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The modern Western consumer capitalism[edit | edit source]

The external wealth has doubled in the West in the last fifty years. At the same time the number of depression has increased tenfold. If we look closely to the situation we may find that Western capitalism leads to a large external wealth by a few people and a large inner unhappiness with the most people.

The model of Western consumer capitalism is a bad example for the world. Capitalist globalization will bring a few super-rich, a little wealth for a small middle class and massive impoverishment for a large underclass. It creates externally huge slums, crime and a lot of great addictive problems. The mass of the people becomes not ​​internally happy by the predominant focus on external values.

If we make so on with no wisdom by the capitalist globalization, the destroying of the environment, the poverty and the mental impoverishment of the people wiil be horrible. There will be forever meaningless distribution wars. We need a globalization of love, peace and wisdom. The world must be comprehensive new organized based on the values of happiness and brotherhood.

I believe that a happy world can be achieved when we connect economics and happiness research. The world community should be centered in the principles of universal love, global peace, happiness for all, enough work for all, enough food for all and adequate health care for all.

The division in employed and unemployed must be overcome. The human right to work must be enforced worldwide. Enough land for landless farmers. Expansion of community service. Equitable sharing of work and income. Everyone is entitled to at least a one part-time work and enough money to live. This planning task the world community must deal with in the future. Anything is possible if there is enough political will. People create the world and not unwise systems.

In my ideal world, people work part-time, deal part-time with the development of inner happiness or the free service to their fellow human beings, have happy relationships and make joyous celebrations. They grow all their lives long in happiness and love.

The Western consumption television[edit | edit source]

The "main religion" of the world today is the Western consumption television. It teaches the path of the outer pleasure and destroys the inner happiness. Television reduces the personal satisfaction by about 5% per hour. Happy people spend less than one-fifth as much time watching TV than other people. (David Niven: The 100 secrets of happy people, Munich 2000, page 32)

The happiness research has recognized that Western television makes people unhappy inside and causes disintegration of positive values. The researchers investigated an Indian tribe in Alaska. Before the time of television, people lived together peacefully and positively. After that selfishness, discontent, violence and addiction severely attacked around. This process of disintegration of traditional cultures by the influence of Western television consumption is currently happening worldwide. (David Niven, cited, Page 160 f)

The people in India lose their traditional values. People in China are growing despite external wealth inwardly unhappy. The people in Africa want to go to Europe because they think they can be happy there. They are blinded by the external wealth and do not see the inner misery of the people in the West. After several years in the West, they are just burned out like the majority of people in the West.

After Richard Layard the present studies show clearly that the people are aggressive, the more they watch TV. (Richard Layard. The Happy Company, 2005, page 102). Much television promotes a penchant for violence (Science ORF.at): More than an hour of television a day by young adults promotes in the long run a propensity for violent behavior. If the daily TV time exceeds three hours, the rate of violent attacks such as assault and robberies increases dramatically.

The television should be positive. It should give the path of inner happiness a sufficient space in its programs. The TV content should be based on the values ​​of love, peace and wisdom. In the schools the children should be taught the positive use of the TV. All pupils should know the current happiness research, the principles of health, the rules of inner happiness and the way of a happy relationship. They should learn to deal positively with the television.

What should I do if I cannot find a meaning in life?[edit | edit source]

The Goddess of Power blesses you with the power of the tiger.

Lady: You have to give meaning to life by yourself. Pick something that you can really feel a passion.

Monica: Look, think on, and go into the silence. I speak of the silence, deep within you, where you will find the I AM, and this is responsible for your meaning of life. If you have lost the connection to the inner stillness, you lose your sense of life and chase after meaningless things just to fill this gap.

Nils: The sense of life is to live a good life. It is even better to be happy than to be unhappy. Find your personal path. Look closely at your skills, your life situation and the world around you. Then you know what you have to do. There is a way for everyone to be happy and to live permanently in the embracing love.

Sole: Attempt to draw your eyes on the positive. Get a diary of happiness. Every day write down three things that you've got (even little things!) - after 2 to 4 weeks you can see that every day was nice too. Meanwhile, I think every night before bed about what made me happy that day.

Power Meditation[edit | edit source]

1st Relaxation = We gently move our arms, legs and head. Our thoughts come to rest. We relax.

2nd Self-reflection = We look at our life. What are the main goals in your life? What is your way of life? Through which landscape goes your way? Does the sun shine? Does it rain? Is the landscape flat, mountainous, desert or filled with flowers? Is your road to go easily, difficulty or straight?

3rd Power Animal = You meet your power animal. On the horizon lights up your goal. What is your life goal? Create a pictorial vision. Look at the way you have to take to reach your goal. What is your way of victory? On your way you meet your power animal. It embodies the qualities you need to succeed. What power animal accompanies you on your life? What does it say about you? Think his words several times as a mantra.

4th Meditation= Stop a minute every thought, until you are completely at rest.

5th Succeed = Moving the feet and hands. Rotate the spine from side to side. Relax. Link up again with your power animal and then go your way with optimism. Your power animal will always be with you. It will give you the ability to succeed.

Poem about happiness[edit | edit source]

Yogi Nils

May the sun shine forever.

May the flowers bloom forever.

May the masters always teach the truth,

all people realize their inner happiness,

all beings in the world live together in peace.

May a golden age arise.

May there be no more sorrow.

May the light be internally and externally.

May all beings live forever in the light.

May love, peace, wisdom and happiness

be everywhere in the world and in all beings.

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