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GSI Mortarboard.jpg I am a Education Mentor at Introduction to Non-Genetic Darwinism
GSI Mortarboard.jpg I am a Education Mentor at Artificial Consciousness
GSI Mortarboard.jpg Research Mentee at GreySmith Institute
GSI Mortarboard.jpg I am a student under GreySmith Institute

Graeme E. Smith is a amateur scientist working in Artificial Consciousness. He is currently self-publishing a series of 3 books called the modeling series that describes first, a model of memory, secondly a model of mind, and thirdly a self-help book on intuition based on the first two books. He can be contacted at

Large Projects:

Artificial Consciousnes

GreySmith Institute of Advanced Studies,

Mentorship Portal


Artificial Consciousness..................................introduction to Artificial Consciousness

Introduction to Non-Genetic Darwinism.............An Introduction to Darwinism unrelated to speciation

Introduction to The Religion of Unit Field Introduction to my private religion

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on Memory:

Articles currently under review by Dr. LaBerge: NOTE these files may not yet be stable!

on Memory:

on Neural-Anatomy:


Datamining Your Intuition

Datamining Your Intuition If it ever gets transwiki-ed.

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