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The image shows a theoretical model of the formation of magnetic striping. Credit: US Geological Survey.

Magnetic field reversals is a lecture and an article of the charge ontology project.

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Quiz[edit | edit source]


1 Yes or No, The observed magnetic profile for the seafloor across the East Pacific Rise tends to agree with a profile calculated from the Earth's known magnetic reversals.


2 The first magnetic field reversal noticed by the hominins of Earth is likely to be which of the following?

the Sun
the Small Magellanic Cloud
Scorpius X-1
the Earth
the Crab Nebula

3 Yes or No, Any field reversal may be linked to biological extinction.


4 True or False, Cooled crustal rock moving outward from the Mid-Atlantic ridge retains a record of the Earth's magnetic field.


5 Yes or No, The precession peaks found in the δ18O record from core MD900963 are in excellent agreement with climatic oscillations predicted by the astronomical theory of climate.


6 Which of the following is not a phenomenon usually associated with sunspots?

solar photosphere
a hole in the granulated photosphere
production of 7Be
solar cycle
flip-flop cycle

7 Yes or No, The calculations do not confirm an inherent magnetic reversal property of the Earth.


8 Chemistry phenomena that may be associated with magnetic field reversals are

ions and radiation may stream down upon the Earth's surface during a field reversal
the ionosphere may touch the Earth's crust
the surface of the ocean may become ionized
plastic may become brittle

9 Yes or No, The reversals may arise from tectonic events or from impacts from extraterrestrial objects.


10 True or False, The Earth's geomagnetic field reverses its polarity at irregular time intervals.


Hypotheses[edit | edit source]

  1. Magnetic field reversals may be induced by excessive influx or outflux of charge.

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