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Welcome to the Wikiversity Calculus Learning Center.

Department description[edit]

The Calculus Learning Center is a Wikiversity content development project where participants create, organize and develop learning resources for Calculus.

The goal of the department of calculus is to familiarize the student with the tools of modern calculus from developing the analytical machinery of limits, derivatives and integration to our use of set theory and basic topology to apply single-variable calculus to more general spaces to the development of the language of differential forms. The student should be prepared to study differential geometry from any modern introductory text at the conclusion of their study of calculus. The inspiration for our style of teaching comes from the texts of Courant, Apostol and Spivak, with whom all mathematicians are undoubtably familiar. A good mix of analysis (this is a course in pure mathematics, so don't hold back proofs) and application with well-chosen exercises and problems is what we should strive for in our lessons.

Department news[edit]

  • Tuesday, July 13, 2010 New Resources added! KinderCalculus is a resource for how to teach mathematics through calculus by avoiding traditional large number arithmetic.
  • Monday, August 21, 2006 - Department founded!

Wikibooks & Wikiversity Calculus[edit]

Wikibooks has a well developed Calculus Book in 10 sections which this Wikiversity webcourse should mirror to maximise resources.

Chapter Wikibook Chapter Wikiversity Topics Wikiversity for Review & Development
1. Precalculus *The Real Numbers and Their Development *Foundations of calculus
*Introduction to Calculus Overview Page
**Any questions?
**1. Introduction to Calculus
Calculus Pre-Test
2. Limits **2. Limits
3. Differentiation **3. Differentiation
4. Integration **Integration by Substitution Trigonometric Substitutions
**Monte Carlo Integration
5. Parametric equations Parametric equations
6. Polar equations Polar equations
7. Sequences and series Sequences and series
8. Vector Calculations Vectors
9. Multivariable and Differential Calculus Multivariable Calculus
10. Extensions Complex Numbers
11. *Calculus
*Calculus II

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