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Coming soon to a wiki theater near you !

Let everybody still discuss on the subpages of Wikiversity the Movie and the talk pages. Here we will collect over time the tasks which are mentioned there. This list is just being started, so help with collecting. When you read a page and see something interesting, edit it here please - Thank you!

Initial phase[edit source]

  • announcing at several places to increase awareness and motivation for this community project:
  • Learning from the past: why wasn't the movie produced the last time?
  • read Filmmaking
  • checkY Done Motivational slogan for Wikiversity the Movie: "Coming soon to a wiki theater near you !" - here
  • checkY Done contact the Wikiversity Mascots, see here
  • checkY Done adding graphics to the pages
  • Kick-Off meeting planning
  • Did some other Wikimedia project make a movie already ? Can we learn from there or find interested/helpful persons ?
  • ...

Kick-Off Meeting (in Wikiversity:Chat)[edit source]

Wikiversity the Movie/Kickoff meeting: agenda + interested persons

Content[edit source]

  • review existing scripts
  • create new scripts
  • ...
  • prepare/find a release form (see here)
  • identify target groups and their available time (e.g. vacation, ...)
  • ...
  • checkY Done contacting previously interested users, see here
  • ...

Localization[edit source]

  • checkY Done improve Wikiversity the Movie/Multi-lingual by reducing
  • checkY Done all separate Wikiversities were informed in their colloquiums about the revival of this community project
  • create localized pages in every Wikiversity from Wikiversity the Movie and subpages -> more people can be reached by this
  • ...
  • extend (it is just started)
  • ...

What did we forget?[edit source]

  • Don't count that we get money, but who knows: perhaps it is possible to get money from the Foundation or by donations ? See also: Grants
  • ...