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Occleve is a J2ME mobile phone program for downloading wikiversity quizzes onto your mobile phone, and running them offline.

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Forthcoming release: 0.9.4

[edit | edit source]

Main new feature: will have a 'rapid add' wizard for adding new questions to multiple choice Wikiversity quizzes

  • New questions are created offline, and then uploaded to wikiversity.
  • The user never directly edits quiz wikitext - the wizard uses a series of input screens and then builds the wikitext itself.
  • At the time of upload, the current version of that quiz on the wiki is compared to the original version of the quiz in the phone's memory.
    • If they differ, an edit conflict is deemed to have occurred, and the additional questions are uploaded to a subpage of the user's personal page.
    • If they don't differ, the new questions are added directly to the end of the quiz.
  • Only registered users can use the mobile phone software to add questions, i.e. you have to log in before uploading new questions.

0.9.4 will also contain numerous bugfixes... ;)

Current status

[edit | edit source]
  • Current release is 0.9.3.
  • Can be used in a mobile phone simulator at http://occleve.berlios.de/demo.html
  • Can be downloaded and used on real mobile phones that support Java (your mileage may vary ;)
  • Only understands multiple choice, single response questions. Other question types are currently simply ignored. Support for them will be added in the next release(s).
  • Accesses wikiversity via a custom proxy server running at occleve.berlios.de (will only deliver the raw wikitext of quizzes so can't be used for abusive editing).
  • Relies on the ListOfQuizzesForMobileClient page in order to know which quizzes are available for download.
  • Can also download and run XML format language tests from the Occleve project's own wiki

The project maintainer is Joe Gittings.

Downloading the mobile phone software

[edit | edit source]
  • On a mobile phone: just download the JAD file. This should instruct your phone to then download and install the actual software, which is in the JAR file.
  • On a PC: download both the JAD and JAR files. Then use infrared or bluetooth to send them across to your phone.

I've only got previous releases of Occleve to install successfully on about 50% of real mobile phones. In the latest release, I fixed an important mistake in the JAD file, so hopefully this figure should go up! However, the big problem I have here is I don't have an unlimited supply of real mobile phones. :P So please, if you try and install the software on your phone, and get an "Invalid Java archive" error or suchlike, leave a note here with details of your phone model, and the error message you got.

Known installation problems

[edit | edit source]
  • All Motorola mobiles(?): Installs correctly, but won't connect to the wikis (so not much use really).
  • Samsung Anycall SGH-E898: "Magic typewriter" testing doesn't work because the virtual keypad (this is a pen phone) is not being triggered by the MagicTypewriterCanvas.

(Please don't be too discouraged by the above list, there are many mobiles on which the software does install and run fine).

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