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Removal of board members[edit]

In my opinion the board should not be able to remove one of their own without cause and without the involvement of the electorate. Therefore I disagree with the wording here. The current wording gives a small band of board members to much potential control. Doc James (discusscontribs) 10:59, 29 March 2016 (UTC)

This issue has since been amended by the addition of "Removal should be based on tangible reasons". Mikael Häggström (discusscontribs) 18:25, 25 September 2016 (UTC)


A revision is discussed that will update the Bylaws once approved, and it is located at: WikiJournal of Medicine/Bylaws/Proposed changes. Mikael Häggström (discusscontribs) 18:27, 25 September 2016 (UTC)