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Welcome to the quiz learning project. To join this project, add your name to the list of confirmed participants, and then add the page to your watchlist so that you can keep up with developments. The project covers almost anything and everything connected with quizzing at Wikiversity, so if the word quiz excites you in any way at all, join.

Quizbank under construction

Aims of this learning project[edit | edit source]

  • Introduce Wikiversitarians to the quiz extension.
  • Provide for discussion and contribution to a methodology of using the quiz extension to enhance the educational value of Wikiversity pages.
  • Promote individual and collaborative development of quizzes on Wikiversity.
  • Provide feedback to the quiz extension developers.

Schools to which this project belongs[edit | edit source]

Current activities[edit | edit source]

Reference materials[edit | edit source]

Learning materials[edit | edit source]

  • Help:Quiz -- documentation for the quiz extension (full).
  • Help:Quiz-Simple -- a simpler and colourful documentation intended for beginners, younger users and anyone else who doesn't need the full version.

Quizzes[edit | edit source]

This section will list pages with quizzes on them. To ensure maximum possible coverage of quizzes, it might be helpful if the quiz extension automatically included a [[Category:quiz]] element in any pages using the quiz extension.

(Please add your page here.)

See also: the "quizzes" category page

Articles[edit | edit source]

This section will list articles on using quizzes.

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  • There is a table with didactic considerations for use of quizzes at Help:Quiz.

List of participants[edit | edit source]

Confirmed participants[edit | edit source]

(Please add your name here.) Aashish Bhattarai

Wikiversitarians known to be interested in quizzes[edit | edit source]

Timescale[edit | edit source]

This is intended as a permanent project with no specific timeline.

Feature wishlist[edit | edit source]

  1. Reduce amount of blank space above the submit button.
  2. The ability to manually number quiz questions. // supported by GIFT format below
  3. Add a timer to quiz.
  4. Add pair-matching by means of JavaScript drag-and-drop
  5. Add sorting of lists by means of JavaScript drag-and-drop (partial order scoring?)
  6. Add "clickable maps", i.e. pointing within a certain region in an illustration for correct answer.
  7. Make the quizzes compatible with Moodle (an open source learning management system) <question> </question> XML tags, simplifying import and export to/from Moodle. // supported by GIFT format below
  8. Promote score to a known Variable so that a template can manipulate it
  9. Can Moodle Tests be implemented as an anchor from a wiki-page? (I.E. write the test in moodle, and link it to the wikipage, then use moodle to manage it?) We could put a link to the moodle into the new Faculty portal? Students would have to register for the course, to get their marks. // supported by GIFT format
  10. GIFT format and extensions for assessment content in addition to Quiz table markup: import from and export to both formats (discuss)
  11. A simple way to hide the results for answers not selected, and only show the result for the selected answer. This would allow the user to keep trying till they got the right answer.
  12. A simple way to refresh the page to clear the answers.
  13. The ability to create a questionnaire with totals based on response made, e.g., if there are three questions, a respondent might score 2, 4, and 1 respectively, giving a total of 7.
  14. Add a question type for extended responses, ie. a 3-15 line textarea that students can fill up and compare with a model answer or rubric in the feedback for the question.

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