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This is a learning project about music in GarageBand.

Starting GarageBand music projects

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Figure 1. Music project controls.

When you start a new GarageBand music project you are prompted to give the project a name and at the same time you can set a key signature, a time signature and a tempo of from 40 to 240 beats per minute. At later times you can change these setting by selecting "Show Master Track" from the GarageBand "Track" menu. Click on the master track to select it and click the "view track info" button on the main GarageBand control panel (it has a lower case "i" on the button).


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Start a new project and add some loop sounds to a track. Experiment with changes to the master track key signature, time signature and tempo settings.


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Wiki way

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Example: . This example started with the music in . I (User:JWSchmidt) have been exploring the use of this sound track as an example of collaborative audio file editing. The default key signature, time signature and tempo settings were used.

Words. The following words were added:

wiki. The word "Wiki" was added to . The word "wiki" came from a sound file Image:En-us-wiki.ogg at Commons that provides an example of how to pronounce "wiki". I wanted a very long and drawn out "wiki" for the introductory part of the song, so I used Audacity to directly edit the "wiki" wave form. I was trying for some Techno flavor.

Wiki. Wikiversity.

Wiki! Learn today, do it the wiki way.
Wiki! Wikiversity, we learn by play.
Wiki! Editing! Collaborate today.

Freedom. Freedom to share.
Its the wiki way.

Learning the, learning the wiki way, try it today.
Have you tried? Exploring wiki way, the wiki way.
Try it now, knowledge just a click away, edit today.

Learning the, learning the wiki way, the wiki way.

Freedom to Copy. Freedom to share.
Freedom forever in our way. In the wiki way.

I'm not totally happy with these words, they are just the first things that came to mind. Your ideas are welcome. Better yet, make your own version!

Additional instruments. There were a few places where I wanted to complement the guitar music with flute and strings. I have no idea how to compose suitable short music. Help!

Wiki way theme alto

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Wiki way images

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