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Nobody can be free if they need anybody else to tell them what "free" means.
The enemies of freedom will happily tell you what freedom is in order to take it away from you.

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I am a custodian at Wikiversity, which means that I generally help clean this place up and offer advice to people to need it. As a custodian my particular interests extend to:

  • maintaining and promoting the ease of use of Wikiversity
  • maintaining and promoting the integrity of Wikiversity
    • by vandal fighting and recent changes patrolling
    • by contributing to policy formation and discussion

As an editor, I am interested in elearning, which is why I came here in the first place.

I am a rather poor mediawiki hacker, which means that I have my own MediaWiki installations, play around with their programming a lot, and sometimes write or help with extensions to the MediaWiki engine.

In the world of Wikimedian Fauna, I am most probably a WikiDragon. If I annoy you, read about WikiDragons and you may understand why.

Other Wikimedia accounts[edit]

Since the introduction of the single unified logon, so far as I know, every single other "McCormack" on other Wikimedia projects is me. I edit sometimes on meta, commons and mediawiki, but not usually elsewhere.

Things done[edit]

The purpose of this section is partly so that I do not forget what I have done and can follow up on my activities. One of our biggest problems at Wikiversity is "creating a page and then forgetting about it". I find this list more useful than a watchlist. Overall, if you look at my contributions, you will probably see that I rarely edit in the main namespace and mostly edit in the Wikiversity: and Template: namespaces with occasional outings to the Portal: and Category: namespaces.

Favourite quotes heard around Wikiversity[edit]

  • "Taking copyright advice from a free-software activist is sort of like learning about evolution from George Bush" (Anon.)
  • "Wikiversity - the wiki'd way to learn." (Originally contributed by a witty vandal)


I know some people laugh a little about awards sometimes, but I like these things, if I've earnt them, and I also like to give them out. The nicest awards are the ones which come really unexpectedly after you've done so much work that your mind is quite lost in the work.

Original Barnstar.png The Original Barnstar
For boldly making major improvements to the main page. mikeu 16:28, 14 December 2007 (UTC)




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