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About Me[edit]

I am a student studying a Bachelor Of Computer Science in Australia, and aspire to become a systems administrator upon graduating from university. I chanced across wikiversity while looking up information on performing floating point arithmetic for my microprocessors course. I work as an IT assistant in a small engineering firm running their IT equipment, and am always seeking to experiment with new ways to enhance productivity in the office.

First Impressions[edit]

My initial perception of this website was that there was a great mass of knowledge that could be harvested, but incompleteness, a lack of structure and few participants is what is keeping this project from moving forward. I have had a knack in the past for writing guides for younger students and I will be happy to draw upon this impulse again. But I believe the first thing that needs to be done is raise awareness of this project. Before coming here my initial sources of information were wikipedia, but even then the sheer verboseness and heavy formal structure were barriers to me finding the information and knowledge I was seeking.

To raise awareness, we could start by telling other people (such as my fellow students) about this project. However if they were to come here and be overwhelmed by the lack of structure in say the area of computing, then we will not have gained much. While I am not encumbered by my studies and other commitments, I hope to restructure the computer science/networking portal into a more guided and welcoming place. Once we have succeeded in this area, people will be able to work with some sort of idea as to how we want to teach networking. From here it depends on the number of people who will happily contribute their knowledge into the predefined areas that we have built.

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Appreciate your concern for the technology and updating the link. Aftabs.