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Coming soon to a wiki theater near you !

Welcome to the Multi-lingual Voice Track and Text Project for Wikiversity the Movie

Content summary[edit source]

Participants record the voice track and any text elements (subtitles, ...) for all the Wikiversity project languages (at the moment we have 10 separate Wikiversity projects + the incubating Wikiversities at betawikiversity).

So, what now ?[edit source]

Perhaps some of you think now: we need some input (script/video) which we can localize. That may be true. But since we are reviving the project again, it is very helpful to identify who wants to help, so we can plan accordingly. There will be a kickoff meeting also.

Other possible ideas are:

  • we can create in every Wikiversity a localized version of the subpages from Wikiversity the Movie - this will help that more people can be reached. Do you want to help ?

Active participants[edit source]

Anyone can join (if you are rusty in a language why not use this chance to train again ? See resources below):

user de el en fr tr ru ? ? ?
Erkan Yilmaz x x x x
ZaDiak x x
Nik We x x x

Resources[edit source]