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Welcome to the Template Taskforce! This is part of the MediaWiki Project.

This is (will be) a guide to creating, perfecting, deploying and documenting templates used at Wikiversity.


Please take the Wikiversity:Guided tour if you haven't already.


See also Topic:MediaWiki and join the MediaWiki Project if you wish.

Immediate needs[edit]

Templates imported from other projects often need updating to reflect the needs of Wikiversity, and documentation of their intended use, variations, and substitution procedures, etc. See a complete list of templates. Please include templates that need work below along with a brief summary of what attention is needed:

Wikiversity:Community Review[edit]

{{Administering Wikiversity}} - this is what made what you see to the right

Here are a couple of nominees: lysander89 (talk | email | contribs | stats) - Trinity507 (talk | email | contribs | stats)

{{VOTE}}: {{support}} - {{oppose}} - {{comment}} - {{question mark}}

Learning groups[edit]

Main page learning project - this is the group that maintains our portal to the public

General knowlege for template editors:

Important: See Category:Page creation templates for ideas on how to create whole pages from templates called "boilerplates".

Learning projects[edit]

We will learn some fundementals by creating some new templates. Please list needed needed templates here:

  • ...edit me to add an interesting template...

Language and translation[edit]

This Wikiversity page is under construction. If you see a Red link, turn it into a Blue link. If you see something that needs Translation, translate it. If you don't agree with something or have a question, simply go to Wikiversity talk:Templates with your concerns. This is a wiki!

Getting Started[edit]

Make sure you have read through Wiki 101, paying particular attention to the Templates section. That section deals with small templates that are added to pages as reusable infoboxes, navigational aids and such. Our textbook is the Help:Template section of the MediaWiki Handbook at Meta. Please sign up below and introduce yourself at Wikiversity talk:Templates.