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There have been suggestions for a long time about having a scientific journal (and this medical sub-journal) as a separate Wikimedia project, on a separate Internet domain. This page deals about if and when such a transition would take place, and how it would be structured as its own project. Discussions take place on the talk page, and current status is summarized below.

Previous discussion[edit]

  • Proposal:Journal, an outline of the idea at the Wikimedia strategic planning site

Discussion on Meta[edit]

See meta:Wikijournal


Wikiversity Journal is about making peer reviewed content freely available online, which is somewhat different in scope than Wikiversity which is primarily focused at teaching and learning.

If and when[edit]

Not decided. Very unlikely to happen in 2016.

See talk page:

Name election[edit]

Wikijournal was the entry that got the most points during an election lasting from 12 (noon) on August 6, until 12 (noon) August 16 (GMT time) 2016, wherein each voter got 5 points. Those eligible to vote were:

See Talk:WikiJournal/Future as separate Wikimedia_project/Archive 1#Name election for detailed discussions.

Candidate names were:

Name Available domain names Existing project with similar names Discussion Points
Wikiversity Journal (unchanged) Talk page entry 4
+5 from board
Collab Journal
Collaborative Journal
- Talk page entry 6
Wikipedia Journal - Talk page entry 2
Wikijournal or
WikiJournal or
Wiki Journal is taken (but inactive) Talk page entry 20
Wikimedia journal
- Talk page entry 2
Peer Journal Talk page entry 0
Commons Journal Talk page entry 0
Open-access Journal Open Journal Talk page entry 0
Free Journal Talk page entry 0
Online Journal Talk page entry 0
Public Journal Talk page entry 0
Acta Wiki Talk page entry 0
Scripta Wiki Talk page entry 0

Subject-specific journals[edit]

Individual journals such as Wikiversity Journal of Medicine may change their names even before the entire Wikiversity Journal project has split from Wikiversity. In addition to having the "Wikiversity" part switched to any of the above suggestions, the "Medicine" can possibly be changed to another word.

Talk page entry for this topic

Wikijournal, WikiJournal or Wiki Journal?[edit]

Talk page entry for this matter. Mikael Häggström (discusscontribs) 15:56, 4 September 2016 (UTC)