the way of truth. Advance with perseverence. Success.

41. Decisiveness = Go energetically through all conflict. With strength and perseverence you can prevail.

42. Joy and Suffering = Life is a constant change between joy and suffering. The wise stay about this. They flow positively with life and rest in a constant state of inner joy. Success.

The Army (Leading)[edit]

43. The Army = Proceed with strength. Be a good leader. Activate all of your powers and abilities. Be clever, courageous, and persevere and you will be victorious. What is your way to victory?

44. Self-discipline = Discipline is fundamental to every army. The army marches into battle in an orderly fashion when they want to be victorious. Concentrate on your goals. What are your goals? Follow a good plan. Make a general spiritual plan for your life, and/or a daily schedule to follow. Figure out a plan which works for you and stick to it. Proceed with self-discipline. That is your way to success.

45. Great Praise = The King sees the situation clearly. He does not seek to hide the problems. Those who can look a difficult situation in the eye, can find the best way to come out of the situation.

46. Skillfullness= The situation is difficult. Proceed skillfully. What is the problem? What is the solution?

47. A Needed Rest = The army withdraws and takes a break from fighting.

48. Dangerous Situation = You could meet enemies anywhere and everywhere. Be careful of what you do. Avoid mistakes, concentrate on your successful outcome. Proceed carefully and succeed.

49. The General = The king assigns the most difficult of tasks to his best people. You are a master at life. Great praise. Forward. Success.

The Friends (Grouping)[edit]

50. The Friends = You have friends who help you along your way. Master and student stick together. Always deal from the voice of your inner truth. Success.

51. Trust = You will get help. Proceed trustfully. Unexpected luck.

52. Perseverence = Perseverence along the way of your spiritual practice (meditation and thought work) and unconditional love (doing good, Karma Yoga) lead to great success and happiness.

53. Great Danger = Too much contact with worldly people brings unhappiness. Too much television will make you confused and unfocused. Strengthen and support yourself every day with the oracle. Cleanse your mind regularly with spiritual exercises such as reading, meditation, motion, oracle and conscious attitude adjustment. Sense any negative thoughts in your mind and instead turn your attention to helpful and positive thoughts.

54. Doing Good = Go the way of all-embracing love. Move one hand and send light to the world: " I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy." Work for of a better world. Be a friend and helper to your fellow humans. What is your good deed today? Success.

55. Cooperation = Master and student work well together. When friends form a team, they succeed. Great success through good cooperation. What is your way of team work today?

56. The Bodhisattva = Take on responsibility in your world. Your fellow man need your help. Be a spiritual master (mistress), a father (or a mother) of all beings. What is your way of love (do good)? Forward with wisdom and perseverance. Success.

The Little Master (Small Accumulating)[edit]

57. The Little Master = Difficulties. The little master succeeds with skillfullness and perseverence. Proceed with small steps and succeed.

58. The Beginning = The little master defines his goals, makes a good plan and begins to carry it out. Clarity and self-discipline at the beginning of a project lead to successful completion. Success.

59. Fluctuation = You waver on your way. Proceed with small steps. The difficulties will solve themselves automatically. Success.

60. Disorder = Your mind is scattered. Axis (wisdom) and carriage (action) have separated. Center yourself in your spiritual goals. Stay consistent along the way of wisdom. Who is a spiritual inspiration to you (Buddha, Jesus, Socrates, Shiva, Laozi, the Goddess of Love, in God living)? Do some spiritual exercises (walking, reading, meditation, yoga), and you are well.

61. Trust = If you are honest and consistent along the way of truth every doubt will disappear. Doubt is either for a reason or a tension within the mind. The former is resolved by considering carefully and clearly, and the latter is resolved through spiritual practice. Proceed with trust.

62. Mutual Happiness = All friends are honest to one another. They trust one another and grow together in the light. Success.

63. Success = You were successful. The little master has prevailed. Take a break now. Rest. Proceed when the next time for action appears.

The Great Master (Treading)[edit]

64. The clever Master = Although he steps on the tail of the tiger, he is not bitten. He dares the impossible and is successful. He risks much and everything works.

65. Simplicity = The great master prefers a simple lifestyle. He appears unassuming, and modest. For this reason, the tiger isn’t interested in him and he doesn’t land in danger.

66. Distance = The wise master lives in a sufficient distance from the tigers. He retains his energy this way, and avoids being eaten.

67. Generosity = The master of love kicks the tiger's tail and gets bitten. He takes pain, in order to help his fellow man. He sacrifices his ego and comes into the light.

68. Be Observant = The careful master pays close attention to his words, thoughts, and deeds. He considers the situation carefully and in this way recognizes the way to success. He steps on the tiger’s tail and does not get eaten because he does everything in the right way at the right moment. He is victorious even in the most difficult situations.

69. Decisiveness = The corageous master proceeds along his way in the jungle full of dangerous tigers. He has clear goals and a good plan. He listens to his voice of inner truth. He succeeds because he proceeds with wisdom and perseverence.

70. Optimism = The tigers are threatening the wise, but the wise connects with higher powers through prayer, mantra, and oracle and listen to his inner voice. He looks every difficult situation in the eye and always finds a way through. "Om all enlightened masters (God, inner wisdom). Please help me on my way." Forwards with optimism. Success.

Inner Peace (Pervading)[edit]

71. Inner Peace = Many people break down in great difficulty, great people grow as a result of it. You deserve high praise as you know how to preserve your inner peace in difficult situations.

72. Problem Solving = You pull weeds from the root out of the soil. You solve the cause of your problems. “My problem is... my solution is…“ Success is yours.

73. Clever Dealing = You deal wisely and in a balanced manner. You also take your friends with you over the large river. Despite the difficulties which appear you will reach the Land of Light. Concentrate on your goals. Take the middle road (a balance of enjoyment and self-discipline) to advance.

74. Great perseverence = There can be no spiritual way without sacrificing the ego. Englightenment is hard work. Stick to your path, continue with perseverence. Succeed!

75. Trust = You will reach your spiritual goals, even if you cannot see any great benefit at the moment. Go about your way with wisdom. Succeed!

76. Lots of Joy = You succeed along the way of joy. Celebrate the day. Make your life wonderful today by enjoying every moment. You can brighten your own day to make it through difficult situations.

77. Serenity and Composure = The city wall breaks and falls into the sea. You are restless within. Ego dissolution. Do not panic. Send the army not to fight. Don´t start a war with yourself. Go calm through all the difficulties through. Stay on your path. The sitution will resolve itself.

Deadlock (Obstruction)[edit]

78. Blockage = The energy flow is blocked. Growth has stopped. But this does not worry the wise. He goes consistently ahead on his path. No evil lasts forever. The sun will surely shine again.

79. Put Your Life in Order = The wise uses times of inaction to put his live in order. He brings everything in the right order so that he is able to win in the future.

80. Overcome all obstacles = The wise has many difficulties. Obstacles appear along the way. The wise do not let this stop him, and he proceeds with perseverence and cleverness and emerge victorious over his problems.

81. Accept Yourself as You Are = The wise has become sad due to his incompletion and imperfection. What are your negative characteristics? What positive sentence helps you? “My positive sentence is...”

82. A Good Destiny = The little master proceeds courageously along the way of wisdom and works toward a happy world. Hold to your course and you will succeed. All of your friends will share in your victory.

83. Optimism = The standstill is coming to an end. The luck comes again. The situation is still difficult though, stay true to your way.

84. Celebrate = The obstacle (blockage) will be overcome. Success and great joy!

The Mistress of Love (Concording People)[edit]

The Mistress of Love (Quan Yin).

85. The Mistress of Love = The mistress of love leads her friends into the land of light (paradise). All-encompassing love is the way to enlightenment (holiness, inner healing). Go on with wisdom and perseverence. Great success awaits along the way of love (do good, working for a happy world).

86. Fulfill your Mission = The people of the world need your help. What is your particular task in the world? What can you do? What can you give? Live in the energy of embracing love and the light will be with you. Forward. Success!

87. Universal Love = Don’t limit your love to a select few. Only those who wish for the happiness of ALL beings can awaken the enlightenment energy in themselves. Send light and love from your heart chakra and say “I send light to...(name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.”

88. Take Care of Yourself = The mistress of love retreats for a time. She develops her own inner happiness. Those who are not fully enlightened can run out of energy while helping others. For this reason, they must live from a point of calm. They have to relax enough. They should not give more energy than they have.

89. Prepare Yourself Well = The king climbs onto a wall to gain a vantage point to consider his enemies. It is not yet time to act. Plan your activities well and you will succeed. What are your goals? What is your (internal or external) enemy? How can you overcome your problems? Success.

90. The Way of Empathy = The Mistress of love sees the suffering in the world, and feels it too. Her empathy gives her the motivation and energy to be successful along her way of love. What is your act of compassion today? Good karma!

91. The Common Good = Work for the common good. Fulfill your task in the big family of mankind. If you live in the correct balance of rest and activity, you will always have enough energy to do your job. If you give yourself enough joy in your life, you gain perseverance in your way of helping. Success.

The Winner (Great Possessing)[edit]

92. Self-Confidence = You are good. You have great abilities. Proceed confidently your way. What is your potential that you can use to win? Believe in yourself and you will win. Forward with courage. Success!

93. The Clever Winner = The clever winner looks each problem in the eye and recognizes his way of success. He avoids unneccessary problems and complications and does not overwhelm her or himself. The clever winner takes good care of him or herself. Proceed wisely and you will win. Success!

94. The Prepared Winner = The wise take supplies with them on their journey. You prepare in advance and get through the dry spells. What are your goals? What do you need to reach your goals? Success is at hand.

95. The Victorious Bodhisattva = A master of love uses his abilities to work toward a better world. You work hard for the happiness of your fellow man. The light is with you. Success.

96. The Modest Winner = After the victory. Do not create tension by pride (ego-importance). Not jeopardize your victory by showing off. Those who put their victory on display call the envy on the plan. Stay modest, low-key, and down-to-earth. Continue modestly and everything will develop for the best.

97. The Truthful Master = The master of love lives in truth and people trust him. So he can do much good. Proceed with self-discipline and optimism. Success.

98. Great Success = Your way is blessed. God is with you. The enlightened masters of the I Ching will lead you. Those under particular protection by God emerge victorious in life, they grow into the light. Supreme success.

Modesty (Humbling)[edit]

99. Moderation = Undemandingness in external things leads to great success on the path of inner happiness. Those who only need a few things on an outward level can concentrate on the inner development. Inner prosperity occurs when one becomes independent of material things, lives without attachment, and in love to others. What do you need to let go of so that you can reach your spiritual goals? Live outwardly simple and inwardly happy. Success!

100. The Modest Karma-Yogi = Keep up small and unobtrusive. Then you can do great things. Great success on the path of love (do good).

101. Be Unassuming = Modest behavior brings happiness. Keep up small and unobtrusive. Live as a servant to all and friend to all. Success!

102. Good Work = Good work and modest behavior lead to success. Those who work well, and are modest are loved by their fellow man.

103. The Modest Yogi = Stay down-to-earth, modest, and low-key. Live as a spiritual helper to all beings and you will grow in happiness and light. Success!

104. The Secret Master = The secret master behaves unobtrusive and modest. Everyone thinks he is a nobody. However, at the right moment he is capable of great deeds. Great success!

105. The Successful Master = The fellow man of the master think he is small and insignificant. From this position, he attacks and defeats his opponents. No one expects the great power of the little yogi. He is underestimated. He lives as a dwarf and acts sometimes as a giant. Forward with force. Live as a spiritual master (father / mother of all beings) in your world.

Optimism (Providing-For)[edit]

106. Strengthen Your Inner Happiness = You are not feeling particularly well at the moment. Build up your inner peace, tranquility, and happiness. Do something good for yourself. Practice yoga or sports (walking, cycling, jogging) for at least 30 minutes a day. Meditate 20 to 30 minutes. Read a spiritual book. Forward with strength and self discipline. Success!

107. The Rooster = The Rooster crows loudly. He is searching for praise and admiration from his fellow man. The wise develops his inner happiness. He focuses on the essentials of life. The most important thing in life is to make sufficient spiritual exercises (meditation, mental work), to work for the happiness of all beings, and to live in God (inner harmony, fulfillment, satisfaction). Release your inner tensions systematically and you will come into the light (a life in God).

108. Solid Rock= The wise stand with stability, like a rock in life. Proceed with perseverence on your journey and everything will be alright after a time.

109. The Yoga Tiger = Become active. What energizes you? What are your goals? What is your way to victory? Proceed with strength. Success!

110. Save the World = Work towards a happy world and you will awaken the happiness in yourself. You can benefit others even over the internet with spiritual knowledge as well as positive words. You can send the suffering emails full of uplifting words and beautiful photos. There is always someone suffering, and you can always do something about that. What is your good deed for the day? Proceed and find success!

111. The Steadfast Yogi = The situation is difficult, but you remain steadfast. Continue on your spiritual journey with energy and strength and you are sure to succeed!!!

112. The Wise and the Foolish = Happiness along the spiritual journey, unhappiness on the material way. Foolish people expect happiness to come from material pleasures. The wise work on themselves, and for the happiness of all beings. In the long run, the wise have a rich harvest while the unwise harvest only discontent. Use the time of your life. Forward. Success.

Equanimity (Following)[edit]

113. Equanimity = Unpleasant things have happened. You can’t change them. Think of the attitude and perception of the wise, such as Buddha and Confucius. The wise deal with what they have to deal with in a state of complete serenity. The wise orient themselves around the will of the cosmos. They live in constant positive detachment, in a state of calm with an awareness of the oneness of all. They consciously work from the perspective of the positive. Go forward with perseverance on the path of inner happiness and all-embracing love (doing good). Success.

114. Transformation = Big changes have occurred or are on the horizon. You have learnt how to keep your inner balance even in difficult situations. You sacrifice your ego. You have become a serene being full of positive energy, who dances comortably with the eternal change between joy and suffering. You laugh about yourself and life in general. You live detached with acceptance for the will of life. Proceed with perseverence and you will succeed.

115. The Wavering = Work consistently on your self-destructive thoughts. "My negative thought is ... My positive thought is ..." Proceed with perseverence and self-discipline and you will succeed.

116. The Consistent = Through all of the highs and lows of life the wise continue along their path full of serenity, on the path of truth and love for all beings. What is your deed of wisdom and love for today? Perseverence along the way will bring you to success.

117. The Sacrifice = Sacrifice your negative thoughts on the altar of wisdom. Outward unhappiness is not worth losing your innward happiness. Which thoughts help you to keep your inner balance ? "My grief is ... My positive thought is ..." Keep going on with your positive thoughts.

118. The Faithful = Faithfulness is rewarded on the spiritual path. Stay true to your spiritual goals. Go with serenity through suffering. "My goals are .. My way of wisdom is ..." Success.

119. The Master of Ego Dissolution = The king puts aside his own suffering to help his people. Success on the path of love (do good). What is your good deed today?

Disorder (Correcting)[edit]

120. The Disorder = The world is in disorder. Spirituality is declining. Positive ideals such as love, peace, wisdom, sanctity and help for one another have disappeared from view. Destroyed families and suffering people are everywhere. Egoism, exploitation, crime, sickness and global catastrophes dominate the world. Bring yourself and your world into order. Success.

121. Responsiblity = Take responsiblity for yourself, your life, and your world. Be a mother and father of all beings. Bring order to the chaos. Go with wisdom and perseverence and advance along the spiritual way. What is your deed of love today? Success.

122. Looseness = Bring order to the disorder - but don’t overdo it. A little chaos belongs to life. Overdoing perfectionism takes very much energy. Stay laid-back, and arrange your way to order in a way that brings you joy. This will lead to success.

123. No Blame = You bring order to your life. There are some difficulties, but you will prevail. Continue with wisdom and perseverence.

124. Laziness = You tolerate the disorder in yourself, your life or in the world. That is wrong. Overwhelm your idleness and take responsiblity for yourself and your fellow humans. Free yourself from the world of suffering. Continue with strength and succeed.

125. Praise = You have done well. You are good. You bring order to the disorder. You overwhelm the difficulties. You will be victorious. Continue on your way.

126. Heaven = You serve the heaven. You don’t work for a worldly goal, rather for the happiness of all beings (heaven on earth and beyond). You live in truth, love, and God. You go with the flow of life in a positive way and everything arranges itself as it should be. Good karma. The light is with you. Success!

Happiness (Nearing)[edit]

127. Luck = You are currently in a good situation. With little effort, you can win a lot. A great harvest awaits you. Sieze the day. Proceed with perseverence. Success!

128. Success = Perseverence on the path of love (doing good) leads to great success! You will prevail in your efforts.

129. Approximation = Desirable things come to you. You will get closer to your goal. Forward with perseverance and optimism.

130. Consistency = Stick to the path of wisdom with perseverence. Success reached through consistency.

131. Great Praise = There are some difficulties on your way. You solve all problems with wisdom and prudence. You overcome clever all obstacles. You will achieve your goals. Success.

132. The Middle Road = You succeed by taking the middle road with some self-discipline and a lot of enjoyment. What is your deed of joy today?

133. Giving Generously = Generous giving brings happiness. You give your spiritual knowledge to the world. You provide a personal sacrifice in order to promote the happiness of your fellow man. The cosmos will cover you with flowers. Your way is blessed. Forward on the path of love (do good). Supreme success.

Contemplation (Viewing)[edit]

Buddha of Love (Amitabha)

134. Take Stock of Yourself = Think about yourself and your life. What is the point of your life? What are your goals? What is your way toward those goals? Observe your mind. What thoughts and feelings pass through you? What problems do you have? How can you get enlightenment (inner healing, in God living)? Analyze yourself and develop your way toward your goals. "My consequence of ​​self-reflection is ..."

135. The Fool = Don’t be a fool. Be a person with understanding. Concentrate on the essentials. What is the essential of life? Live wisely. Plan your life well. How do you need to live in order to have a fulfilled existence in the long term? “My way of a positive life is...”

136. The Door Cracked Open = It is not enough to see the light through a crack in the door. Open the door. Live in light. What can you do to come into light (inner healing, enlightenment, in God living)? What is your plan for a happy future? Proceed with wisdom and perseverance and you will succeed!

137. Action or Inaction = Consider your situation carefully. Then you will see whether you should act (move forward) or wait (relax). The wise follows the principle of correctness. Meditate in the right moment and act in the right moment, then everything will develop as it should.

138. The World = The wise thinks about the state of the world. He considers the world exactly and looks of his opportunities to help others. Then the wise knows what to do. Can you do in this moment something good for the world? Or do you have to develop yourself spiritually (inner healing, inner happiness)? Or should you go balance the way of love and the way of spiritual exercises?

139. Self-Realization = The wise man thinks about his live. He develops a plan for his spiritual self-realization (inner happiness). What are your goals? How can you reach these goals? Those who sow the right seeds today, will reap a good harvest tomorrow. Proceed with power and perseverance and you will succeed!

140. The Buddha of Love = The wise man sees the suffering in the world and decides to life as a Karma Yogi (helper). He sacrifices his own pleasure for the happiness of others. This path leads to enlightenment and he becomes a Buddha of Love (Amitabha, Quan Yin). What suffering is there in the world (hunger, sickness, war, foolishness, hopelessness)? What is your way to help? Proceed with perseverance. The light is with you.

Struggling Through (Providing-For)[edit]

141. Struggling through = Lightning, followed by thunder. What are your goals? What is your way to victory. Be a lion and fight. Energetically making your way through leads to success.

142. Wait = The lion is chained at the feet. Tame your impatience and wait. Things will develop positively of their own accord. Success!

143. Fighting = The lion bites. The situation is difficult. However, if you fight, you will succeed. Overcome your problems and proceed forward. Success.

144. Optimism = The lion eats poisoned meat, but he is strong and survives. There are difficulties along your way but they cannot stop you. Proceed with optimism.

145. The Tip of the Arrow = The lion eats dry meat with arrow tips in it. You got some injuries. The way is tough, but stick to your goals and stay true to your course. Perseverence leads to success.

146. Gold Coin = The lion eats dried meat and finds a gold coin. The way is tought, but something positive will take place. What is positive about today? Proceed joyfully and succeed.

147. The Trap = The lion is stuck in a trap. He needs all of his strength and wisdom to get himself out. Connect with the enlightened masters (God, your inner wisdom): "Om all the enlightened masters. Please guide and help me on my way." Follow your inner voice of wisdom. What is your problem? What is the solution? Success!

Positive Thinking (Following)[edit]

148. Positive Thinking = Think positive, live positive, be positive. Then you will have success in your life. Positive thinking rests on the five basics of love, truth, peace, self-discipline and joy. Practicing positive thinking properly leads to physical health and happiness. It releases inner conflict such as fear, addiction and bad attitudes and can lead to enlightenment. It causes motivation, strength and optimsm. “My positive thought is....”

149. Error Consciousness = Get off your high horse and go by foot. Practice modesty and don’t try to push away your errors. The wise are aware of their flaws and work on them consciously. Only when you see your problems, can you truly solve them. Only those who can see the difficulties along the spiritual way can deal with them positively. What flaws do you have? “My flaws are... My way of wisdom is...”

150. The Winner’s Wreath = Reach your goals. Think positively and go powerfully along the way of truth and wisdom. Be a winner along the way of love and inner happiness. What are your goals? What is the way to victory? Proceed with strenght. Success!

151. Be Steadfast = Stay steadfast until the end. Continue along your way until you have reached your goals. Don’t give up until you have truly reached the end. Go to victory. Proceed with strength and perseverence. You will win.

152. Concentrate on the Basics = Concentrate on the basics, in this way you avoid wasting your energy on the unnecessary and can realize what is important. What are the essentials in your life? How do you need to arrange your life so that you can realize these essentials. Every person must choose between God (inner happiness) and the world (material happiness). One can only live one or the other. One can make compromises and enjoy material life, but must have an anchor in what is important, to keep the innward happiness. "My way of living the essence is ..."

153. Ascension to your Goal = The way to the land of light leads through big mountains. It has been a difficult climb, but afterwards you can enjoy the sun on the mountain summit. After a difficult period of inner cleansing, happiness will appear in you. Proceed with strength and you will succeed.

154. You are on your Way = Those who live consistently in their way of truth, live in truth. They are already at their goal. Everything else will fall into place on its own. You live as a winner. Through the grace of God, at some point happiness will be achieved. Your life is blessed. Everything is good as it is. Be satisfied with yourself and your life. "My thought of satisfaction is ..."

Shedding Skin (Corrupting)[edit]

155. Shedding Skin = Shedding skin, means to let go of a layer of tension (Samkaras and Vasanas). It is a painful solution process with fears and doubts. Stick to your course with perseverence. At the moment, chaos reigns. Free yourself from all lack of clarity. Everything will be better soon. Success.

156. The Feet = Strengthen the feet of your bed. Strengthen your spiritual steadfastness. Do your spiritual practice. Read a spiritual book. Proceed with small steps. Succeed!

157. Frame = Strengthen the frame of your bed. Anchor yourself in the principles of truth, love, peace, happiness and self-discipline. What are your goals? What is the path on which you reach your goals? "My spiritual path is ..."

158. Transformation = Big changes are at hand. You are shedding your skin completely. You free yourself of illusions and you live as a new human being. What has changed in your life? Proceed forwards. Transformation. Success.

159. The Bed = You destroy the whole bed. You let go of your ego (your false orientation) completely: "I take things as they are. I let go of my false desires." What do you want to take on or let go of? Forward on the path of wisdom. Success.

160. The Big Fish = The big fish is on the hook. The big fish is a symbol for happiness in China. You are consistent along the way of wisdom, truth, and love. You have your spiritual goals firmly in mind. Proceed, and everything will turn out fine. Pull the big fish to land. Success!

161. The Golden Peach = Those who go consistently along a path of spiritual development will reap a rich harvest. They will harvest inner happiness, inner peace, all-encompassing love, and a life full of light. The Chinese God of happiness holds a golden peach in his left hand (Fruit of paradise). In his other hand he holds a magic wand, which we can interpret as representing Kundalini energy. The golden peach refers to a fruitful life within God, within happiness, and completion. The magic wand (our spiritual practice) gives strength along our way. Persevere along your way. A large harvest awaits you. Good karma and success.

Turning Point (Returning)[edit]

162. New Attitude = After a crisis. Overcome your spiritual depths. After the winter comes the spring, and then the summer. Concentrate on your goals and make your way. At the moment, you have clear, positive goals to follow, which is to your advantage. “My goals are...” Be aware of your exact goals and proceed with optimism. Success.

163. Reflection and Contemplation = Reflection brings happiness. Contemplate your goals and your way of wisdom. Those who live healthily, can avoid much suffering in their lives. Who exerts sufficient time spiritually, attains a happy old age. Who concentrates in time to the paradise as a target and makes the necessary exercises (connect with God every day), will go to Paradise (a dimension of light in the afterworld) after his death.

164. Positive Thinking = Overcome your negative thoughts and think positive. “My positive thoughts are...” Proceed with optimism. Everything will turn out for the best.

165. The Bounceback = You pick yourself right up after you fall. Whenever you encounter difficulties, you stay on your feet or pick yourself back up again immediately. You deserve great praise. Proceed with strength. Success.

166. The Winner = You are a winner. You do not let difficulties deter you along your way, you concentrate on your positive goals. You consistently follow your goals. Affirm to yourself your goals and your way of reaching them. "My goals are ... My way to reach them is ..." Keep up the good work! Success.

167. Intense Contemplation = You think about your life in detail and depth. What would you like to achieve in your life? What are your goals? What is your way towards a successful existence? Weigh the various alternatives. Whoever does good, reaps a good karma. Who lives in the spiritual focus gets the greatest profit in life.

168. Confusion = Don’t follow false goals. "It is wise to ... It is unwise to ..." Proceed along the path of wisdom to avoid unnecessary difficulties. Success.

Spontaneity (Without Embroiling)[edit]

169. Spontaneity = Act spontaneously from the voice of your inner wisdom. This is the way God (the enlightenend masters) can lead you. What can you do for the world and for other people? What do you need right now? What do you feel like doing? Spontaneity creates inner happines. Success.

170. Five Sources of Joy = Live your life today with the pleasure principle (from the perspective of happiness). Practice the five pleasures to eat something good, to get plenty of rest, to hear good music, to have some contact to other people (internet, meeting friends, communication), to do something creative such as painting, writing and making music. What helps you to get a positiv feeling of life?

171. Let Go of All Big Goals = Do not create tension with big goals. Anchoring yourself primarily in existence (in God, in the inner happiness) and then act spontaneously out of the being (inner silence). Develop your goals out of the being (inner silence). Live like a Buddha. He rests in himself and acts spontaneously for the benefit of all beings. You can have big goals, but your actions must be done from your enlightened (happy) being. Go relaxed through your day.

172. Composure = Even with a wise way of life there is sometimes suffering. Suffering is a fact of life on earth. Don’t hang onto this suffering and become attached to it. Take the things as they are. Flow positively with life. Bring much joy to your day. Then the pain do not touch you. "My deed of joy is ..."

173. Self-discipline = Even with a spontaneous life as a free Yogi you have to go consistently your spiritual path. The pleasure principle does not mean that you are free to do your spiritual practice or not. It refers only to how you make it. Stay fixed on your personal path of wisdom. Do the five principles of health (healthy diet, no harmful substances, regular exercises, adequate relaxation, positive thinking). What is your deed of a wise life?

174. An Abundance of Joy = Unexpected energetic weaknesses and problems. You can’t do anything about it. Make your day better, put more joy into your life.Time heals. Proceed slowly. Succeed.

175. Live Your Life = Live like an enlightened being who has already achieved everything. Those who realize complete happiness within themselves don’t need the material anymore. God alone is enough. (Teresa von Avila). Saunter through your life. Make others happy. What is your spontaneous deed of love today (doing good)? Proceed with creativity. The spontaneous Karma Yogi. Success.

Great Power to Shape the World (Great Accumulating)[edit]

Dragon Longshan Temple

176. The Power to Shape Destiny = The great breadwinner (father, mother, master) successfully strengthens the spirituality in the world. You can help your fellow man well. Forward with perseverance. Great success on the path of love (Karma Yoga).

177. After the Success = Allow yourself to recover after your great effort. Come to rest. Do some spiritual practices. Go your way relaxed. Enjoy your life.

178. The Broken Wagon = You are like a wagon without any axles. Anchor yourself in God (your inner wisdom), in your spiritual practices and in inner peace. Build up your spiritual energy once more. Consider which exercises help you along this way. (Yoga, movement, meditation, visualization, mantras, prayer).

179. The Strong Horse = The strong horse wins. Powerful steps forward bring happiness. Consider problems directly and figure out how to deal with them. What are your goals? What is your way of wisdom? Proceed forward with strength. Success.

180. The Tame Oxe = The oxe gets a nose ring. Gather your energy and direct it exactly where it should go. Don’t make enemies through reckless, thoughtless words. It is better to make friends with friendly words. What do you want to achieve? How can you act wisely? How can you guide others along their way? Proceed gently. Success.

181. The Lazy Pig = The wild boar has stopped using his teeth. Instead, he is sitting pleasantly on the ground. You have acted enough. You don’t need to do anything more. You can wait for relaxing on the occurrence of positive results. Just enjoy your life.

182. The Road of Heaven = The Road of Heaven is to live in God, in inner peace and in the love to all beings. You act in accordance to your inner truth. Everything is good. Your path is blessed. Proceed with perseverance along the way of truth and love. Supreme success.

Proper Nourishment (Swallowing)[edit]

183. Proceed with Sensitivity = Go with wisdom and inner inuition. Take the middle path, don’t act with too much force, but apply the right amount of strength when needed. Intuitively feel out the situation, with each passing moment, where the road leads. If you consciously do the right thing with every moment, you will arrive at your goal. Persevere and succeed.

184. The Turtle = God (spirituality) is your turtle's shell (skin protection) and the feet of the turtle are your way of victory. Anchor yourself in God (in your own inner happiness, in your spiritual practice, in inner peace, in simply being) and proceed with the small steps of the turtle. Success.

185. The Tiger = Continue with self-discipline along the way of wisdom and truth. Fight until the final battle has been won. Be a Yoga tiger. Succeed with strength, perseverence and self-discipline.

186. The Clever Raven = The clever raven only partakes of what is healthy for him, body, mind, and spirit. He avoids material energies where possible, and prefers spiritual contact. The clever raven nourishes himself with his spiritual practice and grows with the energy of God in a life of light and love. He nourishes himself healthily, avoids toxins like smoking, alcohol, and drugs and for this reason he is healthy and fit.

187. The Wise Loner = Live sufficiently separated from worldly energies, from worldly humans. Give yourself enough time to rest and to spiritually practice through Yoga, reading, exercising, and meditation. Rebuild your energy with a lot of rest and spiritual exercise.

188. The Chaos = During a chaotic time, it’s best to stay home. Don’t start anything new. Stay home and proceed with your usual routine. In this way, you will succeed.

189. The Great Nourisher = The wise loner (yogi, monk, hermit, single) lives in the rest and spiritually nourishes his fellow man. He lives in a peaceful existence, and gives love, light, and wisdom to the world. He thereby grows into the light. What is your way of love (doing good)? Observe your situation carefully and figure out how you can best help your fellow humans. Proceed sensitively, you will succeed.

The Middle Road (Great Exceeding)[edit]

190. The Middle Road = A beautiful piece of music can only be played when the strings of the violin are neither strung too tightly or too loosely. The art of spiritual practice means finding the exact amount of tension, drawn toward the realization of goals. If we are too strict, then we become overly tense and block inner happiness (enlightenment). When we are too laid-back, then we can’t rid ourselves of unnecessary tension and cannot proceed along our spiritual way. So, the best way is to take a middle road with enough self-discipline, balanced with enjoyment. The Tibetan Yogi Padmasambhava taught “practice so that you feel good.” Succeed along the middle road!

191. Joy = Make your spiritual way beautiful, make your life filled with joy. Put as many elements of joy into your life so that you can go about your way positively. How can you arrange your existence and your spiritual path to be positive? What is your deed of joy today?

192. Enthusiasm = What excites you? What makes you feel enthusiastic for life? Create a positive vision for your life. The old tree in the field starts to bloom once more, from a sad Yogi there is a happy Bluddha. His world transforms into a paradise. He sees the light in the world once more. Make yourself aware of the positive in your life. What is good in your life? What makes you happy?

193. Pleasure Principle = You try too hard. You want to force things too much. Entrust God (the life) with the results of your actions. Proceed in a more laid-back way. Have more fun. Live your life from the perspective of inner happiness. Live with the pleasure principle. What do you feel like doing right now? What do you need right now?

194. The Right Balance = You live in the proper balance of rest and activity. You have a good sense of what your body and spirit need. You live with the right amount of strength, of rest, and of joy along your way. Continue in this way. Great praise!

195. Much Material Enjoyment = The old lady marries a young man. Every day there’s a party. The I Ching says there isn’t praise nor criticism for that. You can do it, or leave it. Yogi Nils thinks that worldly enjoyment is sometimes also helpful along the spiritual way. Deep energy blockages can be released. What is your deed of happiness today?

196. The Crisis = While crossing the river, for a short time the water goes over the Yogi’s head and things get too difficult for him. But he consistently goes his way and is finally on dry land once more. Keep to the middle road. Proceed with self-discipline and some joy. Success.

The Abysmal (Gorge)[edit]

197. Danger = The wise finds him/herself in danger. Wolves are threatening. The situation is difficult. The difficulties will be overcome. When you use the correct strategy, you will not go under. Take a close look at the situation. What is the best way to solve the problem? Proceed with wisdom and confidence. You will succeed!

198. Cleverness = Who wants to cross the great river (leave the world of darkness and come to the land of light) must first become aquainted with the river. One must know where the greatest dangers lie and where the best opportunities are to be found. Think things through thoroughly, get informed, decide wisely and go with perseverance. Success!

199. Tidal waves and Rapids = There are difficult waters to travel all around you. Be careful. Proceed with little steps. Recognize the danger and get around it cleverly. Proceed flexibly. Success!

200. Storm = The storm is raging outside. Stay inside and wait until the situation has calmed. The storm will pass on its own.

201. Cake and Wine = You overcome your problems along the way of joy and enjoyment. Concentrate on what is positive in your life. Make your day wonderful. Eat sweets, drink tea, read a good book. Succeed with cake and wine. "My deed of joy is ..."

202. Stay Calm = The river is rising, and is threatening to flood, but it won’t rise above the banks. The difficulties will be over soon. Proceed with optimism.

203. Lasting Danger = The wise is in prison and is bound by many ropes. Many things bind you to the worldly life. Slowly free yourself from all of your worldly bindings. Work slowly from the land of darkness (Samsara) to come to the land of light (paradise, nirvana, living in God). Dissolve your fears and addictions systematically. Develop your inner happiness constantly. Practice your spiritual exercises daily (Yoga, going, doing good, meditation). Proceed with wisdom and perseverance. Success!

The Fire (Radiance)[edit]

204. Good Harvest = It is a good time to sow seeds at the moment. What is sown, will one day bear fruit. Use this optimal time. Great success will come to those along the path of all-encompassing love (doing good) and spiritual practice. Proceed with perseverance.

205. Integrity = Many difficulties, but everything is okay. You live in accordance with your positive life principles. You observe your thoughts and feelings. You work on yourself constantly. You correct your mistakes. You go seriously along your spiritual way. Great praise.

206. The Rising Sun = The sun is shining on you. Happiness is coming to you. A good harvest along the way of spiritual practice and love (doing good). Proceed along the middle road. Enjoy your day, may it be full of joy, happiness and fun.

207. The Sinking Sun = Think of the sun going down in the evening. Use the time you have in your life so that you wake up in the land of light. Go in time in your life the 'path of inner happiness. Start looking inward and find inner happines, don’t waste your energy in life on external things (career, relationships). Living essentially. Success.

208. Carelessness = Don’t be reckless. Don’t give away the paradise (God, enlightenment, living in the light) for short-term, meaningless, material enjoyment. What is your daily practice of health (healthy diet, exercise, meditation) and positive thinking (self-reflection)? Think about the foods you eat. What type of sports are right for you? Consider what forms of meditation are correct for you. Think positively, monitor your own thoughts, and adjust your own attitude as need be. Proceed with perseverance. Success!

209. A Phase of Cleansing = You are going through a difficult phase of internal cleansing. What makes you sad? It is OK to whine and complain. Live your grief. Go ahead with stamina on your spiritual path. After the rain, the sun shines again. Optimism.

210. Good Karma = The King kills the leader of the rebellion. You solve the problems at their root cause. You overwhelm your ego (your worldly wishes and attachments) and land in the light. Proceed with perseverance along the way of wisdom and love. Good karma awaits you. Success.

Motivation (Conjoining)[edit]

The Eight Immortals crossing the sea. Clockwise in the boat starting from the stern: He Xiangu, Han Xiang Zi, Lan Caihe, Li Tieguai, Lü Dongbin, Zhongli Quan, Cao Guojiu and outside the boat is Zhang Guo Lao.

211. Enthusiasm = Strengthen your motivation. Which thoughts have the power to bring you out of your momentary laziness and dullness? Most spiritual people get motivated by reading the teachings of an important teacher or prophet. Some of these include Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Shiva, Krishna, Laotse, Quan Yin. Think of the goal of inner happiness, of enlightenment and freedom from suffering. Work for a world of love, peace and happiness. Be a father and mother of the world. Be a world savior (Bodhisattva). Be a winner. Forward with perseverance. Great success on the path of love (doing good). "My thought of power is ... (I will succeed!)"

212. Holy Texts = Strengthen your inner conviction with a spiritual book. Go to a bookstore or read an Ebook (for example Wikibooks: God and Religious Toleration, Wikiversity: Yoga) or watch a nice video. Which book or video gives you inspiration along your way?

213. Remain Steadfast = Stay where you are, keep to your spiritual path. When things get difficult, it is important to stick to one’s goals. Proceed with perseverance along the way of wisdom. The crisis will pass.

214. Attachment to Relationships = Overcome your dependence on other people. Don’t search for happiness in others, rather in yourself and in your spiritual practices. Concentrate on your spiritual goal. Give yourself energy of happiness through your spiritual practice. Success.

215. Indecision = Overcome your doubt. Think thoroughly about your life. What experiences have you? What makes you truly happy? 90% of the happiness we experience comes from within the self. Lasting happiness comes from regular spiritual practice. Concentrate on what is most important.

216. Power of Deed = The wise work consistantly for their spiritual development. They go along the way of universal love and help their fellow humans along the spiritual way. What is your deed out of love today? Proceed with strength. Success.

217. Don’t Talk, Act = The unwise speak a lot and act little. Don’t complain about your difficult situation, rather save yourself with your spiritual exercises. Practice Yoga, meditation, exercise, reading and doing good. God is with the hard-working. Proceed forwards. Success.

Duration (Persevering)[edit]

216. Long Duration = The way is long, but the goal will be reached. The wise walks consequent along his way. Nothing can stop him. What is your goal? What is your plan towards reaching it? Success.

219. Motivation = You aren’t goal-oriented and motivated enough. Concentrate on your goals. What do you wish to achieve in your life? What are your goals and what is your way to victory? Proceed with strength and perseverance and you will succeed.

220. Difficulties = Persevere through the circumstances. The hard times will pass. Success will appear when the time is right. Stay on your path. You will succeed.

221. Inconsistency = You are inconstant. You switch between your spiritual goals and your material wishes. Don’t let yourself be reckless. Stability on the path of wisdom leads to happiness. Forward with perseverance. Success.

222. Clarity of Goal = Without a clear goal in mind, the spiritual path is without fire to fuel it. What are your concrete goals? What is your way of reaching them? Proceed with wisdom, strength and some joy. "My goals are ... My path of victory is ..." Success.

223. Obstacles = Overcome your difficulties. What is your goal? What is stopping you on an innward our outer level? What is your way to victory? Proceed with strength and conviction, you are sure to succeed.

224. The Middle Road = You work too much. You block your happiness by your over-effort. You're too ambitious. Proceed with some enjoyment, coziness, sociability (some social contact), creativity, and the pleasure principle. You succeed when you take the middle road with the five pleasure principles.

Retreat (Retiring)[edit]

225. Retreat = Take time to rest and recover. Retreat from your outer goals for a time. Concentrate on your spiritual practice. Act little. Do something nice for yourself.

226. Take a Break = Sometimes it’s good to let go of all outer goals and concentrate on building up one’s inner happiness once more. Take a day for rest and relaxation. Take a break.

227. Goal-oriented = You have separated yourself from your material dependencies and you proceed along your spiritual way in a focused manner. No one can stop you from your spiritual victory. Be clear to yourself about your goals. You will succeed!

228. No Retreat = It is unfavorable to give up faced with difficulties on the spiritual path. Stick to your spiritual way despite any difficulties. Forward with perseverance. Success.

229. Skillfull Retreat = When appropriate, retreating or taking time out can bring happiness. A master of life goes with the flow of life cleverly. When a situation comes to a conclusion, he knows enough to step away from it. He dissolves all dependencies and attachments from the past and gears himself toward the future with a positive perspective.

230. Great Praise = You withdraw from a situation in a remarkable way. You take a break at the right moment. You recuperate from all of your efforts in order to gain more strength. Perseverance along the way of the wise brings happiness.

231. Retreating Away from the World = You retreat from the worldly as much as it is possible and develop your inner happiness. You concentrate on what is important. The essence of life is to live in God (in the light), in spiritual practice (meditation, mental work) and in all-embracing love (doing good). You willl heal inwardly when you concentrate on wisdom, stillness and love (doing good). Your energy goes innward and creates happiness when there is enough peace and calm. Success.

Higher Power (Great Invigorating)[edit]

232. Powerful Ability to Form and Create = It is difficult to help others along their spiritual path. Situations where we can reach people on a deeper spiritual level present themselves seldomly. However, the wise is powerful at the moment. Keep going on your way! You can achieve a lot along the way of all-encompassing love (Karma-Yoga). Happiness awaits all.

233. Trust in God = Your power is in your toes. Connect with the enlightened masters (your inner wisdom) everyday with prayer or meditation, reading or oracle.

234. Truthfulness = You are honest to yourself and others. You live in truth, you radiate truth and that’s why people trust you and you are able to help them. Persevere and proceed forward. Success.

235. The Billy Goat = A billy goat rams his head against the wall. A wise person, on the other hand, looks for a door and therefore reaches his goal. What is your door to the light. Proceed wisely. Success.

236. Obstacles = Stay calm. What’s the problem, exactly? Consider various solutions. What ist the best way? The wise overcomes every obstacle using his wisdom and ability to persevere. Success.

237. The Sacrifice = The billy goat is to be sacrificed. You sacrifice something, and you get a big win by this. Success.

238. The Thorns = The billy goat is stuck in a patch of thorns. The difficulties will pass after some time. What is the problem? What is the solution? Proceed patiently, and get the rose from the patch of thorns. Success.

Slow Progress (Prospering)[edit]

239. Difficulties and Fullness = There is fullness in your life. Concentrate on the positive and you will get through the difficult times. “My fullness is... “

240. Difficulties and Success at One Time = Stay true to your spiritual goals. With perseverence everything takes a turn for the better. Proceed slowly. Put joy into your day. Difficulties will be followed by great success.

241. Difficulties and a Gift = Proceed with perseverence. You complain because your way is so difficult. To cheer you up and help empower you, the cosmos will send you a gift today. What is this gift?

242. Difficulties and Good Karma = The difficulties will soon be over. Good karma awaits you. People trust you. Heaven is with you. You will succeed. What is your deed out of love today?

243. A Mistake is Corrected = You see a mistake and correct your behavior. You identify your negative thoughts, replace them with positive thoughts and are happier as a result. What was your mistake ? What is your positive thought?

244. Difficulties and Trust = External life is a constantly changing game, swinging between joy and suffering. Lasting happiness only exists on the inner level. Don’t worry about gain or loss. Stay constant along the way of truth and wisdom. Succeed as a result of that.

245. The Aggressive Ass = You work and fight too much. Don’t be an aggressive ass. Come to inner peace. Do your spiritual exercises (Yoga, meditation, exercise, reading). Take enough breaks. Find the optimal balance between rest and activity. Go with the flow of the day. Live from your being (God, Unity consciousness) and from your inner happiness and bring love into the world. Success.

The Darkening of the Light (Brightness Hiding)[edit]

246. The Darkness = A dark cloud is in front of the sun. The energy is blocked. Wait. When the cloud moves, the sun will shine again. Short-term difficluties, long-term happiness. Stay constant along the way of wisdom.

247. The White Swan = Along his flight toward the light the swan must pass through a dark cloud. Concentrate on your spiritual goals and you will make it through all difficulties encountered. Soon the sun will shine again.

248. The Strong Horse = The wise one has been injured in the struggle of life, but his horse (his strong will) saves him in this time of need and difficulty. Proceed with power. Healing. Success.

249. Change = A big change. You have had a great victory along the spiritual way. Rest and recuperate from your exertions. Celebrate the day.

250. The Door to Light = The wise overcomes his opponent and emerges through the great door to the land of light. What is your inner or outer opponent? What brings you to the light (to happiness)? After a period of struggle, the way will get easier. Proceed with perseverence.

251. The Lightbringer = Great success along the way of love. (Karma Yoga). What is your mission in the world? What can you contribute toward a world of love and happiness? A small sacrifice leads to great happiness. What is your sacrifice for the happiness of your fellow man? Success.

252. The Master of Life = You master your life. You go with the flow through changing situations. Proceed along the middle road (with some joy). Success.

The Family (Dwelling People)[edit]

Confucius taught the way of the happy family. The wise man opens his heart and brings love into the world. To the good one he is good and to the not good he is also good. For his essence is the way of universal love.

253. The Happy Family = When all the members of a family cooperate and work well together, a happy family emerges. What is your task, what is your role in your family, in your country or in the world? What can you do to make a happier unit (family, world) ? What can you do today out of love? Great success along the way of love (Karma Yoga).

254. Family and Order = Order is the basis of a happy family. Having basic rules to live by promote harmony. Set your standards firmly. Success.

255. Family and Stability = You are at the right place at the right time. Stay where you are, and with your family. Resist all impulses to leave. Concentrate on the role you have in life. Where you are is a good place to work toward happiness for all. Success.

256. The Middle Way = Don’t be too strict, and don’t be too yielding. Too much strictness in a family brings unhappiness, but the same can be said for a way of being that is too laid-back. Keep to the middle road. Set clear rules, but at the same time give all family members the space to do what is right for them. Success.

257. The Harmonious Family = The family is living harmoniously together. Spirituality is the center of this. Success.

258. Responsiblity = The wise takes loving care of all of those he is responsible for. Live your responsiblity to others (family, country, world). What is your task in the world? Proceed forward. Good karma for all. Success.

259. The Mother (The Father) = Be a good mother (or a good father) for your family. Work for the happiness of others and take care of yourself at the same time. Anchor yourself in calm, peace and spirituality. Work for the happiness of all. The power is with you. Proceed creatively. Success.

Contrast (Polarising)[edit]

260. Opposites = At the moment, you are torn between outer wishes (material world) and inner happiness (spirituality). You must decide what you would like to live for. Think, decide, persevere and proceed with small steps in the right direction. “My goals are... My way of wisdom is...” Success.

261. The Runaway Horse = You have had too much contact with material energies (addiction, wishes, fear, fighting). Your spirit and mind are confused. Think clearly, practice your spirituality (Relaxation techniques) and wait. The runaway horse will return on his own.

262. Consistent Spirituality = The wise lives consistently in his spirituality. He practices it in all situations in order to grow. Great praise. Continue to do as you have been doing.

263. Confusion = Negative thoughts are bringing you down. Stick to your path of wisdom, the difficulties will soon be over.

264. Danger = A difficult situation. Deal consistently and from your sense of what is right. Consider for yourself what is right, and what is wrong, and what your personal way of wisdom is. In this way you will succeed, and the danger will pass. "My way of wisdom is ... The way of unwisdom is ..." Success.

265. The Mistake = You correct your mistakes consistently, as you go along. You work on your incorrect thoughts. “My mistake is... my positive action to remedy this is....” Proceed forwards and succeed.

265. The Helpful Role Model = Your spirit is like a car full of demons (negative energy). Connect with a spiritual role model (Latose, Buddha, Jesus, Shiva). Think of an appropriate mantra (positive sentence.) Which role model gives you energy for your way: “my role model is... my mantra is...(I accept things as they are. I flow positiv with life.)”

Hindrance (Limping)[edit]

267. The Hindrance = Difficulties. Stay laidback and get through it. Listen to the voice of your inner wisdom. Find your way flexibly. Persevere. Success.

268. Waiting = The way is blocked. No energy flows yet. Do your spiritual practice (Relaxation techniques), wait, and after a time the hindrance will dissolve.

269. Perseverence = You have a lot of troubles at the moment, but fear not. Even good people don’t always have an easy time of it. Heaven and good luck on your side though. Proceed and persevere.

270. Calm and Cool = There are problems, but go through your day relaxed. Take a lot of breaks. Enjoy yourself, stay calm and cool and you will succeed.

271. Spiritual Exercises = Stay where you are. Proceeding will only bring unneeded difficulties. Don’t begin anything new. Stabilize what you have in front of you currently. Do your spiritual exercises (Relaxation techniques). Develop your inner happiness. Success.

272. Friends = The difficulties are formidable, but you have friends who help you. „Om all enlightened masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“ Proceed with optimism. Success.

273. Inner Happiness = Awaken your inner happiness with your spiritual practices. Persevere the external difficulties in a state of inner happiness. Those who are enlightened can even go through death happily. Which spiritual technique helps you to get inner happiness (Relaxation techniques)?

Liberation (Taking-Apart)[edit]

274. Liberation = Action leads to liberation from suffering. Those who wish to gain, must also do a lot for it. Happiness is with the industrious. Those who cannot benefit in their lives with outer happiness (profession, relationships) should concentrate on the way of inner happiness (spiritual development). Proceed with power and strength. Success.

275. Great Victory = A great victory after a difficult battle. The enlightened master (the gods) have helped you. Rest and recuperate from all of your efforts. Celebrate your success. “My thoughts of gratitude are...”

276. The Golden Air = The hunter got three foxes. As a reward, he has won a golden arrow. Like an arrow, he reached his goal with consistent action. His perseverence has been rewarded. Great success. You deserve praise, you are good. Continue as you are.

277. The Braggart = Those who display their riches attract robbers. Don’t brag about your success, that will lead to trouble. Stay modest. This way you truly succeed, and are free to succeed further.

278. A small sacrifice = To find freedom, you must sactifice something. Accept things as they are, go with the flow, and you will land in light (in happiness). Proceed with strength. Success.

279. A Clear Decision = Clear decisions lead to great success. Those who can live their life wisely, get a great profit. "My decision today is ..." Ahead with self-discipline. Success.

280. A Great Sacrifice = The prince kills the hawk in the sky. What do you have to sacrifice to succeed? What is your waiver so that you can achieve your goals? What you have to do, to get a successful life? "My goal is ... My sacrifice for this is ..." Sacrifice your ego and you come into the light. Forward with power. Success.

Overcoming Suffering (Diminishing)[edit]

281. Overcoming Suffering = You are frustrated by life. You are exhausted. You must sacrifice something. Loss accompanied by optimism. Do your spiritual practice and overcome your crisis. Proceed with optimism, you will succeed.

282. The Way of Love = Work toward a happy world. Concentrate your energies on helping others. In this way you can best overcome your suffering. “I send light to... May all beings be happy. May the world be a happy. “ What is your deed of love today? Success along the way of Karma-Yoga.

283. The Way of Action = Save yourself with your spiritual exercises. Do sports (jogging, yoga, walking, bike riding, Tai Chi, Qi Gong), read online from a holy book (Bible, Buddha, Bhagavadgita, Tao Te King), meditate and do good. Proceed with power and energy.

284. The Way of Rest = Healing through the way of rest. Come to rest and calm. Recover from all stress, reduce outside contact. Do some spiritual exercises and enjoy your life. Bring as much calm in your life so that your energy will go inwards to heal you and make you happy. Success.

285. The Way of Healing = Practice the five basics to health (positive thinking, sports and fitness, a lot of relaxation, healthy food, avoding of alcohol, smoking and other unhealthy items). What is the cause of your illness (of your problem)? What will get rid of this problem? Proceed. Healing. Success.

286. Ten Turtleshells = A hard way leads to great gain. Those who stand by their spiritual way and help others, will one day be richly rewarded. Proceed forward. Success.

287. A Great Harvest = A great harvest follows a positive vision (positive goals.) Be consistent along the way of wisdom and love. “The positive vision of mylife is...” Proceed forwards. A great harvest awaits you.

Expansion (Augmenting)[edit]

288. Great Gain = Although the times are not simple and the wise must work hard, his actions provide great gain. It is good to have goals and to consistently work toward them. Disciplined work brings great gain. Proceed with power and strength. A great harvest awaits you.

289. Great Deeds = The time is right for great deeds. What are your goals? Proceed with power and strength. Great success.

290. Great Reward = The king gives a large sacrifice and receives a great reward for it. Ten Turtleshells. What do you need to do in order to reach your goals? Proceed with strength and power. Great success.

291. Jade = Difficult situations are working out for the positive. You are protected by the heavens. Your way is blessed. Proceed forward along the way of wisdom and love.

292. Loyalty = Although the situation is difficult, you stay true to yourself and your way. Proceed with perseverence along the way of wisdom and love. Success.

293. Love = A Buddha of love (Bodhisattva, Karma Yogi) does not act to gain something by it, rather to increase the happiness of other beings. He is independent of praise or criticism of others. He works toward saving the world even when it is connected with suffering and difficulties. What is your deed of love? Success.

294. The Essential = Concentrate on the essentials. Anchor yourself in calm and peace (in God), in your own inner happiness, in your spiritual practice (meditation and thought work) and act from your relaxed state of consciousness. Then you will succeed.

The Breakthrough (Parting)[edit]

295. The Breakthrough = Go with absolute conviction along your way of truth and wisdom. The situation is difficult. You are in a phase of weakness. However, if you focus on your positive goal and stick to your way of truth, you will emerge victorious. Proceed with strength. Break through into the light. You will succeed.

296. Stagnation = The little Yogi starts courageously and then lands in stagnation. However, he motivates himself and then is on his way again into the light. What are your goals? What is your way to victory? “My way to victory is...” Success.

297. The Darkness = The little Yogi must pass through a time of darkness. Be careful. “My way of wisdom is....” Be clever to proceed. Then you’ll succeed.

298. The Loyalty = THe little Yogi is true to himself and his goals. He doesn’t mind what others say. He anchors himself in his way of wisdom and in this way wins. Proceed with optimism. You can do it.

299. The Middle Way = The little Yogi is having difficulties as he goes along. It is difficult for him to believe in his spiritual way. Think about your life carefully. What makes you happy in the long run? Hold onto your spiritual goals, but enjoy your life too. Succeed on the middle road with some outer pleasure. "My deed of joy is .."

300. Weeds = Weeds populate the garden of your mind. “My negative thought is... My positive thought is....” Plant flowers of wisdom and happiness. Then your world will change into a paradise. Stay consistent on your path of wisdom and love. Success.

301. The Winner = The victory is near. But there are still some small difficulties. Stick to your path of wisdom and justice. Don’t allow yourself to be careless. Live as a winner. Proceed with power and strength. Then you will succeed.

Weakness (Coupling)[edit]

302. Attention to Weaknesses = Don’t give into your weakness. Stay to your way of truth and justice. Recognize the danger. Those who give into their weakness at the false moments can fall into spiritual lows. Proceed with self-discipline. Success.

303. Negative Thoughts = Negative thoughts and worldly wishes burden you and bring you down. As long as the difficulties are small, you can easily control them. Don’t let them grow. Proceed with perseverence along the way of truth and wisdom. Success.

304. Great Victory = The fish is in the basket. You have won. You are a bit exhausted. Be happy about your success. Rest and recover from your efforts. Proceed with small steps forward along the way of truth and love.

305. Obstacle = Difficulties, but not such a big deal. You are a bit burdened, but you proceed forward on your way anyways. Great praise. Proceed forward with strength.

306. The Basket = The fish is not yet in the basket. You have not reached your goals yet. Catch the big fish. What are your goals? What is the way to victory ? Proceed with strength and perseverence. Success.

307. The Gift = Luck is falling from the sky. The heavens have given you a gift. Something good is going to happen or has already happened. Be happy, be grateful.

308. The Battle = You’ve apparently innocently landed in a difficult situation. Aggressive people are making your life difficult, but you figure out a way to get through it. You will emerge victorious.

Concentration (Clustering)[edit]

309. The Sacrifice = The king goes into the temple and leaves an offering. He gets the blessing of heaven for his sacrifice. Concentrate on your goals. What are your goals? What do you need to give for your success? Proceed forward with strength and perseverence. Sumpreme success.

310. Wishy-Washy = You are in a wishy-washy mood. Your mind is flipping all over the place, your emotions are going crazy. If you stick to your way of wisdom there will be no damage. You will emerge victorious.

311. Goal-Oriented = Proceed with your mind on your goals. Give what you must (put in the necessary work) for your success. Proceed with strength and perseverence. Success.

312. Little Difficulties = Don’t let yourself be lead astry by small difficuties. Keep to your path of truth and love. You will succeed.

313. Happiness = Your work is crowned with success. Proceed along the way of wisdom and love. Great happiness, joy, supreme success.

314. Love = The little Master sticks to his way of all-encompassing love. People gather around him. He can help them. What is your deed of love? "I send light to…(name). May all beings be happy. May the world be happy." Proceed with perseverence. Success.

315. Sighing = The wise is seezing and crying. His way is difficult at the moment, but it is OK so. Proceed forward. Today a little enjoyment is good. Make your day beautiful.

Moving On Up (Ascending)[edit]

316. Steps Toward Progress = The time is right for taking some steps forward. Continue further on your way of wisdom and love. Proceed with perseverence. The blessings of heaven is also with you. Supreme Success.

317. Good Karma = Those who sow seeds of good, will harvest good. Proceed with optimism along the way of wisdom and love. A good harvest awaits you. The light is with you. Supreme success.

318. A Small Sacrifice = A little sacrifice leads to great gain. What is your sacrifice so that you can reach your goal? Success.

319. Rise = You accept things as they are. You overcome your false wishes. Great praise. You are rising to a higher level of consciousness.

320. The Great Sacrifice = The king brings a large offering to the mountain of enlightenment of the Gods (or Buddha). He offers up his ego in order to reach his goals. He orients himself around his tasks. What are your goals? What is your sacrifice toward those goals? Success.

321. Small Steps = Even spiritually small people can be victors along the spiritual way if they connect with the heavens (enlightened masters) and stick to their goals. “Om all enlightened Masters (Buddhas, Gods). Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.” Proceed with small steps. Success.

322. The Light = Rising from the darkness into the light. After a difficult time it will get better slowly. Stick with it until then end you will arrive in the land of light (in paradise). Proceed with strength and power. Success.

Distress (Confining)[edit]

323. Distress = The Goddess pulls herself out of the swamp. The little Yogi fights tough to break through into the light. Distress that will be overcome thanks to perseverence along the way.

324. The Dark Valley = The little Yogi wanders through a dark valley. The route will stay difficult after a longer time. Proceed with strength and perseverence. Success.

325. The Stump = The little Yogi sits exhausted on a tree stum. He recovers from his efforts, does his spiritual practice and then feels good again. Proceed with small steps. You will succeed.

326. Thorns and Thistles = Many little difficulties are in the path of the wise, but the wise cannot be deterred. Save yourself with your spiritual practice. Proceed with strength and perseverence. Success.

327. The Golden Cage = You are stuck in your golden cage of material wishes. You can free yourself from the cage with your spiritual practice (mind and body exercise). “My material desires are.... My way of wisdom is.... (I let go of my attachments to other people. I can be happy with myself.)” Proceed with strength. Success.

328. The Exhausted Bodhisattva = It is difficult to help other people spiritually. It is difficult to save the world. The many problems have exhausted the little Yogi, but he sees the suffering of the world and sacrifices his ego (dullness, laziness), empowers himself with his spiritual practice and moves forward along the path of all-encompassing love. What is your deed of love today? Proceed with power and perseverence.

329. Creepers = Material wishes are wrapping themselves around your mind like a creeping vine. Cut away the attachments to material things and to people. Concentrate on your spiritual path and you will get free. “Unwise is... It is wise to...” Proceed with strength and succeed.

The Fountain (Welling)[edit]

330. The Fountain = The fountain is a symbol of Kundalini energy. This energy rests in the base of the body (at the tip of the spine) and is activated when the fountain, the middle energy canal, has been sufficiently cleansed energetically. Activate your Kundalini energy with your spiritual practice. Clean your fountain. Find the spiritual exercises which will awaken your energie.

331. The Filthy Fountain = The water in the fountain is dirty and cannot be drunk. Cleanse your spirit. Find a sentence that activates your potential. The correct sentence or power phrase can get the energy flowing once more. "My power phrase of strength is (I am a winner)." Proceed with strength. Success.

332. The Shallow Fountain = Your fountain is not deep enough. You don't do your spiritual practice long enough or powerfully enough. Notice which exercises work for you at the time. Your life energy will awaken. You will succeed.

333. The Stupid Waterman = Your fountain is full of water, but you don't know what to do with it. Which spiritual exercises do you need? What is effective? If you proceed wisely, you will soon be able to drink the water (of inner happiness). Proceed with wisdom and inner sense. You will succeed.

334. The Good Fountain Builder = Your fountain has been well constructed. You can drink freely of it. Great praise. You do your spiritual exercises regularly and effectively. You systematically cleanse your body and spirit and mind of inner conflict and tension. Continue in this way.

335. Water for All = Your fountain gives good water. You can strengthen your spiritual energy when you give all beings something to drink. "I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy. My deed of love is..." Great success along the way of all-encompassing love.

336. The Great Breakthrough = The fountain is flowing strongly. The Kundalini energy (life energy, Shakti, Chi) has been awakened. Sometimes blockages are dissolved and then a breakthrough into the light takes place. Be happy. The grace of heaven is with you. Proceed along the way of wisdom and love. An energetic breakthrough has occurred, or will soon. Supreme success.

Transformation (Skinning)[edit]

The Master of Heaven activates the Kundalini energy with the under hand and holds a crystal ball as a symbol for life in Tao (in God, in unity) with the upper hand.

337. Transformation = A large change will take place in your life. Proceed with wisdom and perseverence. Supreme success.

338. The Begining Change = The situation is not simple. A change is underway. Stay true to your path. Proceed with perseverence and strength. Success.

339. In the Midst of Change = You are in the midst of transformation. Proceed with perseverence. Get through the difficult times with the five "friends" (a bit of enjoyment, a little leisure, companionship, creativity, and fun.) Make your day beautiful. What is your deed for joy today?

340. The Completing of the Transformation = Have patience. Wait until the change is complete. Then you can proceed along your way. Success.

341. The Active Transformation = The change is difficult and requires your best efforts. Get through the day with a good plan. What are your goals? What is your way to victory? Proceed with strength, be goal-oriented and you will succeed.

342. After the Transformation = You have overcome a difficult period of change. You have gotten through the revolution like a tiger. Recover from your efforts. Allow yourself to feel glad about your victory. Great praise!

343. Successful Transformation = You have gotten through the time of change successfully. You will be named a Master of Heaven. You may now act as a spiritual Master for your fellow beings. "I send light to (name). May all beings be happy. May the world be happy." Be happy. Be thankful.

The Bowl of Offerings (Holding)[edit]

344. The Bowl of Offerings = An enlightened person is a person without an ego. He sees himself in everyone and everything. Those who wish to live in light (unity consciousness, enlightened) must become a nothing first. The ego is largest of our inner conflicts and tensions. When the ego is dissolved, the person relaxes so deep in the soul that the happiness energy is awakened. This person lives in a higher state of happiness. That person is full of peace, strength and love for all beings. The quickest way to awareness of the unity of all things is to send light to all beings. “I send light to (name). May all beings be happy. May the world be happy.“ What is your deed of love today? Supreme success.

345. Becoming Nothing = The wise turns over the bowl of offerings and dump everything out. Overcome your negative thoughts. “I accept things as they are. I flow positive with life.“ Proceed with strength. Success.

346. Fullness = The bowl of offerings is filled with food. The enligthened live in emptiness (lack of ego) and fullness (unity, happiness, joy) at the same time. Make yourself aware of the fullness of your life. “The fullness in my life is...” Make your day beautiful. Enjoy your life. What is your deed of joy?

347. Grace = The offering is blocked, but suddenly it starts to rain. The enlightenment cannot be forced, it occurs on its own, as a result of grace. The wise have one option: to stick to their spiritual practice, expect the best and be patient. The state of true inner happiness will come at the right time, as a gift from the universe. “Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.”

348. The Effectiveness = The legs of the bowl of offerings are collapsed and the food is spilled. The ego only dissolves when one does his or her spiritual practice consistently. Formulaic practice doesn’t work. Proceed with wisdom. How can you resolve your tensions? Feel what you need and how you can wake up your happiness.

349. The Golden Bowl of Offerings = Great praise. You know when you must let go, and when you must hold on. You know when you must accept the situation or when you can create your situation. Forward with wisdom and self-discipline. Success.

350. The Jade Buddha = The bowl of offerings is made of jade. You are consistent along your way of truth and wisdom. It is only a question of time as to when you will become a Buddha (A God of Bliss, a Goddess of Bliss). Everything is good in this way. Proceed along the middle road with some enjoyment. Success.

The Cleansing Rain (Shake)[edit]

351. Thunder and Lightning = An internal or external shock leads to progress on the spiritual path. Sacrifice your ego. Take things on as they are. Flow positive with life. Forward with wisdom and self-diszipline. Success.

352. A Thunder Clap = A clap of thunder, who causes something positive. A frightening incident causes luck and happiness. Forward with wisdom and self-diszipline. Success.

353. A Thunderstorm Approaches = A danger is approaching. Protect yourself as far as you can. Don’t shy from the problem, face it directly. Then you will see the way you can best get through the situation. Most difficulties can be avoided with careful preparation and awareness. Go with composure and cleverness through all of the difficulties. Success.

354. In the Middle of the Storm = Thunder and lightning. The situation is difficult. Proceed further along the way of wisdom and self-diszipline. Proceed with strength. Success.

344. After the Storm = The storm is over, but your path is full of mud and muck. Your mind is full of unrest and lacks clarity. Bring yourself to center again. Think positive. Proceed with optimism.

356. Constant Thunder = The thunder comes and goes, alternatingly. The wise doesn’t let this impress him. External life is constantly changing from joy to suffering and back again. The wise anchors himself in inner happines and in his spiritual practice. So he stays healthy and happy. Forward with wisdom and self-diszipline. Success.

357. Global Thunderstorm = Foolishness rules the world. Hunger, sickness, war, aggression, and depression are growning. There are constantly tragedies which could be avoided. People suffer from greed or lack. Help to build a world of love, peace, and common happiness. See the suffering of others and do what you can. “I send light to (name). May all beings be happy. May the world be happy.“ What is your deed of love? Success.

In a State of Calm (Bound)[edit]

358. Calm = Come to a state of calm. Bring your mind to rest. Look for quiet place for peace and calm. Take time for yourself. The way of calm and peace will help you. Practice Yoga, meditation and self-reflection. Think to yourself, regard your existence and come to inner harmony. Do not anchor yourself in the perspective to the outer world, rather in inner happiness and an inward perspective. Otherwise you will constantly be chasing after pointless things which take up your energy. Focus on balance on an inner level.

359. The Wise Stops Wiggling His Toes = Think before you act. Consider your words and deeds carefully. Live with a clever plan. Anchor yourself in wisdom.

360. The Wise Holds His Legs Still = The wise holds his legs still and meditates. Meditate daily and your spirit becomes peaceful and happy.

361. The Wise Holds his Pelvis Still = Too much sex can lead to a loss of energy. A wise man prefers to rest in inner happiness and all-encompassing love. Enlightenment is better than sex! This truth is difficult for most men to grasp. Don’t waste your energy in a relationship, use it to grow spiritually. Proceed along the way of wisdom. Find the right balance between time alone to develop on an inner level and spending time with others. Don’t become dependent on a relationshop, rather, anchor yourself in your spiritual goals. Be happy for yourself, from the inside out, independent of the outer world.

362. The Wise Holds His Entire Body Still = The wise lives in peace (Wu wei). He doesn’t waste his energy on material activities. At a certain point of rest, your energy turns inwards. It dissolves tensions in the body and mind, heals, and creates inner happiness. Live with enough rest and be healthy and happy.

363. The Wise Woman Keeps the Mouth Still = Too much talking can lead to a loss of energy. Those who wish to develop inner happiness should be silent at best, and only speak when necessary. It is not necessary to talk about others. Talking is only necessary when it is helpful, useful, true, and kind. A wise person prefers to live in inner happiness and love to all.

364. The Wise Lives in Enlightenment = Find your way to enlightenment. Anchor yourself in wisdom and happiness. Then your life will go right.

The Developing (Infiltrating)[edit]

365. The Wild Goose = The wild goose is a symbol for a Yogi (one who practices spirituality.) A Yogi is wild because he or she doesn’t fit in with the typical societal norm of consumption and materialism. He cleanses himself on an inner level of his tensions and turns from a gray to a white goose (as an Indian Yoga type of “Swan”). Proceed along the way of wisdom. The mystical wedding with God (the unity of human and light, becoming whole on an inner level). Success (in either this life or the next).

366. The River Banks = The wild goose flies toward land and light. The situation is difficult. The Yogi is in danger of falling from the spiritual way. He aligns himself quickly though, to the way of wisdom. “Wisdom is ... Unwisdom is ...” Success.

367. The Barren Ground = The wild goose flys toward a barren ground. Proceed optimistically. The situation will improve soon. You can rest soon.

368. The Jungle of Life = The wild goose loses his way to the light. Material energies lead to temptation. Overcome your material thoughts. Orient yourself around your spiritual goals and find your way back to wisdom. What are your goals? What is your way of wisdom? Proceed with strength and perseverence. Success.

369. The Tree = The wild goose flies to the tree of enlightenment. Awaken your Kundalini Energy (your Chi, the middle energy canal or tree of enlightenment) by your spiritual exercises (Relaxation techniques), and you will soon feel better. Success.

370. The Summit = The wild goose is climbing the mountain of enlightenment. Many roads lead to the summit of the mountain. Find your spiritual way that works for you so you can reach your goal. Proceed with perseverence and inner sense for the correct way. Success. "Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way."

371. Heaven = The wild goose flies to heaven. He lands in the world of light. What thought help you to experience your world as paradise? Bring yourself into the light. Do the Paradise Meditation. Everything is good as it is. Recognize the fulness in your life. Enjoy your life.

The Marrying (Converting The Maiden)[edit]

The Marrying Maiden

372. The Marrying = The woman is getting married and starts a family. The wise unites with light and brings light and love into the world. Don’t put yourself, rather the happiness of your (spiritual) family as the main point of focus in your life. Success along the way of love and not of egos.

373. The Man Full of Flaws = The woman is getting married. Her man has some mistakes, but they are happy anyways. Accept your life the way it is, even if it isn’t perfect. When you anchor yourself in your spiritual practice you can still be happy despite any difficulties. Even a difficult relationship can succeed if both partners put wisdom, loyalty and love in the center of their relationship. Success.

374. The One-Eyed Woman = The woman is getting married. She goes into the relationship a bit blindly. Through the worldly eye she sees well and with the spritiual eye not so well. You cannot tell the difference between what is important and what is not. However, even those who are a bit blind can find they way to the light. It is unimportant if a partner is perfect on an outer level. What matters is if one can be happy in a relationship.

375. The Difficult Relationship = Accept your relationship for what it is. Overcome your ego and live in happiness. Let go of your wishes for a perfect relationship. Take things on as they are. Concentrate on your spiritual practice. Live for the happiness of other beings and not for your ego.

376. Before the Wedding = The Wedding is experiencing some delays. You need a long time to take on your imperfect life and accept it. Marry yourself with the light, with God, and the spiritual way. Concentrate on inner happiness and outer happiness will come on its own. Proceed with optimism. Success.

377. The Wedding = The daughter of the emperor of China is getting married, but she avoids pride. She serves her guests and not her ego. She appears as a servent and treats her guests as kings. So the wedding is a success. The Yogi develops enlightenment. He aligns himself with the light, but he remains modest. He lives as a helper of all beings, so he succeeds. Stay modest and you will be successful.

378. After the Wedding = The wedding has taken place, but the arrival of true bliss and happiness has to wait. The attraction is not what it was thought to be. Everything is going wrong somehow, but they still stick to their path and are consistent along the way of wisdom. At the beginning there are difficulties and happiness at the end. Persevere and proceed.

Fulfillment (Abounding)[edit]

379. Fulfillment = Concentrate on what is positive. Make yourself aware of all you have in your life. Where is the fulfillment in your life? Think of what is positive in your life. Celebrate this. Make your life beautiful. So you conquer all external difficulties internally.

380. Highest Fulfillment = The most important is to live in the essential. The highest form of fulfillment is to live in God, to be enlightened. Go consistent your way of wisdom and your life will be fullfilled.

381. The Expanding of the Fulfillment = At the moment it seems as if inner happiness is just a tiny star on the horizon. Inner happiness is inner work. When you do your spiritual practice every day, the happiness in your life will increase. Proceed with optimism. Success.

382. The Feeling of Happiness in the Rain = One can be happy, even in the rain. Proceed with serenity through all of your problems and keep your inner happiness. Do your spiritual exercises. Bring as much joy in your life, so that you can go your way positive. Success.

383. Calling to the Master = Many difficulties and obstacles are present, but God (your own inner wisdom) saves you. Think of the mantra: ”Om enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way“. Stick to your path of wisdom. Proceed with strength and perseverence. Success.

384. After the Crisis = The crisis is over. You have won. Recover from your efforts. Do your spiritual practice. Build up your inner happiness. Rejoice in what you have achieved.

385. Sharing of Wealth = In your house (in you, in your life) there is fulfillment. Share your (spiritual) wealth with others. Awaken your inner happiness through generous giving. Live your way of love and inner fulfillment is with you. Success.

The Wanderer (Sojourning)[edit]

386. The Wanderer = A difficult phase of the spiritual path has come to an end. Now it is proceeding as usual. Find your accustomed rhythm. Don’t brag about your successes, stay modest and you will find friends. Proceed and persevere and succeed.

387. The Misfortune = The wanderer doesn’t feel like climbing the mountain of enlightenment anymore. He would rather live in the valley of people and play material games. Concentrate on your way of truth and wisdom. Others you will land in misfortune. “My way of wisdom is...” Proceed with strength and perseverance. Success.

388. The Guesthouse = The wanderer reaches a guesthouse and meets other wanderers there. Rest after the difficult journey for a time. Friends make life more fun. Spiritual friends give us strength along our way.

389. The Guesthouse Burns = Danger. What is the danger along your spiritual journey? When you can see the danger (problems) clearly, you can also find a way through it. Save yourself. Success.

390. Joy Along the Way = The wanderer is proceeding well, but the joy in heart is missing. What can you do to bring your life more fun? Bring as many elements of joy into your life as possible, so you can go about your way positively.

391. The Golden Pheasant = The wanderer shoots the golden pheasant. What is your goal? What is your way of victory? Be effective. Success.

392. Laughing and Crying = The bird burns his own nest. Through spiritual exercise, the ego dissolves. The wanderer is laughing and crying, constantly alternating between the two. When the exercises work powerfully, first the happiness energy flows, then suppressed feelings surface. At some point you will land permanently in enlightenment. Proceed with perseverance. Success.

The Gentle (Ground)[edit]

Laozi is one with the Tao. He looks unimpressive, but he lives in the light. People see his outward form, the knower recognizes the light in him and around him.

393. Acceptance = Accept things as they are and let go of your false wishes. On earth, there is a constant switching between joy and suffering, nothing is constant. Unwise people despair by this. The wise flows positiv with life. Proceed gently, take small steps. Success.

394. Accepting or Acting = The wise recognizes when it is time to act and when it is time to accept. Look carefully at your situation, then you will recognize the correct way.

395. Humility = The wise kneels before the Godly. He sacrifices his ego and comes to the light. Proceed with trust.

396. Trust Yourself = You have too little faith in yourself and your abilities. Overcome the doubt you have in yourself and win in your life. See yourself strong and successful. What are your goals? What is your way to victory? Success.

397. Optimism = You require five things along the spiritual way: wisdom, peace, love, power, and happiness. Overcome your suffering. Do your spiritual exercises (Relaxation techniques). Proceed with optimism. Success.

398. Perseverence = A difficult beginning, with a happy ending. Shape your life with wisdom and motivation. You can learn from your mistakes. What doesn’t work can be changed and made to function. Perseverence. Success.

399. The One who Forms = Not kneel before the gods, acting is the way to victory. Take your destiny in your hands. “My way of forming my life is...” Proceed with strength and perseverence. The power is with you. Success.

Shared Happiness (Open)[edit]

400. Shared Happiness = The wise visits his friends. Share your happiness and everyone will be happy.

401. The Harmonious Group = Love, truth, and harmony rule. Friends are working together positively. The hapiness in the group grows. Great success.

402. Truth and Love = You live truth. You radiate truth. People trust you. You can help others well this way. Great success.

403. The Chaos = A spiritual Master must be able to dance with chaos. Proceed with wisdom and perseverance. Flow positively with life. Success.

404. Inner Conflict = You live in a realm of worldly and spiritual energies. Proceed with wisdom. What would a spiritual Master do in your situation? Success.

405. Love = Negative energies threaten your happiness. Material people try to move you with addiction and fear, but the Master of love dances cleverly with life. He remains centered in light and love. Success.

406. The Good Masters = The good spiritual Masters bring their fellow humans into the light, bad Masters bring people into a hell of worldly fear, addiction and aggression. A bad Master strives toward money, power, sex or recognition. A good Master considers his fellow beings and helps them. He doesn’t work for his ego, but for the happiness of all beings. Success.

The Dissolving (Dispersing)[edit]

407. The Dissolving = The king nears the temple. The wise nears the enlightenment. The ego begins to relase. A period of overcoming of worldly wishes and attitudes. Proceed with self-discipline.

408. The Horse = The king fights powerful against the evil in the world. What is your deed of love today? Success.

409. The Altar = The king sacrifices his ego on the altar of light. Save yourself with your spiritual exercises.

410. The Cosmos = The king releases himself from his ego by becoming one with the cosmos. Visualize the cosmos, the stars all around you, make large circles with the arms and think, “I live in within the order of nature. I accept things as they are. I flow positively with life.” Get a unity consciousness. Live in rest, in the unity and in happiness.

411. All-encompassing Love = Do not limit the love you give to the people who are closest to you. Wish all beings happiness, be a mother or father of all beings. When you see yourself as a mother of the world (all beings), you will break through to cosmic consciousness and awaken your enlightenment energy. Find inner happiness along the way of all-encompassing love. Do every day something good for the world. Live as a Master of love.

412. A Big Idea = Free yourself of your ego with a positive vision (enlightenment, a happy world). Orient your life toward a worthy goal. The energy of the goal will give you power, love and happiness. Go forward with little steps. Success.

413. The Danger = Danger through unwisdom. Happiness through a wise life. The wise man thinks long term. He realizes in time the pain that would come at a wrong way of life for him. He wisely stays away from trouble. He avoids problems and goes out of their way. He makes a good plan for his life. What do you have to do to get as a whole a successful life? Forward with wisdom and perseverance. Success.

Limit to the Basics (Articulating)[edit]

414. Limit to the Basics = You have little strength at the moment. Act little. Limit yourself to the basics, to the essentials. Proceed slowly. Live within the correct balance between rest and activity. Plan your day well so that you have strength for the entire day.

415. The House = The wise stays home. Being strictly introverted is the best in some situations. Give yourself calm and rest. Silence is good. Too much speaking (or acting ) is unwise at this time. Proceed with great self-discipline along your spiritual way. Do your spiritual exercises, consistently and sufficiently. Do little in the outer world wherever possible. Take a lot of breaks.

416. The World = The wise saves the world. He helps his fellow beings along the spiritual way. Sometimes one must act, even when one has little strength and energy. What is your deed of love today? Proceed with small steps. Success.

417. Sufficient Limits = It is important to set limits when dealing with others. The biggest secret of inner happiness is the seclusion of the world. If one lives in rest and seclusion, one can act out of happiness and love. Find just the right for the way in which you keep your peace, your power and your happiness. Success.

418. Gently Setting Limits = Do not overwhelm yourself. Enjoy yourself enough by spending time with others, enjoying fun things. Take the middle road. Practice the spiritual way so that you feel good. Succeed. What is your deed of joy for the day?

419. Sweetly Setting Limits = Make your outer limitations lighter in that you concentrate on positive goals. An athlete visualizes victory and experiences it instead of the efforts of the perfornance. A Yogi has the goal of enlightenment and the happiness of fellow beings at heart. The strength of love make it easy to deal with efforts along the way.

420. Painful Limitation = A time of painful limitation that will end one day. You must restrict yourself in some way for a certain amount of time so that you can develop spiritually.

The Highest Wisdom (Centre Confirming)[edit]

The Zen circle symbolizes the highest wisdom, life in harmony, the unity of Tao, the cheerful serenity of enlightenment.

421. The Highest Wisdom = The highest wisdom is to be enlightened (to be happy within oneself) and to give love to others. The highest way is the double way of love to the spiritual goal and love to all beings. Proceed with perseverence. Suppreme success.

422. The Wise = The wise hear the voice of wisdom and follow it. The unwise hear about it and laugh about it. If they don´t laugh, it is not the highest wisdom. For the foolish, the way of wisdom seems crazy. It seems crazy to let go of material happiness in order to develop inner happiness. It seems crazy to live as one who gives. Be a little crazy, but not too much. Proceed with wisdom and humor.

423. The Crane = The crane sings the song of wisdom, and so do his children. The wise shares his wisdom with his friends. Great success along the way of sharing wisdom.

424. The Inconsistent Wise = The inconsistent wise one is indeed convinced of the way of wisdom but does not follow it consistently. Protect yourself from too many material energies (TV, worldly people, worldly thoughts). Train your self-discipline. Proceed with wisdom and self-discipline. Success.

425. The Moon = The moon is nearly full. The wise nears the Tao. The unwise nears the burnout. Orient yourself not on what is foolish, but on what is wise. Reach inner happiness, unity, completion, full moon through the way of spiritual practice. Inner healing. Proceed forwards. Success.

426. Dolphins = Dolphins are sociable animals. They are not as strong as sharks, but they can defeat them through cleverness and teamwork. They ram into the shark with their snouts until the shark swims away. The evil in the world often have more power in the world than the good, but when the good cooperate, they can defeat the evil. Together we can save the world. What is your deed of love for today? Success.

427. The Rooster = The rooster crows to proclaim his happiness to the heavens. He has won. You will win along the spiritual way if you live with the five basics of wisdom, love, peace, happiness, and self-discipline. What are your goals? What is your way to victory?“ Succeed.

The Small are Victorious (Small Exceeding)[edit]

428. The Small = The small win. Keep yourself small. Stay umassuming and you will win. Proceed with small steps. What are your goals? What is your way to reach them? Success?

429. The Proud Bird = A proud bird flies to high and falls. Don’t brag about your abilities and success. Keep yourself down to earth and unassuming. Be a secret Master. Appear modestly and as a servant to all. Then you will have success in your efforts.

430. A Small Success = You do not achieve as much as you hoped. Be happy for your small success. The wise do not make themselves dependent on success in the outer world.

431. Careful Action = If you are not careful, someone can hit you from behind. Evil is sometimes sneaky and can surprise you. The small are aware as to whether danger threatens by connecting with their opponent mentally and thereby anticipating their behavior in advance. The small can then plan all possible attacks and protect themselves optimally. Deal sensitively and in the right amount. This way you will win.

432. Persistence = Do not attempt to force anything. Go your way consistently with wisdom and love. Success comes on its own.

433. The Small Meet the Wise = The small meets the wise. He hears his advice. This way he finds the right path. What does your inner wisdom say? What is your goal? What is your situation? What is your way to victory? Success.

434. Cooperation Between the Small and the Large = The small pass by the wise and the bliss disappears. Strength without wisdom has no longterm success. The energy is used for false paths. Anchor yourself in wisdom. Proceed with perseverence. Success.

After Completion (Already Fording)[edit]

435. After the Completion = A great success. You have had great success along your way. What is your victory today? Be happy of your success. Celebrate the day.

436. The Little Fox = The little fox is stuck in the mud. Make yourself inwards happy, after your victory on an outer level. Cleanse yourself of your inner muck and mud (negative thoughts, self-doubt). Do your spiritual practice, meditate, do Yoga.

437. The Victorious Goddess = The goddess loses the curtain of her litter. Everyone can see her. It is inconvenient, but it cannot be avoided. Stay modest and unassuming, be a secret master. You can stay victorious that way.

438. The Expansiveness = The emperor of China has put his land into order. Now he is expanding. What is the next step after your victory?

439. Black Spots on the Robe = On the white robe of the spiritual Master there are still a few black spots. Work on your negative characteristics. The most dangerous characteristics along the spiritual way are pride, lust for power, greed for money, and addiction to other people. Also problematic are fear, aggression, and depression. Train yourself to have positive attributes. "My negative quality is ... My way to overcome it is ..." Success.

440. The Small Sacrifice = A small sacrifice at the right time is more beneficial than a large sacrifice at the wrong time. Be consistent along your way. What are your next goals? What small sacrifice do you need to make to reach your goals? Success.

441. The Successful Future = Do not look back, look forward. Let go of the past. Concentrate on a successful future. Proceed forward with perseverence along the way of wisdom and love.

Before Completion (Not-Yet Fording)[edit]

442. Before Completion = Circumstances are difficult. The task is large and demands high responsiblity. The point is to bring the world out of confusion and into order. Proceed carefully, like a fox, over the ice. The ice could break at any moment. The smallest error could endanger everything. Be sensitive and clever. Success.

443. Difficulties = As he crosses the great river, the little fox gets a little wet. There are still some difficulties before you can reach your goal. What is the problem? What is the solution? Success.

444. The Middle Way = The little fox is slowing a bit. He takes the middle road with some enjoyment. "My deed of joy is ..." Success.

445. Do not force things = Flow cleverly with life. Anchor yourself in your spirituality. Plant the right seeds at the right moment, give assistance at the right time and the fruits of your efforts will appear on their own. Success.

446. The Battle = There are difficulties but you will be victorious. The egoism of some single individuals is in contrast to the goal of a happy world. Get connected with the interests of all. Live for the happiness of all. Then you win. The power is with you. Proceed with self-diszipline. Success.

447. Happiness = Happiness is coming to you. Your suffering will disappear. Stick to your way of wisdom and love. The light is with you. Proceed with perseverence and self-diszipline. Success.

448. Patience = Practice patience. The victory is certain. You have done what needed to be done. Now you can wait. The little fox is happy about the expected success. Proceed with optimism. Success.


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