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Hi, my real name is Cormac Lawler. I've been closely involved with setting up and developing Wikiversity. This process has been the focus of my ongoing PhD (which began in September 2006, and which I will be submitting early 2011): to participate in the definition of what this space is, what it means in the context of the wider world of education, and what its opportunities and limitations are.

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I'm using a blog and a wiki to help document and facilitate my research, but I also intend to carry out much (if not most) of this on Wikiversity itself, particularly as we have developed this project with the potential for actually doing research (though these guidelines still need to be developed).




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I was made an English Wikiversity bureaucrat as a temporary measure on the project's first day, and held that lonesome position for quite a while (unnecessarily long as I subsequently found out), since when I've been joined by Sebmol. If you need any assistance, you can leave me a message on my talk page. If it's a general custodian (ie "admin") query, you might be better off with Wikiversity:Request custodian action, as this is monitored by all custodians, not just me.

Some things I'm interested in doing[edit]

  • Write research-related guidelines (eg. Wikiversity:Research and on Beta)
  • Help out on providing a comprehensive and easy-to-follow tutorial on what Wikiversity is, and how you can contribute and/or benefit from it.
  • Help in providing a framework for building Wikiversity, which I don't really think exists yet (so far, it's a bit piece-meal, and particular learning materials are connected with particular pedagogies, without making that explicit)
  • Work on Media literacy (and all my other interests), hopefully learning about what will work on Wikiversity through that process
  • Metadata - what's happening on that front, I wonder..?
  • Participate in Topic:Audio Engineering - learn about making music