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Thursday, October 17 2019, 19:02 (UTC)

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Did you realize already that Wikiversity is not Wikipedia ?Do you see already in what ways WV is different to WP, WB, WS, ...? In what ways it is same?
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Why is everyone here at Wikiversity ?

Wikiversity is (also) about learning (?)[edit]

Vesalius 164frc.png

I see Wikiversity as a learning platform/environment. (see 2nd part here: idea, di"versity")

  • Question: what can NOT be considered learning ?
  • Imagine: participants after being 7 years at Wikiversity (and forget their "actions" from begin - agf)

Comment at Wikimania 2006: "... to make some interesting things happen that haven't happened yet online, even though people have been dreaming about them ..." [1]

Wikiversity:Learning goals - share yours!!

some learning mechanisms[edit]

English French German
中国 habituation habituation Gewöhnung / Habituation 馴化 습관 alışkanlık
古典制約 classical conditioning conditionnement classique klassische Konditionierung 古典的条件付け 고전 컨디셔닝 klasik koşullanma
操作制約 operant conditioning conditionnement opérant operante Konditionierung オペラント条件づけ 자발적 컨디셔닝 edimsel koşullanma
游戏 exploring / game / play explorer / jeu Spielverhalten ゲームの振る舞い 게임 동작 araştırmak / oynamak
模仿 imitation
-> learning by observing
-> apprendre par observations
-> Lernen d. Beobachtungen
模倣 모방 imitasyon
-> 認知 学习
recombinant behavior
-> cognitive learning
comportement nouveau combiné
-> cognitif apprentissage
Neukombiniertes Verhalten
-> Lernen durch Einsicht
知的学習 인지적 학습 kavramsal öğrenme
铭印 imprinting empreinte Prägung 刷り込み 정도를 imprinting
传统 tradition tradition Tradition 伝統 전통 gelenek

Monkey-typing.jpg Twodogs sniffing.jpg

Involvement at Wikiversity[edit]

English German progress
Composing free and open
online educational resources
(waiting for next cycle)
Wikiversity the Movie Nuvola apps kaboodle.png
Coming soon to a wiki theater near you !
Social psychology. finished
The Peloponnesian War
(431–404 BC, by Thucydides)
Der Peloponnesische Krieg 2 of the 10 books finished,
plans to start again
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
(168 - 280 AD, by Luo Guanzhong)
Die Geschichte der Drei Reiche
(von Luo Guanzhong)
Wikiversity participants who choose to leave initiated
Wikiversity:Mascot contest
A course on cabals
Conway's Game of Life (edit, Mirwin)

Some Wikiversity statistics[edit]

of peaking into
learning status
(aka: data collection)
(some call them users)
all learning resources
(some call them
total pages[1])
learning resources
(some call them articles)
learning resources
(some call them files)
more visible learners who
should help other learners
steps in learning
(some call them total edits[2])
medium info which enables learning
(aka: software version
of mediawiki)
2006-August change number one
more on beta
2007-Jan-23, 22:27 (UTC) 5,725 20,606 1,628 892 14 1.10alpha (r19597)
2007-Sep-04, 08:15 (UTC) 13,293 37,749 4,709 3,014 22 1.11alpha (r25379)
2007-Sep-07, 19:11 (UTC) 13,447 37,943 4,770 3,044 22 1.12alpha (r25637)
2007-Sep-10, 16:45 (UTC) 13,527 38,053 4,801 3,067 22 1.12alpha (r25679)
2007-Sep-30, 18:38 (UTC) 14,163 39,593 5,388 3,163 22 166,478 1.12alpha (r26224)
2007-Nov-01, 09:12 (UTC) 15,074 42,344 5,875 3,380 22 179,688 1.12alpha (r26409)
2007-Dec-01, 08:33 (UTC) 15,815 43,514 5,723 3,495 21 188,963 1.12alpha (r27992)
2008-Jan-06, 13:45 (UTC) 16,560 45,227 5,990 3,675 21 198,721 1.12alpha (r29250)
2008-Feb-01, 16:07 (UTC) 17,341 46,830 6,207 3,808 22 208,593 1.12alpha (r30359)
2008-Feb-27, 23:02 (UTC) 18,105 47,925 6,444 3,911 22 215,763 1.13alpha (r31357)
2008-Mar-29, 21:38 (UTC) 18,985 50,304 6,880 4,130 23 233,631 1.13alpha (r32485)
2008-May-01, 09:37 (UTC) 19,924 52,986 7,420 4,594 24 257,278 1.13alpha (r34064)
2008-May-18, 16:40 (UTC) 20,352 54,270 7,620 4,608 24 266,415 1.13alpha (r34887)
2008-Jun-01, 04:31 (UTC) 21,394 55,900 7,808 4,640 25 273,089 1.13alpha (r35667)
2008-Jul-01, 20:58 (UTC) 23,115 57,573 8,146 4,683 24 286,659 1.13alpha (r36512)
2008-Aug-02, 08:57 (UTC) 25,731 58,770 8,374 4,699 25 297,582 1.14alpha (r38389)
2008-Sep-06, 16:23 (UTC) 32,039 60,671 8,793 4,785 25 314,472 1.14alpha (r40356)
2010-Mar-20, 13:52 (UTC) 209,681 82,144 12,083 7,535 25 547,950 1.16alpha-wmf(r59858)
2011-Jan-14, 14:59 (UTC) 270,505 91,949 13,841 7,823 26 674,822 1.16wmf4 (r79563)
2019-Oct-17, 19:02 (UTC) 2,873,688 192,199 27,069 29,092 14 2,063,360 1.35.0-wmf.2 (c045ed1)
  1. This includes also "talk" pages, pages about Wikiversity, minimal "stub" pages, redirects, and others that probably don't qualify as content pages.
  2. since WV was set up

Other Wikiversities[edit]

earliest known written evidence (please update with source, if you find earlier data):

Wikiversity date where ?
en.WV 2003 August Wikibooks
de.WV 2004 September meta
it.WV 2004 November Wikibooks (meta 2006 September)
es.WV 2004 November Wikibooks
fr.WV 2005 January Wikibooks
(request on 2006 August)
beta 2006 August betawikiversity
el.WV 2007 July meta
cs.WV tbd
pt.WV tbd
ja.WV tbd
fi.WV tbd
ru.WV tbd

About me[edit]

I currently work in the IT industry, heavily involved in quality management.
The first wiki article I wrote, was a lot of work. I thought at the beginning it would take just 30 minutes. I prepared everything in notepad, but there are plenty of things to consider when writing a wiki article. I also found out about neutral point of view, I realized, what I wrote unconsciously in the article. So, lots of work at first, but now with time I get faster (like a cheetah). :-)

Do you think you can not change something in the world?
It is so simple, just remember:
if you help someone, this can cause a chain reaction.
If everyone, who gets help, helps 3 other people we can change something in the world.

just an example:
Muhammad Yunus had a small, easy idea, which helped to change the world.
Confucius (450BC): "Tell Me and I Will Forget; Show Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Will Understand."

We can do the same.
What is wrong being part of this movement NOW ?
Just do it!


for newcomers[edit]


you wanna stay here longer ?[edit]


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