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Article information

Author: Gwinyai Masukume[a][i]ORCID iD.svg 

Gwinyai Masukume (2014), "Insights into abdominal pregnancy", WikiJournal of Medicine, 1 (2): 12, doi:10.15347/WJM/2014.012, ISSN 2002-4436, Wikidata Q44113820



Review by Mikael Häggström ORCID iD.svgWikidata-logo.svgWikimedia Community Logo.svg ,

These assessment comments were submitted on , and refer to this previous version of the article

This article was first submitted as [this link]. It is basically an expanded version of the Wikipedia article Abdominal pregnancy ([here linked to version before additions form this submission]), and as such it presents a new category of submissions to Wikiversity Journal of Medicine. I don't think this journal should become a mere mirror of Wikipedia articles in any way, but rather be an additional source of information to add to Wikipedia, among other purposes as stated at Wikiversity Journal. As such, the parts of the linked work that I find suitable for inclusion in the journal are those that are not already included in the Wikipedia article. I've copied those segments to this page. There was at least one where the original content wouldn't be properly presented without an introducing text that was already in Wikipedia, so I included that text from Wikipedia too and marked that segment with a note. The resultant work is thereby basically a collection of referenced information that is easily added to one or more Wikipedia articles. As such, I hope this work can set an example as a way to contribute to Wikipedia, for example for people who want a higher degree of credit for what they write, such as being the author of an article of a peer reviewed journal.

I had to omit most expansions of sentences, because of a difficulty in separating what is already in Wikipedia and what is new. These expansions may still be added in the Wikipedia article.

One of the references used is an article by the same author, yet I see no significant risk of bias because of this. Overall, the information in the article is objective, and the methods of diagnosis and treatment appear to all be established ones in themselves, with a low risk of any extraordinary claims.

I practically do a bit of everything at Wikiversity Journal, otherwise I state no potential conflicts of interest in making this peer review. Mikael Häggström (discusscontribs) 10:21, 28 November 2014 (UTC)[reply]